Ved fills Vansh’s dearth by his love and mischief in Diya Aur…


diya aur baati hum

Sandhya has been back in Pushkar after her transfer and comes to know about Ved’s naughty doings and troubling everyone. While Sooraj and Bhabho pamper Ved a lot, Sandhya too loves him. Ved tells everyone that he wish to become an IPS officer like his mum and though he loves Sooraj a lot, Sandhya feels Ved does not value Sooraj’s profession of a sweetmaker. She thinks to make Ved realize the reality of a hardworking man who has made everyone’s dreams true. Ved makes a request to them to enroll him in an international school and Sooraj feels short of his needs.


The six year span of Sandhya being away from Ved, makes her feel that he needs his mother care to become a disciplined boy. She turns strict to Ved to control his mischief and talks to Sooraj about Ved’s request. Sooraj sees the news article about the kidnappers who had taken Vansh, and cries missing Vansh and recalling his death. Sandhya and Sooraj break down by Vansh’s memories and decide to do the best for Ved. There is still a mystery angle as Mohit, Meenakshi and Vikram are stated to be in foreign and Sooraj talks to Pari daily as her father Mohit to keep her hope alive that Mohit will be back some day. The truth has to come out which just the elders know. Bhabho manages to keep all the kids happy. How will Sooraj and Sandhya manage Ved’s studies and others kids? Keep reading.

Another challenge for Sandhya! Will she pass this test of parenting?
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