Mukti & Fab 5 to counter Rocky-Sooraj & society’s moral policing for her Rights

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Mukti in Yaariaan

Mukti is facing troubles from Rocky and his elder brother Sooraj who demeans her in front of media after the fight at the bar. The media also pointed finger at her character. Rocky & Sooraj went on to do moral policing by forcing Mukti to wear a saree created from a shawl. Mukti breaks down after facing harassment and Manik & Fab 5 come to support her. Manik prepares to teach Rocky & Sooraj a lesson for their misdeeds and wants to make them repent. Later, Nandini comes to know of it and suggests fightback is needed but at the mentality/thinking. Mukti battles it out with able support from Fab 5 for her self-respect while coming up with courage and not feeling weak. Mukti wants to present that no one can judge a girl with her clothes, and its her right to choose about herself. Sunny Leone, Indo-Canadian and American actress is coming on the show this Friday to support Mukti’s ‘ItsNotUsItsYou’ movement. MTV India’s Tweet about Sunny’s participation.

On another front, Manik continues to not able to tolerate Nandini getting music training with Pandit ji, and not liking his methods, for instance lung capacity test with water. However, Pandit ji keeps big plans with Nandini, his student and wants to take her to Royal Hall of London for music performance. Dhruv is still upset with Manik and both Cabir & Manik knows about it. Nevertheless, Dhruv undergoes training with Nandini for the fusion concert. Manik earlier had motivated Nandini on not losing hope regarding their relationship and talks on – not having the end though it seems so. He discussed it since Nandini was having doubts on not understanding their relationship which is a change of stance from her earlier optimistic outlook. Finally, Manik has some plans in his kitty which he discussed with Cabir for the fusion concert to go smoothly, giving a hint on finding a way so that he can perform alongwith Nandini. He wants to not evict Dhruv from fusion concert but also do something for Nandini’s happiness.


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