Gumrah Season 5 5th April 2015 Episode 3 – Mona & Lisa’s story, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] – Promo


Karan Patel - host of Gumrah 5

The story is about two bests friends forever (BFF) – Mona and Lisa. They travel together and go for outing to have good times. Lisa showers much affection to Mona. Lisa is dating an Airlines pilot Vidyut, and Mona sees them together. What happens after is Lisa’s BF Vidyut cheats on her, and he goes on to share intimate moments with Mona and share the bed. Lisa senses something amiss and goes to find Vidyut, and catches him red-handed with Mona in a bedroom. Lisa & Mona’s friendship goes on for a toss and soon Lisa goes on missing.

Mona goes with Vidyut to file a missing complaint since Lisa is missing for few days. Mona is distraught and worried for Lisa. Lisa goes through a big drastic change in her personality and is seen at some place away from Mona and public eye. Meanwhile, Mona put more efforts to trace Lisa and on the trail she learns of many more secrets. While, love and friendships have their own place in life, it has to be seen in this story, where does Mona’s cheating takes her. There are many other events going to get unravelled after the cheating coming to forefront, and its repurcursions affecting many lives. Stay tuned to Gumrah this Sunday @ 7 PM on Channel V India.


Some Info On Cast:

* Mona is portrayed by actress Aaradhya
– Aaradhya portrayed the role of Deeksha in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 56 aired on 8th August 2014, and worked opposite actor Rohan Shah [currently playing role of Agam in IKNMP].
– Follow the tag Aaradhya actress to read articles written on episodes where she had worked.

* Vidyut is portrayed by actor Sagar Shetty
– Sagar portrayed the role of Chirag, love interest of Shakti in Channel V’s show Friends: Conditions Apply.

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