Gumrah Season 5 29th March 2015 Episode 2 – Deepali’s story, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] – Written Update


Karan Patel - host of Gumrah 5

Karan Patel (the host) speaks that love changes from beautiful to dangerous and talks about his show based on true incidents. The story is set in Kolkata and it is about Deepali Nagpal, a 18 years old girl. Deepali has as a good family and bonds well with them and on 13th April 2008, 12:10 PM at her residence in Kolkata, she shows her dad the dress which Sonam Kapoor wore. She wants a special dress for her farewell and her mom suggests she can join fashion school. She then talks about going to get admission in NFST (fashion institute) and her mom reminds about Rakesh coming. Deepali was going for the farewell and soon finds her maternal uncle (Mama) – Rakesh Kumar, age 34 there. She is told to come before 10 PM by her mum, and goes with her friend. Rakesh looks at Deepali with not so good intentions.

Deepali is at the farewell party scene at a pub and is dancing and a boy looks at her and soon comes to talk. He compliments her and then asks for going to coffee tomorrow. She rejects him though suggests his idea was good. Later, Deepali’s friend asks how come she has rejected the college’s stud date offer and she replies he is not of her type. Soon, Deepali finds the same friend with the boy having some intimate moments there.


Karan (the host) speaks that we should rethink before getting influenced and if her friends does something its not that you should do the same.  The day is 14th April, 2008 at 1:25 PM. at Deepali’s residence. Rakesh comes and finds Deepali doing exam preparation. He speaks of being afraid with exams and more with results. She speaks of doing revision and he asks her some questions from the book and she answers while tapping on his legs. Soon, he tries to put his hand over her and soon a neighbour girl Nikita comes there. Nikita is Deepali mom Sunita’s friend and Rakesh introduces himself of coming from US. Deepali’s mom Sunita leaves with Nikita while Rakesh watches adult content on his laptop. Deepali speaks with her friend Vrinda and he comes there and asks if she has some problem like that of boyfriend or related. He asks her to share with him.

She replies on not having any BF and he also suggests the same. He speaks of getting reminded of Aditi – his wife after seeing her. Aditi has died 5 years ago and it has changed him a lot. He speaks Aditi used to put her hair on the right, and also the smile matches with her. He shows her Aditi’s photo and she calls her beautiful. Later, in the night during dinner he learns Deepali is in her room doing preparations for her exams. Sunita talks about finding a girl for him and he says its fine. Next day, Deepali comes home and speaks of going to NFST for doing fashion. She comes and hugs Rakesh as well. He eats chocolate and soon tries to come close to her. Nikita comes and meets Sunita  who then asks her whether she likes Rakesh. Sunita wants to talk to Nikita’s mom after learning she likes him. Deepali comes to Rakesh’s room and he comes out after taking a bath and is topless. She wants to leave but he suggests in future she needs to take measurement of top models so that’s fine. She measures him while feeling uncomfortable. He says its fine and she doesn’t need to be nervous and can relax. But she goes away from there and wonders why her heartbeat is faster now and she is not understanding anything. She has some fears but also feels nice.

Karan (the host) speaks about physical attraction is a common thing at young age. Moreover, Deepali was afraid of the outcome and the path on where she is going. The question is, Whether she is going to stop ?

She comes to Rakesh with a dress and asks him to try. He unropes himself and wears the shirt. He speaks of looking like model and she says he looks always like a model. She takes his phone as they agree for a photo and in the process discovers the adult content on his laptop and wants to go away. But he stops her and suggests her to relax. Soon after, they share intimate moments and spend the night. Karan (the host) speaks that in most sexual abuses,  70 % of the offenders account for your relatives.

Sunita speaks to Rakesh on his marriage plans and talks about speaking with Nikita and also her age is close to him. Deepali comes there and thinks its not a good idea since Nikita doesn’t deserve him. Sunita tells her on what she is speaking and interfering in elder’s matter. Sunita suggests that Nikita is a good girl and she is sure he will like her. Deepali is upset with Rakesh and goes out and cries. Rakesh goes to apologize her while she is crying. She speaks of loving him and wants to marry him. He speaks that they are relatives and she wants him to not leave and doesn’t want anyone else. He suggests its not possible. Some other day – 27th April 2008, 8:15 pm at N.K. Restaurant. Rakesh and Deepali are with family, and also Nikita’s family is present there. Nikita’s mom asks Rakesh whether they are interfering and becoming a Kabab Mein Haddi. On that note, Deepali makes a taunt at Nikita and asks whether she bought her dress at roadside. She also adds the need of someone to interfere and also reminds Nikita on not having father. Soon, Deepali’s dad comes into the matter and pacifies.

Karan  (the host) speaks that parents need to not neglect children’s behavioral and mood changes. If they are not expecting children will commit a mistake then they are mistaken.

Deepali comes to Rakesh’s room and finds him on phone with some girl while lying on his bed. He informs her to knock before coming to his room. She requests him to not hate her and he tells that things are wrong and if her parents know about it then there will have severe recupursions for both of them. He speaks of giving a thought and asks her to not cry much. She goes to her room and cries with the teddy bear. She remembers about Rakesh’s words on talking about Aditi and how she resembles her. Later, she wears a Saree and comes to Rakesh’s room but doesn’t find him and instead finds him talking with Nikita outside and sharing cosy moment and about to kiss. Deepali goes there and stops their intimate moment. She informs him of preparing a shirt for him and Nikita takes it and give a compliment to Deepali. Nikita asks her to design clothes for her wedding since she is doing fashion designing. But Deepali is still upset and snatches the shirt and goes away.

Deepali goes on to burn the shirt and her parents ask what she is doing. Her mom talks about fire dangers at home because of her childish nature. Rakesh comes there and pacifies the situation. Later, Deepal goes to recollect the moments she shared with Rakesh, his words asking her to be calm, Rakesh coming close to Nikita, and his words that things are not possible with them. She packs her bags and goes to Rakesh’s room. The day is 2nd May 2008, 8:45 PM. He is sleeping and she wakes him up. She informs him of eloping from there so that to evade people’s eyes. She promises to do whatever he will say. She requests him much to leave but after some time he pushes her on the floor. She gets up and asks what he has thought on just using her and she will remain quiet. She informs him on telling to her dad about them. He stops her and soon tries to choke but she hits him back. She finds scissor there and stabs him several times at his heart leading to his death.

Her hands and face gets splashed with his blood and soon her dad comes to find the murder and breaks down. The police reaches the crime scene and Deeplai’s dad takes the murder charge on him and wants to surrender. The police asks why he commit such murder. The time is 11:25 PM and Sunita speaks of her brother keeping an eye on her daughter and the same words are echoed by Deepali’s dad. Deepali’s dad speaks of how Rakesh has molested his daughter and thus he had killed him. The police discovers the murder weapon scissor and other info though her parents tried to protect. Later, they arrest Deepali after getting forensic reports and leaves. Deepali’s story ends there.

Karan speaks that forensic reports lead to Deepali’s arrest. At the time of her arrest, the news of her selection at the fashion institute also came to notice but its of no use. Karan speaks that love is a beautiful emotion but most of the times it is physical attraction. You might be thinking it as love but thats not necessarily the case, and how your love is dependent on with whom you are in love and where your emotions are also there. He asks people to not repeat similar mistake like that of Deepali. We need to be alert and to act with sensitivity because such relationshps can make you Gumrah (astray) and leading you to nowhere.

Karan’s talks about young people in Love & physical attraction [Signing off message, last paragraph]
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Next Episode:  Love and friendships have their own place in life and it is the story of two best friends forever (BFF).



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