DID Supermoms 2 returns on Zee TV, starts 28th March 2015; Judges -Govinda, Geeta Kapur, Terence Lewis, Karan Wahi as Host


DID Supermoms Season 2

Zee TV’s offering DID Super Moms returns with Season 2 where moms from different parts of India present their dance skills and entertain the judges and audience. The judges of the show are – Govinda, Actor, Star, & master of dance; Geeta Kapur, Choreographer [fondly called Geeta Maa on the show]; and Terence Lewis, Choreographer. TV actor, host & heartthrob Karan Wahi dons the role of the host. The auditions were conducted across 16 cities in India. Along with dance, moms are going to share their background, stories, passion, dreams and the essence of dance in their life. DID supermoms is telecast every Saturday & Sunday @ 9 PM on Zee TV starting from 28th March 2015 (today).

Super Mom Participants: Yasmin, Swatabdi, Sneha, Harpreet, Rohini, Preeti, Pushpa [dances with her Ghunghat].


Info on some of them.

* Swatabdi: From Ahmedabad. She dances on the Husn hai Suhana… Ishq hai deewana song and shows flexibility and ease. Moreover, she does reverse back spin and gets compliments from Govinda and Terence who are in much awe of her performance.

* Yasmin: From Mumbai, speaks of coming to find her identity. She is 49 years old, and has a 26 years old daughter. She dances Mangla… Main Ghar Ke Chali.. Terence and Geeta Kapur are amazed with her energy, carefree attitude and spirit.

* Sneha: From Uttar Pradesh. She dances with Govinda on stage on the UP Wala Thumka Lagao.. song. She enjoys her dance much bringing smiles to Geeta Maa and Terence.

* Harpreet: From Mumbai. She grooves much with her dance moves. She has a baby and brings her for the first performance.

* Rohini: She dances on the Aaja Re Sawariya song and dances effortlessly and Geeta Maa goes to shower her a hug on stage.

Additional Note:
* Twitter pages of Karan Wahi, Geeta Kapur, and Terence Lewis.

Promo- Swatabdi:
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/NcOdTTHQ4vI]

Promo – Yasmin
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/8Cq4PmCoqmw]

Additional Promos: Govinda -> https://youtu.be/RETLU-L0p80; Sneha’s UP wala Thumka -> https://youtu.be/ec7bgUGfD6E, and Rohini -> https://youtu.be/4S4004ezdvg


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