Ruhi Vs Ishita: New drama to unfold in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Ishita gets high fever by stress, after getting separated from Ruhi. Raman begs Ruhi to meet Ishita once and Ruhi refuses. He tells her about Ishita’s ill state and takes her home. Ruhi visits Bhalla house for the last time and brings her anger out on everyone for choosing Adi over her. Ishita meets Ruhi and extends her hand to hold her. Ruhi pushes her hand away and starts bringing her anger out on her for her bad decision. Ruhi says she will never talk to her, as she herself told her that she is not her mother and made her away from her. Raman stops Ruhi and cries blaming himself for the bad equations between Ruhi and Ishi Maa. Ruhi asks Shagun to take her away as she don’t want to stay with Ishita anymore. She says Ishita told in court that Bhalla house is not her house, so she has come today as a guest, not as family member. Ishita is in pain and gets more unwell by Ruhi’s anger. She fears that Ruhi is going away from her. Raman vows to unite Ishita and Ruhi by some means, not giving up to Shagun so easily.

Later on, Ishita goes to meet Ruhi at her school and gets sad seeing how Ruhi is avoiding her. Ruhi acts good towards Shagun and disappoints Ishita. Ishita and Ruhi again come face to face when the family goes for dinner and Shagun brings Ruhi there to add some spice. How will Ishita end Ruhi’s annoyance and explain Adi’s state? With Shagun still not turning genuine towards her daughter, will little Ruhi accept this as her fate? Keep reading.






9 responses to “Ruhi Vs Ishita: New drama to unfold in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”

  1. Nia Avatar

    Rubbish.., ruhi is so sad now and feels dejected…. Raman I hate u

    1. hema Avatar

      This serial is very bad.. They are playing with kids moving them here and there.. which is very wrong .. I stopped watching it

      1. Sai Avatar

        It is stupid …also irresponsible..some losers will get ideas from loser production and start feeling justified in using their kids….no real mother picks an abstract idea of a lost and foolish husband over her child. If ishita’s character was shown to be morally strong Nd intelligent, how did she suddenly and publicly reject her daughter. And she is no longer angry with Raman…she is worried that ruhi is happy wo her? So now she has accepted this… Knowing that Shagun is an abusive and neglectful mom? These stories appear to be written by women or men who have no children or families….and instead are out partying late and writing anything that seems real through the buzz of alcohol. Losers.

  2. Drishti Avatar

    Pls end this kids drama.And give both the childs custody to ishita.

  3. sari Avatar

    How can you show suicide kind of things with small children in the family. what values you are depicting. very bad. Raman and ishita tell me one thing… if such thoughts of suicide attempt starts coming in Ruhi’s mind, then it will be ok with you???? will it be acceptable??? rubbish. extremely bad serial with zero values.

  4. soni Avatar

    it’s because CEO Raman Kuman is an idiot! I can’t believe why Ishita said what she said in court. Serves them all right. This is just crossing the line. I mean how can a CEO be so DUMB???

  5. afika Avatar

    Actually raman has lost his job so that doesnt make him a CEO of the year. He now works for ashok. Also ishita made this decision because she found out that adi wanted to commit suicide. So this way he would need lots of support to feel secure. So thats why she chose adi over ruhi. :*

  6. inayah Avatar

    such serial should b banned.

  7. sandy Avatar

    bring ruhi and ishita back together. this new drama twist is getting boring now. its becoming too sad

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