Halla Bol 2 18th Episode 29th March 2015, Meera’s story of Courage, starring Srishti Rindani & Parag Chadha on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Halla Bol Episode 18 - Srishti Rindani, 29th March 2015

Karan Tacker (the host) speaks about weakness, helpless are the words given to a girl and when something bad happens to them they get more prominence. He suggests the society doesn’t let the girls to fulfill their full potential. We consider them weaker sex and today’s story is of Meera and her fightback. The story is set in Kanpur. Meera comes to Minara girls hostel to study at college, and is from Mumbai. She makes an entry in her room and meets her roomate Jyoti. Jyoti speaks of coming from Andhra Pradesh, and both are doing the same course and also staying away from their home for the first time. Some girls there speak about Meera having attitude. The hostel’s warden informs the girls of 6 pm as the closing time and no drinks, smoking and late night parties. Some men outside the hostel are keeping a watch on girls, and the head Rana speaks of meeting Meera by himself. Meera’s college fellows – Vikram & Gurpal come to meet her and Jyoti, and invites them to have some snacks at the canteen and they all go and Jyoti on the way reminds thats its already 5:15 pm but Meera says its fine.

Later, at the hostel Meera learns of a girl being harassed by some boys and she asks them why they don’t complain. They reminds the boys are goons and it is not Mumbai. The girls take the harassed girl Pallavi without listening to Meera. Rana is still keeping a watch on the hostel and his men suggests they can leave but he speaks of knowing all the girls of the hostel and he can’t be wrong as some girls are yet to arrive. Meera & Jyoti reach close to the gate by running, and Rana and his men stop them and tries to harass and molest. The old watchman of the hostel looks at them but didn’t come to help. Meera hits at Rana though she didn’t intended and runs away from their clutches. She speaks to the warden about boys’ harassment earlier but she replies them to come before 6 PM. Next morning, Vikram speaks that warden is right in asking her to come before 6 PM.

Meera then talks about passing the entrance exam to come there to study. Gurpal offers his help in dropping Meera and Jyoti to her hostel after college hours, and does the same. Rana and his men find Gurpal dropping the girls regularly. Rana wants to do something and plans to tackle Gurpal. They intercept Gurpal’s car and thrashes him badly on the road. They threaten him to not interfere in their matters and he should not be seen in their area. Gurpal starts crying after the thrashing and next morning Meera learns about attack on Gurpal and he is recovery at his home. She wants to complain to the principal and Vikram shows pity for Gurpal who got attacked for helping them. She speaks of police complaint and learns from the officer that Gurpal doesn’t want to file a complaint. The police officer speaks that girls need to be careful and the boys does such thing in that area. She speaks its not fair and why she is going to change her life.

He speaks that if she is aware that is also good. Nevertheless, she files a complaint with the police sub inspector. Soon, Rana and his men are caught by the police and taken away on the charge of harassing girls. One of the girls Smita from the hostel suggests that those men are not going to change and thinks Meera has instigated him and now they all need to face the wrath. Meera couldn’t figure out why the girl are more worried now. Later, Meera waits for Jyoti at the hostel as 6 PM is approaching and she didn’t come yet. Soon, Jyoti comes there and is very scared and cries. Rana enters the hostel and speaks of coming back and going to police lockup is a regular thing for him. He threatens Meera on waiting for her and leaves after finding warden there. The girl Smita blames Meera for becoming the leader and the warden tells them to leave. Next day, the girls learn that they need to come back by 5 PM instead of 6 PM. Meera comes there and the girls want Meera to not help them since now they have more problems.

Meera gets worried and later finds Jyoti also not speaking with her. Jyoti opens-up of coming there to study and not to become a leader. Meera asks whether the fault lies with her, and Jyoti agrees and suggests Smita is also right. Meera goes on to cry and remembers Smita blaming her for all the problems, and Jyoti’s harassment. Karan (the host) speaks that girls who speak out are called not mature and not aware of things, and they are made to realize that their decisions can have severe consequences for them. Karan suggests that orthodox thinking still prevail in our society which needs to change.

Rana and his men waits for Meera and she decides to not go out after seeing them. The old watchman acts like a mere spectator at first while Meera goes inside and cries. He later comes and asks whether she is not going to college. She informs on feeling very weak and has fear about herself and doesn’t know what is right and wrong. He speaks of not understanding girls since on one hand, she wants to have gender equality and came there to study and get equal opportunities like boys, and other hand she is considering herself weak. He tells her to have courage and fight, and he talks about women themselves feel helpless and thus they are called as different and he gives examples – seperate lines for women, seperate section for women in buses. He asks why her brother, family come to defend her in problems because they believe she can’t help herself.  He informs the truth of life which is a woman only gives a birth to a person but the thing is the woman doesn’t know or recognize her immense strengths. He speaks that she need to have dreams, and the ones who compromise with their dreams will never move ahead in life. Meera feels enlightened with the the watchman (Chacha’s) words and ponders on her next step.

Meera learns of self-defense techniques from the Internet. She finds Smita crying and learns she is harassed by the boys. Smita wants to go back home and to repeat one year. Meera asks Smita whether she will leave the hostel because of Rana, and she reminds her that Rana like goons will be in thousands in thousands of such streets. Smita agrees with Meera and have done much work for the entrance exam and earned to come to study there. She vows to not break her dreams with such harassment and soon they hug each other and reconcile their past differences. Meera speaks of getting strength if your dreams are in place. Soon, Meera goes to confront Rana and his men, and slaps him hard and runs away. After running some distance, she gets caught and he holds her of feeling helpless to see her. She slaps him again and he asks where she will run now. She reminds the question is where they will run away now, and not where she is going to escape. They find all the girls around them there and laugh on seeing them and asks Meera whether the girls will fight and asks Meera to lower her eyes. He holds Meera and she acts on her self-defense techniques and hits him with a smart punch on his head. He falls down and feels dizzy while the girls overpower other men, and also the police comes there to arrest Rana and his men.

She asks Rana whether he thoughts girls will remain weak. She talks about keeping patience but not any more since his harassment has reached a level which is not acceptable. She reminds him that he will not forget that day. Rana feels shame and lowers his eyes, and she speaks of waiting for him since she know he will come back.The police inspector compliments meera on showing courage and daring attitude.The old watchman (Chacha) comes and give salute to Meera and also gives her blessings. Meera leaves with other girls after saying Halla Bol and also proved that girls are not lesser than anyone [Ladkiyan Kam Nahi]. Meera speaks of getting life lessons from an ordinary man (watchman, chacha) and whatever he spoke were true and each words standing out as the truth. Meera speaks that to be a girl is her strength and she is neither less nor weak. She is having pride for being a girl. Meera’s story of courage and fightback ends there.

Karan speaks that girls are considered weaker sex and this needs to change. He speaks that if girls are regarded at par with boys then her self-respect will remain intact. The girls need to tackle situations by themselves and the Team Halla Bol presented such stories in Season 2 where girls said Halla Bol and also proved they are not lesser than anyone.

Info on Cast:
* Meera is portrayed by actress Srishti Ganguly Rindani
– Srishti played the role of Gattu known for flirting with Dodo in Channel V’s Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri [YJTRRR]
– She also worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) in the role of Deepti which aired on 25th July 2014, 10th Episode. She worked along with actor Lavin Gothi.
– Recently worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 77 aired on 23rd November 2014, and worked alongwith actor Rohan Mehra [To be grown-up Naksh of YRKKH]
– Follow the tag Srishti Rindani actress to read articles on episodics where she had worked.

* Rana is portrayed by actor and casting director Parag Chadha
– Winner of MTV Splitsvilla 3.
– Worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 Episode 11 telecast on 7th November 2014.
– Recently worked  in  Bindass TV’s Love By Chance Episode 34 aired on 17th January 2015.
– Follow the tag, Parag Chadha actor to read articles written on the episodes where he had worked.

Episode Video:
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