Private Investigator 14th Episode 22nd March 2015, The Deadly Case of 5 Sins, on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator Star Plus

A police officer is brutally murdered by the killer who puts currency notes in his mouth. The scene shifts to Raffe. Raffe is seen at Vijay’s home to have his full-fledged P.I training and Vijay informs there will be No If’s and But’s, and also no personal questions. He informs Raffe that he is apprentice and needs to follow all the rules. Raffe watches the TV where Aryan Mallik – Cricketer and captain is seen giving an interview. The journalist is asking him on how he has a balanced wife, and he gives credit to his wife in his answer. Vijay informs Raffe that Aryan is no more and the interview is old telecast. Soon, Vijay & Raffe come to the crime scene. Vijay tells Raffe to use his eyes and memory and there is no better camera than them. Vijay finds handcuffs (hathkadi), eye mask, magazine cuttings, Article – Aryan Mallik, the family man. Raffe finds a Gum tube lying on floor, and Vijay discovers a poster and soon finds with his special laser different words printed on it – First thief (pehla chor) and even Raffe looks at it. The media people asks Vijay and the police about Aryan Mallik’s murder and whether he has illicit relationships.


Later, Vijay asks Raffe at his home on what he has seen at the crime scene. Raffe speaks broken lock, sexual photos and toys, position of dead body. Therefore, he thinks Aryan was with a girl, brutal murder. He also points out the newspaper article was old and the killer wants to indicate love nest setup and thinks either Aryan’s girlfriend or GF’s boyfriend commit the murder. Vijay informs Raffe that he is only speculating and not saying the fact. Vijay gives Raffe the score – 4/10. Vijay speaks of taking photos to show Raffe what he has not seen. He informs that the killer after murdering Aryan made him dressed to reach some conclusion. Raffe thinks that someone wants to give bad name to Aryan. Vijay speaks that analysis and verification is important and only then they can say about the killer and his/.her motivation. He speaks of finding only one painting without frame in the crime scene room, and also found glue mark on the wall beside the photo frame. Raffe asks about what about first thief and thinks there can be more murders. Vijay then gives one more point to Raffe, thus gives him 5 pts.

Raghav watches a funny video with Lucky on his laptop with comedian Guppy Singh and gets laugh. Raffe takes the laptop to see the breaking news of Aryan Mallik’s wife Nisha with children. Lucky is surprised with Aryan’s murder and also the media is discussing about Aryan’s personal life and forgot about the killer. Raffe informs the killer wrote first thief and therefore there will be second thief as well. He then asks Tiwari to find out whether Aryan had any role in match fixing. Tiwari speaks of dealing a high profile case of Guppy Singh’s murder and Raffe gets surprised.Tiwari and Raffe reach Dilbar studio where Guppy Singh is murdered and its also the place where he used to run his shows. Tiwari starts laughing to see Guppy Singh’s dead body which has comic set-up. Raffe finds hand clutches, broken glass, shoe marks and window at the exit door close to the restroom. Soon, Raffe also starts laughing there and receives the call of Vijay. Vijay learns that there is Nitrous oxide (N2O) in the room which is laughing gas and thus Raffe is laughing. He tells Raffe to take photos and should leave the crime scene fast. Raffe gets on with his work and looks at the black angry face mask and starts laughing and finds a note second thief inside it.

Later, Vijay meets Raffe, Raghav and Lucky at his home, and asks what is the inference about the second thief. Raffe thinks there is a conjucture and asks Raghav to find more. Lucky thinks the killer wants them to solve the puzzle and Vijay compliments her and thinks her psychology studies comes to use. Raffe speaks of having only exit/entry point which is bathroom window at Guppy Singh’s place, and to come from there needs skill and fitness. Raghav then talks about Guppy Singh’s fight video going viral and is trending and someone has uploaded that video on Guppy Singh’s site. Vijay speaks that the killer has leaked that video and talks about first photo poster with kamdev, and then anger mask and then video and tries to identity the sequence. Raffe thinks about the serial killer who wants to expose the celebrity. Lucky steps in and thinks the killer wanted to kill them for their hypocricy.  Meanwhile, Vijay reads from a book – Kam Krodh Lob… Moh.. Ahankaar which relates to 5 thiefs. He speaks more dialogues from the book – looting the Amrit while no one hears the noise. He concludes there will be 3 more murders.

Vijay & Raffe comes to know of the policeman’s murder and reaches the crime scene. Vijay notices money garland, money made as food used to choke in killing. Raffe collects a currency note with third thief written on it. He also takes one article from there and leaves with Vijay. Vijay talks outside on how media is coming first at crime scene before police. Vijay looks at a man in the media who earlier asked about the place where Aryan Mallik’s murder took place is his love nest. Both Vijay and the man stare at each other. Later, Raffe speaks that Kaam Krodh. is over and only attachment and ego [Moh.. Ahankar] is left. Vijay suggests they are looking for someone who is so strong on keeping his word that he/she can kill anyone. Raffe asks Vijay about the safari suit guy who was present them at the crime scene. Vijay replies he is very important and for intelligence gathering all kinds of sources need to be kept. Raffe speaks that next victim is the one having attachment which means the killer can kill anyone as everyone keeps attachment. Vijay suggests three persons were chosen from somewhere and they are not random selection. Raffe thinks the killer know them personally but Vijay thinks to find the killer you need to go in his mind. Lucky has a different take and thinks the killer is religious.

Raffe thinks she is right and also the murdered persons reality was different than known to people. Raffe shows the article which he stole earlier and speaks of taking it after getting instictive feeling of seeing it somewhere. Soon, he discovers the same article evidence he has in his mobile from Aryan Mallik’s murder scene. Raffe tells Raghav to find the magazine where the article is published and Raghav finds out it is Army magazine. All the murdered persons interviews are present there. Raffe finds out that next victim is Nimohi Baba who also gave interview. Vijay tells Raghav to do some photo editing with Ujjwal Prakash – journalist, the man who stared at him earlier. Raghav does editing of removing moustache, make-up and identifies Prakash to be present at all crime scenes. Vijay asks Raffe to go to Nimohi Baba and suggests that the Killer might be Prakash who has done research in commiting the murders. Vijay zeroes on the fact that the killer is either from intelligence or a journalist.

Raghav gets more info about Ujjwal prakash while he was going with Raffe. Raffe tries to contact Nimohi Baba’s place and wants to tell his staff to listen to him but in vain. Raghav informs that Prakash was an Army colonel and is charged with wife and a friend’s murder and is on the run. Raffe is shocked and concludes that Prakash has already murdered 5 people. They reach Baba’s home and Raffe tries much to reach Baba’s place and soon goes to Baba’s room to find Baba already murdered. He also finds the killer running away and follows him. The killer took the role of a devotee to kill Nimohi Baba. Prakash hits Raffe after they run for some distance and points gun at him but doesn’t harm. Later, Vijay speaks to Raffe on why he ran to chase the Baba and his life would have been in danger. He then thinks the killer will be killing the last person unless they move the last victim from the scene. This will compel the killer to have a change in the plan. Tiwari acts on Raffe’s suggestion and calls the media for a press conference.  He speaks of inviting the media as he got a breakthrough on past murders. Tiwari speaks that Ujjawal Prakash is the killer who is doing such crimes for publicity since he had never wrote the truth.

Tiwari then speaks of finding the last victim – Pranab Da from a news channel who shouts much, and he has sent Pranab Da out of the country to evade the Killer. Moreover, Tiwari with excitement throws a personal challenge at the Killer and speaks of finding and bringing him out from the hideout, and compares the killer as the cat. The Killer watches Tiwari’s press conferences with strong words. Tiwari gets praise from constables – Bhonsle and others and soon Raffe comes to Tiwari and suggests him to stay at the police station for that night. He informs Tiwari that his life is in danger since Ujjwal prakash might attack him. After his press confernce, Ujjwal Prakash will find Tiwari as more egoistic person than him. Tiwari speaks to Raffe of not having an ego and is very innocent who listens to his lord. Raffe asks Tiwari to listen on what he is saying. Meanwhile, Prakash comes there at the police station after getting arrested and is in disguise. Raffe stays with Tiwari at the PS and soon he receives Vijay’s call who informs that Tiwari should be in front of his eyes all the time. Vijay is on his way to reach the police station.

Raffe runs to Tiwari who went to the restroom and soon both Raffe and Tiwari are tied the chair by Prakash. Prakash speaks of knowing about Raffe putting words in Tiwari’s mind and had wanted to kill the egoistic anchor but will kill both of them today. He speaks that the Press will see as he will them live and calls Raffe and Tiwari as egoistic fellows. Prakash speaks that Tiwari has more attachment than Baba, and Raffe has more ego at his age. He wants to remove attachment and ego, and gives an example of the gardener cutting the bad root so to not spread the damage. He reminds them of killing his wife and friend after coming to know of their affair. He also talks about serving in Army and working at the border, but the 5 thiefs want to steal and thus should get punished. He puts kerosene there and speaks in Punjabi that the thiefs need to be given a lesson and about to trigger the lighter to ignite flames. Meanwhile, Vijay reaches there and shoots Prakash with his night vision goggles. Prakash while dying triggers the lighter resulting in the fire. Vijay comes inside with a fire extinguisher and puts down the fire thereby saving Raffe and Tiwari’s life.

Later, Raffe calls Prakash a psycho who wanted to kill people with his own take on the world. Vijay asks Raffe what lesson he got in the end. Raffe speaks of staying away from thiefs and to never understimate the enemies. In case they come back again, he will counter them by keeping Vijay close to him in advance. Raffe wants to learn shooting with gun but Vijay asks him to shoot for now with cameras. Raffe thanks Vijay for saving his life and prepares to come next day @ 7 am. Vijay opens up to Raffe that his mom is doing everything for his betterment which he should remember.

Private Investigator Star Plus


Next Week – Missing Father Murder Mystery Case: A young man comes to Raffe asking him to find his father. Raffe gives his word to that young guy and later meets a middle-age man Ashutosh who informs Raffe on having only one son. Vijay speaks to the young guy whether he is on the lookout of a person who is lookalike of his dad. Tiwari speaks of finding a car from a lake but haven’t found the driver’s dead body and Raffe concludes it is a murder. Raffe asks Ashutosh how come he can leave his unwell wife with a 7 year old kid. This conversation is being listened by a woman. Raffe finds black sand on the car’s tyres and identifies only one beach where such sand is found. Raffe discovers Ashutosh is murdered and finds his dead body. Vijay is sure that Sonali haven’t gone to the beach and finds someone’s shadow and understands the watch on him. Raffe and Vijay are going in their SUV car and soon they find the car brakes are not working. They go on to hit the car to a tree.


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