Emotional Atyachaar Season 5 27th March 2015 Episode 1 – Ronit’s story, with Pravesh Rana on Bindass TV – Promo

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Pravesh Rana on Emotional Atyachaar

Emotional Atyachaar [EA], the weekly show returns with its 5th Season – EA, Ab Tehqiqaat Yaaron Ke Saath. The 1st episode story is about Ronit and Anna. Ronit is an introvert and his friends indicate that his girlfriend Anna might be cheating on him, and sooner then he also figures out by himself the same. He gets helped by four friends to investigate and bring out the truth of Anna. At first, they track Anna with help of technology and use magnetic GPS to track her car movements covertly and leverages one of his friends tech expertise. But the result was surprising since each of Ronit’s friends were giving different location of Anna at the same time using GPS, manual tracking – on way to Mumbai, outside restaurant, etc. They couldn’t figure out on how such thing is possible.

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As Anna was coming out clean, Ronit gets advice that Anna might be faithful and they are wrong to doubt her. Out of the 4 friends, a girl Chichi Choudhary has plans in her kitty and carries the attitude of filmy fundabaaz. She shows confidence in revealing the actual truth of Anna. Will Ronit be able to get a definite answer on Anna, and whether his friends save him from emotional atyachaar?  Which one from his four friends actually steer him in knowing the truth ?

Pravesh Rana is the host of EA 5 and speaks of bringing out the bitter truth in relationships, and now investigation to be done with friends as cheaters are getting smarter. EA puts emphasis that we should watch, learn and be safe [Dekho, Seekho, and Bacho] and not to let emotions give you torture when you go through mistrust, cheating, betrayal and turmoil. Stay tuned to EA this Friday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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Special Preview/Sneak Peek:
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/SoqVQYLUKH0]


  1. pari Avatar

    i want to know the name of that app which was used by ronit’s friends to reveal the truth of anna…can u plz let me know the name of that app.. i really need it..

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