Devyaani and Neil’s love affair to shock Shastri Family

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shastri sisters

While Devyaani agreed to start the relation with Neil, the couple kissed and unknowingly got recorded by Astha. Devyaani feels someone was present there on terrace and Neil relieves her. Astha uses this moment to bring shame to Shastri Family. Its Navratri celebrations going on. Astha and Minty decide to break down Anu by using her family, while the sisters also think to get alert. Astha sends the CD parcel by Rohan to make everyone doubt on him.

Anu attends the guests in the function. She plays the CD and gets stunned seeing Neil and Devyaani’s kissing moment. The entire family gets dumbfounded by this sudden unknown thing, which Devyaani did not share with her sisters. With Neil being away to Chandigarh for business expansion, Devyaani is left alone to answer everyone. Will Neil be able to support Devyaani and stand against Minty after his return? Will this thing break down the sisters? Keep reading.



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    i hate minty astha

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