Private Investigator 15th Episode 29th March 2015, The Missing Father Murder Mystery Case, on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator Star Plus

Raffe is going in a car with Vijay and speaks of wanting to know the truth and Vijay informs him that an innocent life has gone because of him. The story goes back by 4 days.


Raffe comes to Vijay’s home to find him playing harmonium generating a musical note. He then remembers his childhood and recollects Vijay dong the same. Raffe informs Vijay on hearing this tune earlier and also reads there about face reading. Vijay speaks that music is above language and and expresses sound, emotion and mood. Moreover, our face depicts our thoughts, emotions since it is the mirror of our internal world. Raffe then asks what are the benefits with learning about face reading. Vijay suggests to Raffe that he will know when someone is lying. A young man Onirban comes there to meet Vijay (VC) Perera and gives his visiting card and works as an insurance surveyor. Onirban is looking for a man whom he believed to be his father and speaks of his story dating back 15 years. His father used to work as a salesman when he was 7 years. One day his dad was coming back to Kolkata from Banaras but never reached their home. After 7 years the police declared him dead and recently he shifted to Mumbai with his mom. He speaks of going to a mall where he found a man who is lookalike of his dad and wants to know whether that man is his dad. He talks about his mom being very ill and suffering from Alzheimer disease since 20 years. She forgets everything but remembers how his dad left them. Raffe gives his word to Onirban on searching his dad and once they find him he can ask the reasons.

Raffe suggests to Vijay on what harm if the young man Onirban wants to search his dad and convinces him in their case. Raffe begins his investigation and goes to the mall and checks CCTV footage and finds the same man in the lift whom Onirban has seen. Raffe also checks the parking lot footage to get the man’s car number place to derive the registration and home address. After getting it, Raffe gets info about Ashutosh Jha, presumably lookalike of Onirban’s father. Ashutosh is living in Mumbai since 12 years and has 11 year son Rohit and runs a shop at a distance of 2 kms from home. Raffe also came to know Ashutosh has bank account in ICBE bank. Later, Raffe meets Onirban who thinks his dad went with his own will. Raffe informs Onirban that Ashutosh is not his father;s lookalike but indeed father. Vijay speaks of having two choices for Onirban: meet Ashutosh to get answers, or to forget on going to the mall.  Onirban wants to not forget about his dad but is nervous on not knowing what to ask when they meet. If his dad doesn’t recognize him then what will he say to his mom. Raffe speaks to Onirban that he has to find the truth but Vijay is not so much interested with Raffe’s defiant suggestions.

Later, Raffe meets Lucky at the coffee cafe and waits for Onirban. She thinks he got emotionally attached with the case but he replies of not bringing personal life into his work and just wants to help Onir. Next, Tiwari calls Raffe and speaks of finding a car in the lake but body is not found. The car belongs to Onir Banerjee. Soon, Raffe reaches the lake where the car is pull out and remembers Onir’s words on finding dad and becomes quiet. Raffe opens the bonnet of the car and use the magnifying glass to conclude it is a murder and not the accident since the car’s brake were tampered so to not make them work. Raffe thinks Onirban met his dad whose home is 2 kms away from that lake spot and the role of his dad is not ruled out. Tiwari talks about the need to first find the dead body and only then the case can be registered and thinks Onirban has committed suicide. Raffe tells Tiwari to find the dead body while he wil look for the murderer. He informs Vijay about Onir’s death and soon both reach Ashutosh Jha’s home.

Vijay introduces himself as Private Investigator, and Ashutosh speaks of having only one son Rohit but shows nervousness when saying so. Vijay speaks of believing in science and suggests saliva test will say the truth. Ashutosh gets worried on that note, and asks them to sit and opens-up on having an arranged marriage earlier. But he was not happy with his wife Garima – Onirban’s mom. He talks about Garima missing from home after her illness surfaced and also not caring of home stuff and not caring of his friends during some functions. Raffe gets agitated and asks Ashutosh on how he can leave his ill wife with a 7 years old son. Ashutosh speaks of being selfish and Vijay & Raffe speaks of several charges that can be framed against him. Section 498A from IPC for cheating spouse; fake identity, forgery of documents – IPC 463 to 469, abandoning wife amounting to cruelty, section 307 – attempt to murder his son. Vijay asks Ashutosh whether he knows of  brake fluid chassis. Ashutosh speaks of haven’t seen his son since so many years and gets  angry and asks them to leave. Raffe & Vijay find his wife Sonali in shock and she heard their talk. Raffe finds used cigarrete buds there and speaks of knowing that Onirban came there. Vijay goes with Raffe and are seen in their car. He informs they are investigators and not doing moral policing. He talks about Sonali only then came to know of Ashutosh’s past life.

Vijay asks Raffe to not go over past and reminds about an innocent life has gone (Onir Banerjee).  The story comes back to present.

Raffe speaks of judging people and is upset and wants to get down from the car. Vijay informs it cannot happen as the brakes are failed. Vijay tells Raffe to jump and soon both jumps in time and and the car goes on to hit the tree to make a halt. Raffe thinks it is Ashutosh’s work as he had excused for brief time, and Vijay asks Raffe to call Tiwari to get an arrest warrant against Ashutosh. Later, Raffe is seen with Lucky and blames himself for Onirban’s death and Lucky suggests he should not feel guilty as Onirban came to him. Raffe shows her the video of Onirban with his mom. Later, Raffe comes to Onir’s home and his mom speaks of Onir doing all the work. A nurse takes care of Onir’s mom who starts to cry and then wants to go home but the nurse reminds its her home. She asks about Raffe and Lucky and then talks about Onirban going away after preparing the tea. Around that time, Tiwari calls Raffe on Ashutosh being missing. Raffe comes to Ashutosh’s home and finds his car with black and wet soil.

Raffe suggests that soil can only be found in K.M Beach and why Sonali Jha will go to KM beach the same day when Ashutosh was missing. Raffe checks the car and finds a blood stained shirt piece with fresh blood. He then goes to K.M. Beach and discovers there the dead body of Ashutosh. Meanwhile, Tiwari questions Sonali and talks about Mr. Jha’s story and both Raffe and Vijay looks at the questioning. Sonali speaks of telling by confidence that Ashutosh haven’t killed Onirban. She also speaks that no boy came to their home. The car has two keys and she isn’t aware of knowing the KM Beach. Vijay speaks that she is not lying and haven’t reached KM Beach thus she is not a suspect. Later, Raffe spends an outing with Lucky outside near the lake and speaks of getting blockage in his case and not getting leads. Meanwhile, Vijay meets Anita and informs her that Raffe has lost all perspectives and got emotionally attached with the present case and shouldn’t have taken the case. The same words are echoed by Raffe who speaks that he shouldn’t have taken the case since 4 lives are spoiled. Lucky speaks that right and wrong is decided by people’s intentions. She asks him whether he has sympathy for Onirban because of his father’s mystery. Vijay at his end speaks to Anita that she need to say Raffe all the things otherwise….

She speaks of so many secrets and from where she should start. Vijay talks about Raffe’s life is in danger as well. Raffe talks to Lucky on not giving up until he knows the truth. Anita agrees with Vijay and thinks the time has come to tell the truth and hopes Raffe will forgive her. Vijay supports her on that note. Raffe comes to Onirban’s home and also brings some grocery items. Onirban’s mom compliments Raffe and he informs her on knowing the truth at any cost. Raffe opens the cupboard to find stock of ration there and gets surprised. The nurse/caretaker speaks of getting 6 month advance salary and she is also surprised to see the stock of ration as it was not there yesterday. Raffe gets puzzled on that development, and Vijay at his end is also trying to figure out things. Vijay remembers Onirban Bannerjee as Insurance surveryor. Raffe arranges the clues – Brake, Onir cigarette buds, grocery ration, Advance salary and soon comes to conclusion that everything was planned.

He decides to run his own plan to trap Onirban. Onirban watches the news of his mom Garima being arrested for Ashutosh’s murder charge but she got later bailed out. He then goes ahead to meet his mom at their home and speaks to her on giving a tough lesson to the one who has hurt her badly. He informs her on sending Ashutosh far away and also he has planned himself to not get caught. Just then, Vijay comes there with Raffe and speaks to Onirban that his weakness was his mother otherwise he would have succeeded. Raffe speaks of accident/murder plan set-up by Onirban and has also killed Ashutosh to take revenge. Onirban tries to confront Vijay but gets arrested. After solving the case, Vijay drops Raffe home. Raffe wants to ask Vijay one question and Vijay senses it and speaks to Raffe that he is not his father and leaves. Anita looks at them from her balcony and talks to Raffe and asks him to not take decisions with emotions as they are always destructive. Anita speaks of trusting him, and she is going to tell all since she cannot see him suffer anymore. She showers a hug to Raffe and have an emotional scene.

Next Episode: A politician is involved in a murder and a small girl becomes the witness of the murder. To not let the crime come out, the small girl is being chased by the killers and she gets cover from Raffe and police. Raffe helps the girl and she battles her traumatic state well and recognizes some politician’s men. Later, Raffe wonders who is actually murdered and couldn’t get any breakthroughs. Meanwhile, the girl continues to get chased and the investigation takes a new turn with politician’s men attacking police and Raffe by firing bullets. Raffe comes under the fire but escapes to find more clues in the case. While, it is not apparent who is actually the murderer but politician angle makes the case murky. Raffe yet again is on the trail to find the murderer thereby solving the case.


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