Manjeet’s unclear motives to alert Veera

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Veera has been seeing Bansuri and Manjeet’s annoyance since before and has been trying to win their hearts, while the duo is planning to kick her out of the home in 4 days, before Baldev and Veera go for their honeymoon. Manjeet is irked seeing the increasing romance between Baldev and Veera and wants to throw Veera out of his life with full rights on Baldev. Manjeet’s true intentions are not clear to Bansuri and she is just being obedient to Manjeet by some fear of losing Baldev to her. Veera notices Bansuri being fearful of Manjeet and thinks to know the reason behind it. She gets alert when she hears them talking.

While Manjeet also knows Bansuri’s fears and is suppressing her, she talks to her son on phone, and says she has not told anyone for what she has come to stay with Balwant’s family. Her motives looks unclear and somewhat evil to snatch away Baldev from Bansuri on pretext of claim of Baldev being her son. On the other hand, Ratan gets into important work to unite Ranvi and Gunjan and end their differences. She tries hard to explain Ranvi not to do the same mistake which she did by not forgiving his dad Sampooran Singh. Ranvi tries to end his anger and makes a move towards Gunjan. Gunjan gets glad and hopes Ratan will make everything like before. What did Manjeet has in her mind? Will Veera be able to expose her and win Bansuri’s heart? Keep reading.



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