Private Investigator 16th Episode 5th April 2015, MLA Case Mystery & Raffe confronts his dad’s bitter truth, Star Plus – Written Update

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Private Investigator Star Plus

Raffe looks at some old news of union minister death in plane crash and Anita cries while informing him that his dad is involved in those high-profile murders. She calls him a devil and remorseless man who runs the business of killing. She didn’t know about him 22 years ago and drifted to him because of his mysterious personality. Within 6 months then, she got married and learnt all only after 5 years. She was much scared and didn’t know anything and went to police but they were not believing and called her mad. She came home to find her husband admitting on murders and asks her to leave. She agreed to listen to him under compulsion, and one night she took help of her college friend Vijay in planning an escape. Vijay made a car blast to show she has died with Raffe. She got new identity and informs her name is Nivedita and Raffe’s actual name is Satya (truth). She wanted to say him since 15 years and could have lied that his dad is dead but decided to speak the truth. She is scared with the thought that his dad will come to take him as he had wanted a kid and marry for the same reason.

Raffe asks his mom why she didn’t tell him before. Both start crying and teary eyes and she suggests his dad is not a human and therefore Raffe should not even think of him. She asks Raffe to forget about him and on that note both share an emotional hug. Meanwhile, a little girl kid is chased by some goons and she runs after seeing them. She gets into Sonu’s auto where she encounters Raffe. She informs Raffe that those goons are murderers and she is a witness to the murder last night. Sonu doesn’t believe and Raffe learns that she doesn’t know who is murdered. Raffe takes the kid to Tiwari and he comically asks who is the person who got killed. She replies on not knowing. Tiwari puts more efforts and Raffe asks whether she knows the killer and she speaks of knowing if she goes infront of him but she doesn’t want to go. She closes her eyes when Raffe insists and utters Shiv ji. Raffe also learns that kid is an orphan and her parents died long back.

She holds Raffe’s hand tightly as they reach a parking place. She used to come there to sleep and her friend Satya used to open the car lock so they can sleep inside car. She informs Raffe that Shiv ji was shooting a man and there were 3 to 4 people with him. Raffe looks at the surrounding there and the killer’s goons who were earlier following the kid finds him there. Raffe finds a bullet shell (kartoos in hindi) and runs from the place with the kid. He comes there with the kid to meet Vijay who thought Raffe is still grappling with his dad’s truth. But that is not the case, Raffe speaks that the kid has seen the murder and thus a witness. Raffe gives Vijay the bullet shell while she looks at the food there (noodles). Vijay figures out the girl is in shock or trauma and asks Raffe to treat her with kid gloves. She watches the TV and soon recognizes the politician as Shiv ji and Raffe learns about it. Vijay speaks that its not a normal case but Raffe doesn’t want to keep quiet. Vijay infroms there is much danger and to be cautious is the need of the hour, and asks Raffe to act only after getting evidence.

Lucky and Raghav are also there helping Raffe who is not getting more info on the murderer. Vijay wants to know about Ganesh Lalvekar aka Shiv ji, and the ones getting max benefit with the killed person. Raffe calls Ramesh Chandra’s home who is a witness but doesn’t find him, and instead his son speaks that his dad is innocent while police is trying to make him a public witness. Raffe is puzzled since Ramesh is missing and not in police’s custody. Raffe informs Tiwari that the only witness Ramesh is missing. Tiwari talks about special protection and suggests he crime branch might have Ramesh. Raffe asks him again but Tiwari carries calm and relaxing nature and asks him to find out at court. The media reports about Ompal Bariya’s verdict which is going to be announced soon, and also the result going to have an affect on Ganesh Lalvekar, politician.  What will be judge’s decision since it affects big names ?

Meanwhile, Lucky takes care of the little kid who tells her to inform Raffe if she loves him and Lucky feels nervous. She then looks at TV news and Ompal seen in witness box. Shiv ji (Ganesh) and his men are also present in court.  The judge Mr. Reddy speaks there is not much evidence and Ompal is found innocent and therefore he is acquitted with respect. Shiv ji and his goons are happy with the result. Vijay & lucky are surprised at their end, while Ompal is greeted by Ganesh and his men. Soon after, Ganesh learns about Raffe being seen at the parking (murder scene) and he then orders his men to keep an eye on Raffe.  Vijay at his home talks to Raffe and reminds him that the first rule of Private Investigator is to not expose himself. Raffe thinks he is being referred as fool. Vijay reminds that Ganesh lalvekar can destroy him, and they cannot do anything till the police recovers the body. The little kid wants to eat Wada Pau and wants to go to Basti to eat it. She insists much and Lucky, Raffe and the kid take a family avataar during their visit to eat. Raffe wears a moustache to hide his look, and is still puzzled to not know who is murdered. The kid by chance discovers that Judge Reddy is actually murdered after she finds his photo on the paper which wrapped the Wada Pau.

Lucky informs Raffe that her dad Judge Venkatesh is a friend of Judge Reddy. Soon, both of them goes to meet him. Lucky’s dad informs that Reddy used to believe there was a nexus with mafia and policitican regarding Ompal case. He then speaks of not understanding why Reddy changed his verdict even when Ramesh – public witness didn’t change his statement. Raffe then informs to give clarity that the person who came as the judge to give verdict is actually lookalike of Judge Reddy. He reveals on how a kid has seen Judge Reddy’s murder and Ganesh Lalvekar did the murder. After killing the judge, Ganesh planted a duplicate and sent him to the court and that was his master plan. Lucky’s dad gets shocked to hear about his friend’s murder. Later, the kid is seen playing with Raghav at the park and soon she finds the lookalike of Judge reddy walking by and is surprised. Reddy’s lookalike comes with Lucky’s dad Venkatesh and both are on a walk and exercise. Venkatesh asks Reddy that his decision on Ompal was shocking. Reddy speaks that such instances happen in court cases since there are also changes.

Venkatesh shares an anecdote about his own judgement which he gave in 2001 on Parag malhotra, and Reddy just agrees with him on what he said. Raghav distracts Reddy and Raffe comes there to inject some sample in Reddy’s body. Later, Lucky’s dad Venkatesh continues to be puzzled since Reddy’s lookalike is exactly like him but admits that the lookalike just agreed to his fake story of Parag. Next, Raffe talks to Tiwari about DNA test and then goes to Judge Reddy’s home and discovers there that Reddy has been shot at some distance. Vijay calls Raffe that the real Reddy’s body is taken to the Mahim hospital while the lookalike Reddy’s body is taken somewhere to Chembur. He got those info since he is having a GPS tracker tracking both vehicles. It is now revealed that Raffe has actually inserted a GPS tracker mini chip in fake Reddy’s body though he isn’t aware it was GPS at that time.

Vijay guides Raffe who then reaches a place where Ganesh’s goons were taking fake Reddy’s body. The goons start shooting at police and also at Raffe. Raffe with his courage escapes the fire to reach the car and finds fake Reddy’s body. At the Mahim hospital, the doctor is seen with two bodies – Reddy and his lookalike one’s and confirms Reddy has been shot leading to death and Raffe finding shell at parking crime scene justifies it. Tiwari speaks to the media and gives credit to Raffe, a 21 year old Private Investigator for solving the case. His credit to Raffe is unlike his past when he used to give credit to himself. He asks the media to take interview of Raffe instead.

Raffe comes home to find media has arrived at his home and they ask Anita how does she feel that his son has solved the case. The media captures both of them on camera and their identity is revealed to all. A man receives a call that MLA Ganesh Lalvekar should be killed, and he will paid handsome amount which will be transferred in swiss account. The man turns out to be Raffe’s dad and after checking the news he finds Anita with Raffe and soon learns that Vijay played a hoax to make him believe that his wife & son are dead.

Private Investigator Star Plus

Next episode – Raffe confronts and fights with his estranged Dad:

Raffe’s dad comes to confront Vijay after tracing him down. He kidnaps Lucky and Raffe’s mom Anita.  Vijay gets into his counter attack mode. Lucky is compelled to shoot at Vijay by Raffe’s dad. Raffe is threatened that his mom will die soon. Vijay is injured at the shoulder with bullet shot while Anita is also hostage with him. There are some shooters coming in to tackle Raffe’s dad. Raffe is shocked with all the events happening there and gets worried about his mom Anita and Vijay.

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