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Jodha Akbar:
Jodha got a deadly illness from the village and starts vomitting blood and Moti knows about it, and she wanted to hide from Akbar. However, Akbar before leaving to the war to help Salim finds Jodha unconscious in his arms. Jodha’s dream of Akbar banging his head on the wall come true as he does it. He thinks Jodha is paying for his sins and goes in repentance mode. Jodha is on death bed and Akbar pleads the God to have mercy to save his wife’s life. He prays a lot but soon finds Jodha’s life passing away, and she is seeing her Kanha Lord. Will Akbar’s earnest pleas be heard resulting in Jodha’s life recovery ? Will Salim be able to fight the war alone alongwith his injury, and emerge victorious in the end ?

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Sushim cannot stand Ashoka getting all the love and support from Bindusara and thus reaches the Vann (the forest) place to meet Bindusara and to take him back to Pataliputra. Ashoka is surprised with Sushim’s arrival there since he always had doubts on his intentions and thus carries fear. Sushim’s arrival there came at a point when Bindusara was shouldering support to Ashoka and their friendship was prospering. Dharma finally saw her son and decides to not speak the truth of Bindusara being his father after hearing their conversation. Thus, Dharma has changed her earlier stance of wanting to say the truth to Ashoka about Bindusara. She faces danger with Khurasan who comes to know of her but Acharya and discarded soldier can be of help.

Meanwhile, Ashoka wants to know the actual reason of Sushim leaving Pataliputra to reach Bindusara and couldn’t figure out the jealousy angle. Dharma later informs Acharya Chanakya of going to Pataliputra to meet Ashoka but Acharya informs that she has most danger. Nevertheless, she is defiant to go and has made up her mind and moreover will not disclose the truth to Ashoka. Finally, Ashoka faces attack from Sushim who pushes him down hill to inflict injury. Will Dharma succeed to meet her son Ashoka giving him immense happiness ?

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Ishani is getting bailed out by Shikhar and judge realizing his wrong in convicting an innocent Ishani and gave a wrong verdict. The judge got to know on how Ishani is saving someone from the lady inspector. RV starts believing that she loves Chirag and also killed him, and these things were put in his mind by Ishani via inspector. RV thinks Ishani is going to get hanged and even haven’t met her for the last time, and isn’t aware about Shikhar’s efforts in rescuing her and also judge’s change of stance. He even thinks her last rites and gets sad. At home, he takes care of Ritika who has problems in her pregnancy and also remembers Ishani.  He misses Ishani, and speaks knowing she is close to him while the world believes she has died. RV senses Ishani’s presence at his home. Ishani earlier at her end confessed her love for RV, and is doing sacrifice but with Shikhar’s timely help she gets out from jail. Will Ishani & RV be able to meet each other one day with fate playing its role while giving him a big surprise ? What about the truth of Ishani’s innocence, will RV comes to know of it ?

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Tere Sheher Mein:
Amaya is worried since 51 Pandits arrived for the Terhvi ritual of her Superman dad though she expected 5 pandits. The Head pandit informed of eating food there, and Sneha later speaks to one of the Pandit on not able to prepare food until the arrival of gas. Soon, she breaks down and Amaya and Rachita support her. Amaya in parallel is thinking on how to manage this situation.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sooraj gets the good news of Sandhya giving birth to two healthy babies and gets much glad with tears rolling from his eyes. He hugs Babasa and reminds him on becoming grandpa (Dada), and tells Vikram on becoming uncle (Chacha), and tells Ankur-Ankita on becoming Mama/Mami (maternal uncle/aunt). On that note, Ankur & Ankita gets surprised, and their smile changes to unexpected feeling, and soon Ankita gets sad. Will Sandya & Sooraj be able to share their happiness with Ankur and Ankita, which is holding on to their commitment ?

Indeed, the previous question is answered with Sandhya and Sooraj deciding to give away the baby boy to Ankita and Ankur. Though it was not easy for Sandhya and she goes through many emotions on the day when she gives the baby. There was special prayers on that day, and Sandhya writes down the letter about her kids, and gets emotional support from Sooraj. She also imagines a dream sequence of going to take back the kid from Ankita but not in reality. This seperation track paves the way for a leap in the show.

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Imli goes inside the school to look for Chakor defying her fears but soon gets scared and runs out. Chakor heard Imli but gets sad after finding she left. There is darkness and thunderstorm and Chakor is locked inside the classroom. Next, Chakor gets injured and shouts Maai before getting unconscious and it happened because the class board fell on her due to winds.  Kasturi comes to know of Chakor’s shout and she now believes Chakor is inside the school. Bhuvan goes ahead to plead a man about his daughter is locked in school where there is much darkness, and asks him to save her. The man replies there is only solution – Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan goes to Bhaiya ji to seek help and requests him with teary eyes. Bhaiya ji takes a shrewd look on Chakor’s development & Bhuvan’s request.  Will Bhaiya ji decide to help Chakor ?

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Sasural Simar Ka:
The plot of Simar – Maya – Roli’s tussle for Sid thickens with Simar reaching Maya’s place and goes on confrontation while Sid is already unconscious and under hypnotized state. Roli reaches the cave and gets Trishul was glad but some men (like naga sadhus) come there to confront her. She gets worried to see them. Baba had earlier told Roli & Bhardwaj family about Nagin aka Maya’s plan to make Sid also a snake with help from her husband’s soul. It so happens next that Siddhant faces much danger to his life and gets killed and Roli couldn’t save him. Roli believes that Sid has passed away,and also Simar, Prem and Amar are in grief. Roli is shattered while taking Sid’s dead body. What happened to Nagin (Maya) ? This development paves the way for a twist in the show.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Suhani is crying after the revelation that Yuvraj didn’t love and also had not wanted to marry her but instead married under compulsion and blackmail. She cries profusely with the turn of events in her life, and also puzzled on why everyone lied and also her dad gave deceit. She gets a thought that Yuvraaj acted along with her dad and there was more to that story. Nevertheless, she goes through emotional solitude mode and remembers her family and thinks to move out of Birla family’s home. She starts preparing and plans to leave. The focus now shifts on Yuvraaj who is yet to realize his already grown feelings for Suhani. He has two things at hand – first, translating his feelings into action to stop Suhani, and second, a solution to deal with Soumya. What will be Yuvraaj’s decision and actions ?

Ruhi continues to be distraught and angry with Ishi Maa while Ishita yearns for Ruhi but still couldn’t go close to her and maintains distance. Ruhi shows love to Shagun to make Ishita feel bad, and enacts this scene at the school and comes there with Shagun. Ishita & Shagun have a confrontation there with Shagun in her revenge mode. Ishita takes care of Adi well but she is much hurt with Ruhi staying away from her.

Radha and LD’s Sangeet function is underway and there was dance performed by couple and everyone. Radha is happy with her pre-wedding functions and have started caring for LD and family by heart. There was a fun race during the function with both LD & Radha competing. Radha brings a twist in the race by making circles around the family instead of running straight and also defeats LD. But LD is glad to lose the race to his wife. Radha also gets her hand burnt with Diya’s hot oil falling on her hand when she tried to save LD. LD showers care to her and from now on she is going to take care of all the responsibilities. A new fresh phase going to start in LD & Radha’s life with love as the binding element.

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