Rithvik Dhanjani & Asha Negi’s Love Story on Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s [Finale] Episode 94, 22nd March 2015, Bindass TV – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Asha and Rithvik's Love story on Bindass TV

Rithvik Dhanjani is seen with an Assistant Bilal on the set and asks him about co-actress Asha Negi . Bilal informs that she is Miss Uttarkhand but also carries some nervousness and last time she took 13 takes. Rithvik (as host) speaks of return gift after he culminated the love he got from fans and viewers of YHA. Today, the story is about him and how he fell in love with Asha. Rithvik on the set shoots a scene with Asha missing the line and she gets laugh from the crew. He comes to support and motivates her. Asha speaks of taking 14 takes for the 1st shot. However, Rithvik speaks that she was nervous for many months. She talks about having worry on chemistry and gives credit of her success to Rithvik.

Their story progresses further with Rithvik seen  with Asha in a scene and his dialogue of his worry on not able to carry on their relationship. Both are holding hands, and the director is agitated as they are unable to complete the dialogues. He speaks of loving her and starts speaking that the director is angry. Ritvhik speaks his line as Manan and Asha takes the role of Amrita. She speaks of loving him but what she can do as he belongs to someone else. The director finally gets excited with the scene. [Gubbare.. Aye Dil Tujhe Bata hain song plays]. Rithvik and Asha come closer and he gives her lift to the set. Asha’s birthday is celebrated on the set with the crew and later they go out and spend time together [Gubbare.. song plays]. Asha receives the call from her dad and he asks about her shooting and whether there is any problem. She replies there is no problem and he speaks of being worried. He reminds that Mumbai is a big city but she speaks on having work and lucky. He suggests they belong to middle class family and he is not happy to read newspaper articles about her with Rithvik. He asks her to stay away from Rithvik.


She suggests people spread rumours and asks whether he has confidence in him. She also adds Rithvik is already famous and soon ends the call. Next day, Asha is introduced to Akansha who is a producer of an event. Akansha thinks their chemistry will ignite the stage and asks them to not say no for performing as a Jodi. Asha hesitantly says yes and she is worried with intimate moves. He speaks of helping her and opens-up on problems coming from family. He suggests on speaking with the choreographer to make her at ease.

Rithvik (as host) speaks that the people were thinking they have off-screen chemistry like that of on-screen but it was not like that. He speaks of she didn’t take his hints and was confused. She speaks of having confusion and also family’s problems.

Rithvik’s dad thought he is not having a GF. Rithvik and Asha attend a press conference and they ask about their show being 1. He replies of putting realism during acting. Asha and Rithvik speak of letting media know when they come on-screen again. He talks about off-screen chemistry and she is unaffected with rumours or reality. He looks at her with earnest eyes. Asha speaks of having challenges but it doesn’t deter their true love. Later, Asha comes with a newspaper article with news about them and Rithvik is apologetic. She speaks of thinking he felt embarassed but he replies on not feeling so. He then opens up on wanting to be with her. She gets nervous and excuses herself and leaves but with a smile. [Gubbare.. song]. Asha and Rithvik are doing dance rehearsals and they give some close pose. Later, she comes home and her dad speaks of getting news about her. He reminds that Rithvik has money & fame and he feels that Rithvik is going to break her heart. She informs her dad that there is nothing between her and Rithvik, and also he is a good boy. Moreover, she is not bothered about outside people and wants her dad to have trust. Rithvik is seen with a girl in his vanity van and rehearsing dialogues. The girl Maya in character of Rhea  speaks the lines and he showers a hug after saying the lines – Giving a promise of not leaving him. [Preet song from Khoobsurat movie plays]. Asha sees them together in having a hug and runs from the vanity van. Rithvik tries to convince her that it was just rehearsals and she is misunderstood but she doesn’t listen and gets anrgy. Next, during the rehearsals, Rithvik & Asha are doing dance practice together but she is bit uncomfortable with him and doesn’t do her turns properly.

The choreographer teaches her the dance step and the music plays and they do dance rehearsal [YHA title song plays]. The choreographer is happy and Rithvik informs that she gave good performance. But she thinks he wants to come close during dance and she gets angry again and reminds him that dancing is her passion. She leaves from there in angry mood while Rithvik is also dejected [Jee Le Zara.. Main Hoom Gumsum.. ]. Asha cries at her end and later finds Rithvik taking selfies with some of his fans. There is another day of shooting. Asha reads her script before the scene and Rithvik does the same. He calls the assistant Bilal after finding the change in track as Mrinal is going to do his scenes. He also informs Asha who speaks of knowing the change after going through the script. He gets upset and asks Asha why she is not affected even if someone come between them. She leaves him to prepare for her scene while Rithvik gets teary eyed. Asha does the scene with Mrinal [Darmiyan tune plays]. She speaks of dialogue of loving him and Rithvik gets much upset and is told to move from set. Soon, Asha and Rithvik enact an intense scene together [Darmiyan song plays] where she needs to slap him. The director wants her to hit him and he also tells her the same to vent out her anger after seeing him with Maya.

She slaps him and Rithvik and Asha speak of why they haven’t sorted out their issues. These lines are not from the script. He asks whether she doesn’t love him. She replies on not loving him and he reminds that if she sees in herself she can know about her love. Someone suggests he could have kiss at that moment, Asha gets angry with Rithvik’s impromptu lines and cannot take it. Rithvik is angry with someone who spoke about the kiss. Later, Rithvik is doing dance rehearsals and Akansha comes there. He is glad to meet the producer and she speaks that Asha need to come there. He speaks of being there and he is not worried whether Asha comes or not. Akansha is serious since Asha is not picking her call and choreographer also insists Rithvik to make a call. Rithvik goes ahead to call Asha and learnt earlier that Asha didn’t took the call from last night. Akansha has no idea and wants Asha to be present on the set there as there is couple dance event.

He calls another staff member Ashwini and learns that Asha haven’t received her call since last night. Akansha wants Rithvik to wait as the event is important but he leaves to look for Asha since she is important and speaks of handling the event. Rithvik comes to Asha’s home and asks why she hasn’t picked up the call since last night from sets and other people. Asha informs him that she forgot her phone in the make-up room and thus didn’t receive the call. She reminds him about his hug with maya and speaks that he came there to fight. He informs on caring for her and thus left his event. He then confesses his love – I love you and calls her mad in not knowing it. She again argues with him, and she then confesses her love to him and both share an eyelock followed by a hug. Rithvik comes to meet Asha’s dad who asks him to not break her trust and no cheating. Rithvik gets nervous and spoke earlier of wanting to become an actor since he was 15 years. But soon Asha’s dad bursts out in laughter and speaks of doing acting himself. He speaks of having confidence in him, and also Asha has confidence in him thus he is much fine. He apologizes to Rithvik on being judgemental earlier. Rithvik also spoke of his dad having business in Dubai and soon Asha’s dad arranges for a dinner so that both families can meet and know each other better. Rithvik-Asha’s love story ends on that note.

Rithvik speaks that winning love is important. Asha suggests its better to fall in love and reminds that her love story with Rithvik had twists and turns but one should give a chance to fall in love atleast once and gives an example of sweet (ladoo). Rithvik signs off by reminding that love takes you through roller coaster of emotions and if your love wins then you are on cloud 9. Both having smiles and warmth on that happy note.

* We dedicate this post to Asha & Rithvik’s fans – AshVik, and to beautiful emotion – Love.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Asha and Rithvik

* Rithvik Dhanjani
– Television actor, Host, Presenter
– Played the role of Arjun in Zee’s show Pavitra Rishta opposite Asha Negi playing Purvi.
– Won Star Plus’ Nach Baliye 6 with his partner Asha Negi on 1st February, 2014. Nach Baliye 6’s Wikipedia page.
– Secured 3rd position in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 after entering the show as a wild card entry.
– Contestant of Life OK’s Dare 2 Dance [2014].
– Currently playing Host of Bindass show Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Host of Channel V India’s Game show Distraction
– Rithvik’s Twitter page

* Asha Negi
– Television Actress, Performer
– Portrayed the role of Purvi in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta
– Winner of Nach Baliye 6 along side her partner Rithvik Dhanjani [2014]
– Role of Suhana Diwan/Kalpana in Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan [EMA]
– Current work as one of the Khiladis in Colors TV’ Khatron Ke Khiladi 6 – Darr Ka Blockbuster returns, currently on-air.
– Asha’s Twitter page

Episode Video:
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