Gumrah Season 5 22nd March 2015 Episode 1 – Jyoti’s story, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] – Written Update

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Karan Patel - host of Gumrah 5

Karan Patel (the host) speaks about presenting some cases and stories where love translates to junoon (obsession/intense passion), Junoon turning into crime, and we don’t know about it. The episode’s case of girl trapped in stripping blackmail is shown with Jyoti, a young girl fell prey to a guy and was compelled to strip in front of a web cam and cries profusely. Karan informs that 35 % of Internet usage is for watching Adult content and Adult websites thrive with it. It is not just mere shocking.

The story starts with Jyoti Bakshi, girl of 19 years old is informing her younger sister Preeti on not to do Internet chats. She reminds Preeti about the danger of Internet chats. Jyoti works on a part time basis and live with her mom and grandmom and have lost her father. She takes much care of Preeti and also gets worried. Jyoti is seen at her office [30th September 2012, 2:10 PM, Trivedi’s office], and her boss asks about excel sheets work. He gets glad and compliments that she does her work in 3 hrs time unlike other staff members who takes 9 hrs. Soon, Jyoti checks chat log of Preeti and finds that she did stupidity in sharing all the info. She gets worried about Preeti and learns she didn’t come home yet. Jyoti reaches a place – 7:10 PM Amorre cafe where Preeti was supposed to meet a guy she met on Internet chat. Just then, she receives a call from Preeti and asks her whom she was supposed to meet at Cafe Amorre. Preeti informs that she was not serious in her chats and suggests Jyoti to grow-up.

Soon, Raunak Sharma [22 yrs old] asks Jyoti whether she is nice indian girl. She also asks whether he is Mr. Cool [Online profile of Preeti and Raunak]. He speaks of knowing her type of girls and asks her to stay away from his brother. He then understands she was protecting her sister and introduces himself – working at a NGO to save animals and gives her the visiting card. Later at home, she searches for Raunak’s social profile and adds him as her friend [Adha Ishq song plays…]. Soon, Jyoti befriends Raunak and hangs out with him more often. At Jyoti’s house on 30 October, 2012 at 8:40 PM, she looks for him online but couldn’t connect. Time passes by and after a while she receives his video call. He asks whether she is angry. He speaks of taking test and wants to know whether she really loves him or not. She informs of being alone and is not dumb since her family went away for the wedding. He then asks what she is wearing inside and soon appears at the door. He reminds her that it is their first anniversary and brings a rose. Soon, they cut a cake and says she is sweet and informs that they know each other since one month and wish happy anniversary. He strips her while coming closer. She speaks of loving him and also asks whether he will not leave her and shows affection. They go on to spend the night by sharing intimate moments.

Next day, Jyoti is going with her younger sibling Preeti in an auto and is lost in her thoughts of last night which she shared with Raunak. She reaches a place and finds Raunak speaking with a young woman and trying to lift the bags. Raunak was present with his wife and Jyoti is in shock to realize it. He finds Jyoti and introduces her as his colleague in front of his wife. Later in night, she has a video chat with him while crying. He informs that he has a wife for emotional needs while he needs her for physical. She threatens him but he asks her to not do such thing. He then asks her to do whatever she wants and will not do any melodramatic thing which is quite opposite to what she might have thought. He speaks of a gift and sends a MMS video of the night he shared with her. He blackmails her and suggests of plotting the trap for someone else (preeti’s identity) but she was trapped. He has hidden the camera in her room during the same night. She urges him to delete the video and he asks her to strip since he wants to see her. He blackmails more to leak and upload the video while she cries more profusely. She cries more while stripping and he asks her to even remove the bra. and he gets pleasure in her pain.

Later, she meets him and pleads to stop since it is disgusting. He speaks of knowing more and asks her to do her work for all the world. He shows her the website where his clients look at girl’s videos. She reminds him on not being a prostitute and cries while he insists her to part of his plan. She pleads more but he doesn’t listen much and wants her to work between 1 to 4 pm. At Jyoti’s house – 8th Novemeber 2012 at 1:00 AM [Chill Gaye Naina.. Kaanch Ki Neenda Aaye.. song plays] she cries after stripping with Raunak’s clients watching her on cam. She cries more but nevetheless continues to be the victim and realizes about her wrongdoing.

Karan (the host) speaks that every second, 30,000 people login on adult websites without knowing that the ones they are seeing can be one from their family. Karan urges all to stop such behavior before its too late.

Jyoti at her office gets prasad from a senior colleague and continues to feel scared. Raunak calls Jyoti and informs that clients are waiting. She suggests on doing a lot and will write his name on the suicide note. He counters her by speaking of handling 15 girls like her, and even if she dies he will leak the video. He asks her to start work and soon Preeti comes inside the room and finds Jyoti stripping. Jyoti gets shocked and she sends Preeti away and cries much. Soon, Jyoti takes a blade to cut her wrists. The story moves forward by 8 months. Raunak starts chatting with another girl and arranges a meeting at Amorre cafe. The day is 13th July 2013 – 7:00 PM, he anxiously waits and soon meets the girl who is Preeti. He took the nickname of Mr Humanity while she carries the name – Miss Pink. He touches her and she tries to entice him more with boldness. He then kisses on her lips to take away the chocolate. Later, as they go out, he thinks she is fast and both introduces each other. She calls herself as Preeti while he calls himself as Ashwin. Karan (the host) speaks that Preeti also fell in the trap whether it is just mere coincidence or more to the story.

Raunak as Ashwin calls Preeti since she didn’t call him since many days. She speaks of testing him and calls him uncle. She reminds that he is desperate and he opens up on wanting to see. She speaks of showing more when she meets him. Later, Ashwin takes Preeti to his friend’s farmhouse. He tries to come close and she reminds that it is exciting. She calls him dumb and thinks he also wants to come close and share intimate moments. She takes an excuse of bringing some important thing from her purse. Meanwhile, he hides the camera there. She blindfolds him and handcuffs him to lock his hands. She puts hot wax on him to give him pain, and also beats him to remind that he is going to repent and introduces herself as Jyoti’s sister. Soon he overpowers her and wants to teach the same condition like her sister. She gets a lamp post and hits him with it. He starts bleeding and soon tied down. She gives him more pain while he wants to leave. She asks him to confess and only then she will leave him. She then speaks of two options – either he can confess and can go to jail, and the latter one she can go to jail after killing him.

She makes a cut at his body on the hand and informs that 5 ½ litres of blood is present in human body so he can quickly decide. He apologizes and agrees to confess on camera. He confesses on trapping Jyoti and forced her to strip, and also he has a website where people pay money. He has trapped 72 girls in 6 years. Later, Preeti calls ambulance and Ashwin got saver in life.

Karan (the host) speaks that Raunak’s life got saved but his crime and recordings were recovered by police.  Karan informs that the most common thing in such cyber crimes case is that the victim goes to meet the person whom he/she met on the Internet with the will. Preeti got saved from Ashwin’s clutches and Karan infroms that Police and Cyber cells are there to punish the crime perpretator. Preeti got punishment in the juvenile court for her attempt to kill Raunak.


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    awesome, wanted to know what happens next as I missed the episode.

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    who were the actors playing the characters?

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