Khatron Ke Khiladi 6 5th April 2015, Rashami & Sana bid adieu & Grand Finale Next Week,18th Episode on Colors TV – Snapshot

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Rashami & Sana eliminated in Semifinale Week,5th April 2015

Khatron Ke Khiladi Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns [KKK 6] is in the 9th week – Semifinale Week on Colors TV. Rohit speaks that all the stunts are performed under expert supervision with training and safety in place, and should not be tried. Rohit informs first stunt is with partners and the best one will win 5 pts, 2nd best -> 3pt: last one -> 0 pt. Each member of partner set will get 5 pt. Sana & Rashmi, Sagarika & Rakesh, Asha & Hussain are the Khiladis partner set. There will be 2 eliminations and finalists are going to be decided.

1st STUNT: Jeete Hain Shaan Se. Location: Airfield
The first partner controls the car in neutral gear and manage the steering while the second partner in another car push the first partner’s car from behind in order to climb it on the moving trawler. There is a platform attached to the trawler truck and the first car should enter the trawler with its four tyres passing the platform thereby completing the stunt. The first car can topple if its balance is not kept and the car’s driver should not panic. Rohit explains behind the design of stunt which is adapted from a car stunt [kidnapping sequence] in Ramesh Sippy’s movie Shaan.

* Sana & Rashami
Rashami & Sana have an argument before the stunt but it gets sorted. Rashami is the Khiladi with the second car. Rashami pushes Sana’s car and keeps good control. The trawler is moving but Sana’s car manages to enter the trawler after one of its left tyres climbing the platform’s rod. They complete the stunt. Rashami after the stunt talks about the argument happened due to stress and showers hug to each other.

* Sagarika & Rakesh
Sagarika speaks of having fear and pressure due to partner stunt. Rakesh maintains good speed and she makes a smooth entry inside the trawler.

* Hussain & Asha
Asha doesn’t know driving much and carries some fear before the stunt. Hussain’s drives well and makes sure Asha’s car enters the trawler but it so happens that his car couldn’t enter the trawler after hitting the platform ramp.

Result: Rohit speaks that his stunt team team took more time in rehearsals than the Khildadis performance and calls it madness. Sana & Rashami: 58 seconds [0 pts], Sagarika & Rakesh: 45 seconds [3 pts], Hussain & Asha: 44 seconds [5 pts].

Score Tally of this week: Rashami: 0; Sagarika: 3; Rakesh: 3; Hussain: 7;  Asha: 5;  Ashish: 2: Nandish: 2 , Iqbal: 0

2nd STUNT: Gehri Chaal [since water is deep (Gehri in Hindi) ]. Location: Maritime training centre

Ashish, Nandish & Iqbal will be doing the stunt individially. Some Fun banter with Hussain doing the mimicry of Iqbal, and shows how Iqbal talks with other contestants which looks like correcting, and takes help of Nandish. Khiladis speak of missing family, kids. Rohit gives Ashish a big surprise by having him a video chat with his wife and little son.  He feels happy to see them.

The contestant needs to dive in the swimming pool which is deep, and need to collect 12 flags from 4 buoys with each buoy having 3 flags. The flags are attached to the string of the buoy with different spacing inside water. The contestant need to collect first 3 flags from one buoy and swim to the pool’s end to hook it there. He has to repeat the procedure with remaining 3 buoys and the stunt time is 10 mins.

* Ashish
Ashish gets the flags from first buoy and hooks to the pool’s end. He takes breath on many occasions and completes his stunt after putting much efforts.  He terms it was not an easy stunt to perform.

* Iqbal
Iqbal on lighter note speaks of giving up just after diving down before the stunt, and informs on not being a good swimmer. Iqbal starts smiling initially during the stunt with the 1st buoy. He faces difficulties during the stunt but nevertheless manages to complete the stunt. Iqbal was smiling because he was pondering on what he was doing there and shares with Rohit bringing laughter.

* Nandish
Nandish quickly collects the 3 flags but looses one flag and moves on to hook them at pool’s end. He retrieves another fallen flag at the end. He completes his stunt, and showed better composure towards the end.

Result: Nandish: 11 flags in 8 min 6 seconds [3 pts]; Iqbal: 6 flags in 10 min [0 pts], Ashish: 12 flags in 5 mins 24 seconds [5 pts].

Score Tally to decide Elimination stunt contestants: Ashish: 7; Hussain: 7; Asha: 5; Nandish: 5, Rakesh: 3; Sagarika: 3; Sana: 2; Rashami: 0 : Iqbal: 0. Thus, Sana, Rashami and Iqbal will be participating in eliminations stunt.

Elimination STUNT: Chakravarty.  Location: Apollo Bricks. Best performer will be saved while the other 2 will be eliminated.
Sana shares her three memorable moments: electric shock aerial stunt; Dhoom Machale walking down from building stunt; special car (bull) stunt. Nandish doesn’t want to swap in place of Rashami who is on the brink of elimination.

The contestant will be inside a glass chamber which is hanging at some altitude and they need to have a grip by spreading their legs to the Chamber. He/she needs to hold on a rope while at the start need to open the chamber’s bottom by pulling another rope. They need to transfer 50 sticks and put them inside a box while they hold on there in the chamber which will be rotating. There will be water splash resulting in slippery and thus holding on to grip with legs and hands while transferring the sticks is going to be tested. After transferring them, they need to loose the rope to dive in the water thereby completing the stunt. As slipping chances are more due to water thus the stunt is named Chakravarty [Chakra: circle, varty in marathi is top]. Meiyang decides the ordering and chooses Sana as the first, Rashami as second, and Iqbal to be the last one.

* Sana
She starts her stunt and starts transferring the sticks using one hand, and her other hand gets entangled while holding the rope. Soon, she feels slippery and slips down to fall in water. After the stunt, she speaks of slipping down right from the start and thus difficult to stay in chamber.

* Rashami
She starts transferring the sticks but after a while slips down to make a dive in water.

* Iqbal
Iqbal keeps firm grip on the chamber and quickly transfers the sticks but close to the end slips to dive in water.

Semi-Finale Elimination Result: Sana and Rashami are eliminated, and Iqbal becomes the finalist. Sana: 31 sticks, 2 min 19 seconds, Rashami: 20 sticks, 1 min 24 second. Iqbal: 48 sticks (missed 2), 2 min 57 seconds. Sana speaks of being happy to come until the semifinale stage and calls it amazing journey. Rashami wishes the girl to win this time unlike previous time when a boy won. Rohit compliments them on their courage and to have big heart in performing the stunt. He speaks of stuntman performing such stunts after years of training. Hussain’s car stunt with Asha where he was unable to make an entry into the trawler is the macho moment of semi-finale week.

Grand Finale Weekend – Next Week: 8 Finalists: Asha, Ashish, Hussain, Iqbal, Meiyang, Nandish, Rakesh, Sagarika. There will be helicopter stunt, car stunt which will be going to be much difficult than the previous weeks.  Comedian & Actor – Bharti Singh is going to give her performance and also dance performance from Khiladis. KKK 6 winner will be decided i.e., the trophy’s recipient.


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