Emotional Atyachaar Season 5 27th March 2015 Episode 1 – Ronit’s story, with Pravesh Rana on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Pravesh Rana on Emotional Atyachaar

Pravesh Rana (the host) speaks of bringing out the bitter truth in relationships so that you come out of the atyachaar (torture) of cheating. He talks about the shows 4 seasons and the cheaters are getting smarter. So, what are the odds to outdo the cheaters and expose them. Pravesh speaks the quote – A friend in need is a friend indeed to put emphasis on how friends put everything on the line to save their friend from cheating. He informs this seasons not only stories of cheating & heartbreak but also stories of friendships, love, loyalty and dedication will be shown. Finally, the show is going to show how friends fight together for a purpose and celebrates it.

Studio: Ronit comes in the studio and greeted by Pravesh. Ronit is 22 years old from Mumbai and did his masters study and currently helps his dad in business. Ronit talks about his story of first relationship and how he has gone through emotional atyachaar but succeeded in revealing the truth and expose the cheater. His story dates back to the time when tenants move in and he needed to get signature on the contract,

The story starts with Ronit meeting his tenant – Anna at his dad’s flat. She signs the tenant/rental docs to complete the formalities and he informs her on the rules to follow – NO parties, smoking and boys. Later, he changes his stance and suggests she can follow only one rule – no boys, and both smile.

Studio: Ronit speaks on becoming good friend with Anna and they were hanging out. There come a time when it was raining and he was around her home. He took the lead and asks Anna whether he can come to her home. She gladly asked him to come.

Ronit reaches Anna’s flat. They prepare tea and she asks whether he wants to take hot shower. He speaks of not having clothes and soon both share intimate and romantic moments in the night.

Studio: Ronit speaks that things were fine between him and Anna until one fine day after 3 months he gets a call from a friend Harry. Harry informed that Anna has put her latest pics on a dating app. He immediately checked to find Anna’s photos there and soon met her. She apologizes to him and informed him of deleting them right away and does so. Later, he went to his friend Akshay – fun loving and sarcastic guy who loves food and also wishes to access the world with his laptop. In short, Akshay is Tech Expert.

Ronit meets Akshay and informs him that Anna might be cheating and he has some doubts. Akshay speaks of knowing that would happen and feels sympathetic. Ronit speaks of Anna apologizing and then gave him kisses after the pics matter on dating app. Akshay counters Ronit by saying as she became intimate he stopped using his mind. He wants to help Ronit more but needs sandwiches and cheese burger in return.

Studio: Akshay comes on the show with a burger and starts eating. He speaks of Anna not liking him. Ronit tells Pravesh on wanting to know e-mail account info of Anna to get some leads. Pravesh steps in and speaks that Hacking is illegal and Akshay tries to justify by saying he was just scratching the surface and not doing any criminal activity. Pravesh still suggests Hacking is illegal and Akshay agrees with him.

Later, Akshay finds out Anna’s social profile is clean and thinks if she is cheater then she is not going to leave evidence there. Soon, he gets an idea and suggests when Anna is not at home they will enter her flat, and put hidden cameras so as to monitor her round the clock. And if she is a cheat then they will catch her. Ronit speaks that cameras are expensive and they are not intelligence guys so that idea is almost dismissed. Akshay speaks of talking to their friend Gautam.

Studio: Ronit speaks that Gautam had all the gadgets and calls him as the Ghar Jamai and Jugaadu since he has all the things in his car’s trunk.

They meet Gautam and Akshay speaks of wanting magnetic GPS tracking for cars so they can track Anna and he replies of giving them. They start tracking Anna’s car movements.

Studio: Ronit speaks that Anna’s movements were monotonous – journey from home to office and vice-versa. He wanted to follow her and was waiting for Akshay’s phone call to know where she headed to.

Ronit follows Anna after she leave her office while getting info from Akshay who was tracking her with GPS maps. Ronit learns that she is going in opposite direction of her home. Ronit comes to the same lane of her car but soon discovers that magnet has fallen down and the car is not seen there. Soon, Ronit finds Anna standing closeby and waiting for someone, and soon she hugs someone her roommate Divya. Ronit informs Akshay about the false alarm as Anna was seen with Divya.

Studio: Akshay speaks that technology was supporting Anna but Ronit was still having doubts. Pravesh asks Ronit whether he watches Saas Bahu serials as doubts were not going away. Ronit speaks that doubts persists in his mind.

Gautam during with meetup with friends speaks that Anna is faithful since 1 week nothing has been found in investigation. Akshay suggests that now is the turn of Chicchi Choudhary to take part in their investigation. Chicchi is Gautam’s girlfriend. Akshay thinks Anna might have known  about magnetic GPS tracking and thus she evaded on getting caught. Akshay pulls leg of Gautam as he asks who is Chicchi.  Chichi has interests in mystery since she was 8 years old and has watched all crime and detective shows from that age. Chichi used to solve cases even in her college days. Akshay, Ronit and Gautam soon meet Chichi. She calls them Chaman Chooze since they inform her after getting completely stuck in their problem. She asks whether she is a helpline. She speaks of canceling her Goa trip with Gautam where she promised to wear a bikini. On that note, Ronit asks for her help since he is having a problem. With a glee on her face, she informs them on having a plan already.

Studio: Anjali aka Chicchi comes there and opens up on Emotional Atyachaar as her favorite shoe. She also brought binoculars there to show her persona.

Chicchi discover phone app with which you can hijack someone’s micophone and they planned it to install in Anna’s phone. There was a house party at Anna’s home and wants to take advantage. The plan has the following steps: Step 1 – Chicchi will act drunk and asks for Anna’s phone to take a selfie and will ask for her passowrd. Step 2 – Anna will go to change her dress after Gautam spills drink on her. Step 3 – Akshay installing the App on her phone and makes sure it is going to run in background so that Anna doesn’t see it. So, they have a plan to reach Anna and listen to her conversation.

Studio: Ronit states the Murphy’s law: All that gone wrong will go wrong, to give a hint on their plan’s outcome.

The party night at Anna’s place with Chichi working as per her plan and acts drunk and wants a selfie with Anna. Anna speaks of her phone’s battery going to die and soon the same happens. Ronit & Co’s plan didn’t work. Chicchi thinks there should be some way and Ronit asks Akshay to check her online accounts once more. At that juncture, they are confused on what should be their next step.

Studio: Ronit wanted to not worry much but soon his doubts get revived another time.

Chicchi calls Ronit and informs of seeing Anna outside the cafe and she was present with a boy. Meanwhile, Akshay calls Ronit and informs that Anna is in Lonavla and he came to know of it after hacking her mail account. Chicchi is also on the same phone call in conference mode and thinks that is not possible. Gautam also calls and joins them, and informs that Anna is in a pub and he has seen her 2 mins ago. Gautam informs Chicchi that she is lying this time. Ronit gets devastated and hangs the phone after getting 3 different locations of Anna. Ronit soon gets composure and gets on the call and asks Chichi to confirm by going inside the cafe. He also tells Gautam to confirm the same by going inside the pub. Chicchi goes inside the cafe and finds Anna not there and sends a text message about it. Meanwhile, Gautam enters the pub and looks for her and Akshay calls the Zone out resort in Lonavla. Akshay speaks to the reception and wants to connect with Anna Rodriguez who has done booking in the morning for a stay there. Akshay gets info and calls her room to learn that Anna has done the booking but for her roommate Divya. He finds Divya there with her boyfriend. Akshay informs the same to Ronit.

Ronit then goes to the pub where Gautam is already there. They find Anna just having a party with her office friends (girls). Ronit decides at that time to stop his investigation and starts believing she is loyal and he unnecessarily kept a watch on her. He gets glad and has feelings of vibrancy. Later, he meets Chicchi, Gautam and Akshay. Chicchi speaks of being sure on seeing Anna with some boy. Gautam gets a call and someone asks him for elephant’s teeth. Gautam then put forward his point to Chicchi that Divya was there in Lonavla and thus pointing out that Anna is loyal [But this was only known to Ronit & Akshay]. Ronit speaks that Anna is loyal and doesn’t want to spoil his relationship furthermore.

Later, Gautam calls Akshay and asks whether he is still unconvinced. Akshay speaks of being happy if Ronit is happy and doesn’t show much excitement. Gautam ends the call and soon it is revealed that he is with Anna in his car. Anna asks him wheher his friends’ investigation has ended. He replies on being 100 % sure and also suggests that Ronit is feeling guilty and he can give her stay in his dad’s flat for free without rent. He then comes to Anna’s flat with her and soon discovers Ronit and his other friends. Both Anna and Gautam get shocked. Ronit reveals on how they know about him. When Gautam told to Chicchi on Lonavla’s booking that Divya was present, at that time they come to know of Gautam’s tricking them. Only Akshay and Ronit knew about Divya present there.

Ronit speaks that their plans were failing because Gautam was pasing all the info to Anna. When Anna was with a date at the cafe, he guided and adviced Anna to leave from the back door since Chicchi was waiting at the front door. Gautam also told Anna to bring some friends to the pub to create an environment of hanging out with office pals. Ronit speaks of wanting to catch them red-handed and succeeded in doing so. Ronit speaks on how he has installed the same app in Gautam’s mobile to listen to his conversations. They heard even the last conversation of Gautam with Anna. Chicchi gets teary eyed on getting cheated by Gautam and feels heart broken. Ronit makes a taunt at Anna and Gautam and asks whether they have fallen in love with Pyaar finder App. He suggests thet know each other for cheating and calls them as cheaters/frauds. Ronit slaps Gautam for his betrayal in friendship while Chicchi asks Gautam why did he do such a thing. She also slaps Gautam who feels pity and Anna tries to defend him by not admitting her wrong. On that note, Chicchi suggests to Anna that she will remain a witch (Dayan). The story of Ronit and Anna end there.

Signing Off, Studio: Ronit speaks of being angry after getting cheated. Chicchi took time to come to terms with the betrayal and was not knowing. Ronit went through heart broken state but eventually moved on. Pravesh is glad that their friendship played a pivotal role in succeeding against the cheat and also to overcome the emotional atyachaar. Akshay talks about value of friendship in both good and bad times. Pravesh signs off with a greeting.

* We believe that Emotional Atyachaar blends well by presenting a reality show while playing out the story with a message. The final product is amazing. Kudos to the EA 5 Team, the host Pravesh, Actors and Bindass TV.

Episode Video:

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