Zindagi Wins 8th Episode 5th April 2015, Dr. Ishaan’s Fun Brunch Party, on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Ishaan wakes up after hearing sound of two boys fighting on the road. He finds a young teen Sachin who is his neighbour drinking beer and beating another guy in inebriated condition. Soon, he gets a text from Aaliya and is surprised. She asks him to not worry since Malvika will accept her friend request on social media. Ishaan replies it will be a No but she writes down in SMS that Malvika will say yes as it is no so hard. Aaliya later at Life Beat hospital finds a patient Drashti smoking and she reminds her about surgery which will happen soon. Drashti speaks that cigarette is her best friend and she used to spend 14 hrs at work. Now, she has got ovarian cancer instead of having lung problems, and thus dejected. Aaliya gives her support and asks whether she wants to invite someone from her family but she refuses. Aaliya speaks to herself about life’s confusion: we work to have a life or live to have work. Malvika checks her social profile and ponders on Aaliya’s friend request.

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Meanwhile, Ishaan at his home reminsces sharing nice moments he shared with Malvika  [Kuch Khaas Hain.. Paas Hain song plays…], and remembers their romance in kitchen with wheat flour. They share intense eyelocks, and Malvika pushes him away as he tries to come more close but in romantic manner. Ishaan’s mom Vandita comes and asks whether he is day dreaming about a girl and doesn’t want share about his girlfriend and other things in life. He doesn’t tell more and she tells him to look at kitchen and get all grocery items which aren’t there. He agrees for the same but she is still interested to know the girl’s name. He changes the topic and asks his mom to not make oily food for the brunch. He talks about Sachin but soon stops talking after getting Aaliya’s call. She informs him that malvika will accept her friend request and she is positive. He tells her to come on time for the brunch. Just then, Aaliya finds Malvika. Aaliya gets introduced to Dr. Jassi, visiting gynaecologist by Malvika. He greets Aaliya and speaks of getting bubbly vibes from her. Aaliya starts speaking that Punjabi is her favorite langauge as it is cute and he agrees.

Malvika informs Aaliya that Jassi will attend  Drashti. and takes excuse. Aaliya soon falls down because of a guy who introduces himself as Dr. Sahil. She quickly learns tnhat he is her friend Sarika’s younger brother. She informs that he cannot meet Dr. Sinha after finding him in casual style. She thinks Dr. Sinha will not hire him for internship if he finds him in that attire. To add more worry, Dr. Sinha comes there and Sahil gets excited but she makes effors to make sure he doesn’t meet him. She tells Sahil  to change his presentation and schedules his appointment with Dr. Sinha for tomorrow.  She gets worried to go for the brunch and meets Drashti who cries after seeing a mother taking care of the child, and laments on not able to conceive kids. Aaliya speaks of understanding her and is waiting to get her reports. Drashti asks Aaliya to go and have a happy sunday. Aaliya agrees and gets refreshen up and tells Mariyam (Mams) on few steps in taking care of the patients.

Aaliya learns she has forgotten her top but finds another dress and gets a call from Sarika. Sarika also invites her for the brunch but she excuses and talks about going to Ishaan’s brunch party. Aaliya informs Sarika that Sahil got the interview tomrrow with Dr. Sinha and reminds Sahil’s dressing sense as that of an Alien. Meanwhile, Ishaan’s neighbour Sachin gets in confrontatation at the beer shop and about to hit a man with beer bottle and Ishaan stops him. He asks Sachin what made him to carry the beer bottle in his attack. Sachin then asks Ishaan to call his father if he wants to do the same and confident that his dad will not listen. Aaliya at her end comes to Ishaan’s home and starts speaking to Ishaan’s mom Vandita that Ishaan likes his mom’s food. Both introduce each other and Aaliya calls herself as Ishaan’s best friend. She goes on to taste the food after getting floored with the smell. She calls Ishaan’s mom as the best cook. Aaliya is told to call her as Vandita Aunty and she happily agrees.

Aaliya speaks to her that during day she is a doctor and in night an independent bird. Vandita asks whether she can cook food and suggest Aaliya should be in politics since she can floor anyone with her talking. Aaliya thinks thats apt and wants to think. At the hospital, Malvika informs Drashti that oen ovary needs to be taken, and if needed both ovaries will be removed. Dr. Jassi motivates her and Malvika soon learns about the brunch at Ishaan’s place. Aaliya later learns that Malvika has accepted her friend request, and she thinks malvika will come to Ishaan’s home. She gets ecstatic and hugs Vandita’ aunty. She also does prayers asking for good luck charm as her patient is going for an important surgery. Jassi works with malvika for the surgery and informs her that both ovaries need to be removed. Later, Aaliya learns from Mariyam about Drashti’s surgery and also she cannot have a family. Aaliya tells Mariyam to break the protocol and call a family relative of Drashti citing emergency.

Sachin talks to Ishaan on having trouble in his life. Ishaan takes him along to his home. Mariyam calls Drashti’s sister who doesn’t want to come at the hospital since her sister didn’t call her. Mariyam is in a fix. Meanwhile, at Ishaan’s home, Vandita asks Sachin to share his feeling. He speaks of failing in Maths and wants to play cricket and has not interest in going to Harvard as his family keeps insisting. Ishaan suggests they will call Sachin’s parents there for the brunch to sort out the issue. Ishaan’s mom Vandita makes a comment that all the hospital can be invited as well which is actually a taunt. Aaliya gets an idea from Vandita’s comments and wants to invite hospital staff and believes Malvika will come once she gets to know of others being invited due to reverse psychology. Ishaan listens to her idea and asks her to keep fundas with herself.

Mariyam calls Aaliya to inform that Drashti’s sister is not interested to visit the hospital. Aaliya understands and then calls Mariyam to come at Ishaan’s place for brunch and asks her to tell Dr. Sinha to come along as well. She tells Mariyam that they will go to Drashti’s sister home later so as to convince. Sachin there speaks that his dad wil not come, and Aaliya comes up with an imaginary story of fire at home and sure it will work and Sachin’s parents will definitely come. Aaliya speaks a lie for good reasons is fine. She also get the address of Drashti’s sister and learns it is close to Ishaan’s home and reaches Drashti’s sister home. She informs her on Drashti being in her hospital, and the sister informs Aaliya that Drashti didn’t have contact since last 4 years. Aaliya understands that Drashti is wrong but now she is going through surgery. Drashti’s sister also learns about her surgery already completed.

At Ishaan’s home, Sachin’s parents Mr & Mrs. Joshi. come there and they understand it was lie about fire and Sachin being hurt. Ishaan takes the responsibility and wants 5 minutes to put forward some points. He asks Sachin when he has seen his dad’s happiness. Sachin replies 2 years back when his dad got promoted and receieved a car from company. His mom was happy last year when cousin’s company takeover happened. He saw his mom sad as her friend was not returning money, and saw dad unhappy  with his mutual fund money and got tension. Ishaan turns to Sachin’s dad and asks questions about him. He asks what Sachin has done in last 2 years. He starts speaking on how Sachin got less marks in exams. Ishaan interrupts him and asks whether he knows about Sachin’s personal life  – top score in zonal cricket, played cricket for the college for the first time, failed in Maths, practice with Mumbai cricket team.

Ishaan reminds his parents that they aren’t aware of their 15 to 16 year old son and doesn’t have any idea on what’s going on. They agree that what Ishaan is saying right and understantd they have failed in parenting while their own only failed in an exam. Sachin and his family share an emotional hug after reconciling their issues and shortcomings. Malvika at the hospital learns Dr. Sinha & Mariyam are going to the brunch at Ishaan’s place. She thinks only she wasn’t invited. Meanwhile, Aaliya comes with extra food at Ishaan’s home as many more people are coming. She is glad to have Sachin, her own problem and hopes Ishaan’s problem get solved soon. Aaliya talks about how sometimes we are overconfident with our own, and think they will not leave us. Drashti’s sister Srishti meets her at the hospital which makes Drashti relieved.

Aaliya speaks her dad’s words  – Its better to be late than never. She speaks of not having mom and she had left her 15 years back but learnt all things from her mom and didn’t learn cooking. She shares them with Ishaan’s mom Vandita, and goes to Ishaan’s room without knocking the door. She talks about no formalities when he reminds her about entry. He then informs that she is looking cute but looks strange. He asks whether Malviika has arrived. She speaks of being confident and on that note he hugs her while offers gratitude. He calls her as buddy, and speaks of true friends.  She gets emotional and overwhemeed. She leaves him but look from some distance. Soon, Dr. Sinha comes with Mariyam and speaks how about arranging brunch every sunday. Aaliya speaks of having brunch alternate sundays as they might be busy to have every week. She calls Ishaan, and he informs that her idea is going to be a flop. She speaks of her idea will work and also she is senstive about it.

The door bell rings and Ishaan finds Malvika at the door step and gets surprised. Malvika carries smile on her face after looking at Ishaan and Aaliya sends him a message that her plan worked and she proved herself right again. Malvika speaks of coming there though not invited since she wanted to meet his mom and moreover she wasn’t busy. Malvika greets Ishaan’s mom and Ishaan informs her on being glad to see her. Aaliya speaks to herself that Sunday is like salt and Hats off to Sunday since no sunday no life. She speaks at the end of the day families remain with us when we leave, and no job or work will be there. She terms family as the sunday of life.

Some Info on Cast:

* Ishaan’s mom Vandita is portrayed by actress Kamalika Guha
– She worked in the role of Gayatri Jamnadas Virani in Star Plus’ show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi [2000-2008]

Episode Video:
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/Zi7qSolVq74]


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