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Karan Patel - host of Gumrah 5

Karan Patel (the host) speaks about Best friends Forever and talks more that you choose friends unlike your family. What happens when you deceit your friend. The story of Lisa David and Mona Singh is set in 2010. The day is 9th October’10, 11:30 PM. Lisa David was last seen in an car cellar and has been missing since 4 days. The police looks at the CCTV footage of the cellar where Lisa was last seen. Mona is also there and checks it alongwith her boyfriend Vidyut Khanna. Lisa is a young talented and beautiful girl but suddenly she disappeared and this gave Mona a big shock. The CCTV footage showed that she went in the car by her own will. Mona speaks to police inspector about Lisa and their past moments.

The story moves back by 4 months to show how Lisa disappeared suddenly. Mona and Lisa are going in a taxi and have good bonding and moreover Lisa shows much affection to her. Soon, both reach home and Lisa’s BF Vidyut comes there with Champagne and they all drink. Mona talks about tattoo and soon realizes they are getting cozy so leaves them. After a while, Vidyut get messages and seen in restroom. Lisa waits for him and gets anxious and once he comes out asks whether he was getting messages from airhostess. Vidyut works with Airlines. He downplays her inquiries and he asked why he deleted the messages. He suggests she is becoming detective and she asks him to not leave her in emotional note. Next morning, Vidyut leaves for his work after greeting Lisa.

Lisa talks to Mona at home on having strong feeling that Vidyut is cheating. She asks Mona to read his messages from phone when he comes next time. Later, Mona goes to meet Vidyut at some flat and he speaks of missing her. Soon after, both share intimate moments. She asks him why he didn’t broke up with Lisa. He speaks of being afraid with Lisa’ behavior. She insists he needs to have a breakup otherwise they cannot have a relationship. He wants to call Lisa right now but Mona is surprised to see him calling her rightaway. He calls Lisa and speaks on having problem but soon confesses his love. Lisa gets relief to hear Vidyut’s words and tells him to come fast as she has planned Mona’s birthday. She also wants to buy a smartphone for Mona who is her life.

Mona at her end speaks of feeling disgusted to see his behavior, and wants them to get seperated. He thinks its is their loss if such thing happens. Meanwhile, Lisa comes home and calls Vidyut but couldn’t reach him and hears service messages in Hindi. Mona informs Vidyut that Lisa doesn’t have support from family and she banks on her much. She tells Vidyut it is practical for them to separate. Mona then tells him to be with Lisa since she needs him more than her. On other end, Lisa tries to understand why the service message in Hindi though Vidyut spoke of being in Bangalore (South India). She senses something amiss. Lisa comes to Vidyut’s appt and finds him with Mona on bed, and gets a big shock. The police inspector asks what happened next ? Mona speaks that Lisa has left her home after that revelation.

She met Lisa three months later at a cafeteria which is a month before her disappearance. Mona then found Lisa to be wearing specs, and apologizes for that day. Mona wants Lisa to come with her for lunch but she excuses herself after attending a call from a guy. The day is 13th October 2010, 5:50 PM, the police inspector wants them to leave and asks them to contact him if they get any leads/info. Mona goes out with Vidyut and is angry since Lisa is missing and doesn’t want to listen to him.

Karan (the host) speaks that Lisa’s call records revealed that most calls she received were from Chemistry Lab. It is yet to be known who was the person making those calls.

Mona comes to Chemisry labs after call records info. She learns that a student Yaduveer Singh, and Lisa David used to come to the chemistry lab in evenings and they had permission from the professor. Mona goes on to meet Yaduveer Singh who was at the bar. She asks him where is Lisa. He speaks of not knowing Lisa, and Mona reminds about the chemistry lab. He informs that Lisa was in a relationship with someone else Prof. Mitra and he has seen her in the lab sharing intimate moments with Prof. He also informs Mona that Mitra didn’t came to the department from the time Lisa is missing. The day is 14th October, 8: 10 PM.  Mona at her home wants to figure about Lisa and Vidyut asks her to relax since police is doing their work. Soon, she gets a call from police that Lisa’s body is found.  Mona cries to see Lisa’s dead body and gets support from Vidyut. Later, Mona prays at the graveyard and remininses the past moments she shared with Lisa. She vows to find Lisa’s killer.

Karan (the host) speaks that Lisa’s autopsy report revealed she was pregnant at the time of death. Additionally, Prof. Mitra came out in open after hearing Lisa’s death.

Prof. Mitra surrenders to police for questioning and speaks of coming back once he learnt about the murder. Later, Mona meets the police, and he informs that Prof Mitra is not the father as DNA reports say the same. Mona hits out at Mitra there and vents out her anger. Mona comes home and speaks of feeling helpless and suggests Lisa could have abortion. Vidyut suggests they can go out for one week so that she can have a break. She agrees and starts looking online for some leads. Next morning, 17th October 2010, 11:15 am. She asks Vidyut whether he really loves her. He replies on loving her, and she then asks whether he wants this marriage. Sooner then, the police inspector arrives there and asks Mona what new info she has got. She speaks of knowing who is the father of Lisa’s child and refers Vidyut as the father. She speaks of knowing that truth after she got access to Lisa’s social media account and used the password ‘Monalisa’.

In Lisa’s profile, she found the message from Lisa informing Vidyut that she is pregnant with his child. Mona then hits out at Vidyut, and the police inspector threatens Vidyut to say what all he did. Vidyut talks on how he met Lisa after having online chats at the cafe. Lisa disclosed to him about her affair with Prof. Mitra. They chatted online more and she told him about getting physical abuse from Mitra who used to beat her. He went to her home one day and gave support and she was seen with some bruises and carried teary eyes. Soon after that day, they became intimate. Vidyut speaks on having On/Off relationship with Lisa since then. His engagement with Mona was fixed and around that time he learnt about Lisa’s pregnancy. He wasn’t sure whose child she was having. On the engagement day, he receieved a call from Lisa and he thought she is taking revenge against him. He told her to abort the child but she didn’t listen. He soon finds Lisa at his engagement scene, and Lisa goes on to greet Mona and Vidyut.

Vidyut gets much nervous and soon he meets Lisa covertly and she informs the child is theirs. He asks her to not come between his and Mona’s life, and she needs to be normal. He asks her to go at the cellar as he will be coming. Lisa waits for him anxioulsy and soon he comes in his car and takes her along. He stops the car at some distance away and both confront each other in the night. She speaks of not aborting the baby and talks about loving him and wants to marry. He informs on loving Mona and soon punches hard leading to her fall and death. He disposes the body at a nearby place. Vidyut speaks to police inspector that Lisa was much adamant and he didn’t have any option. Mona reminds him that he killed Lisa, and soon he gets arrested for his crime. Later, Mona prays at the graveyard for Lisa. Lisa & Mona’s story ends on that note.

Karan speaks that you are responsible for your actions. It is found out after study that 38 % of criminals inflicting harm to women are either husbands or boyfriends (BFs) of those women which is shocking. He speaks on sharing the truth even if it is bitter and reminds that if Mona spoke the truth about her relationship then Lisa would have not faced her fate in such a way.

Some Info On Cast:

* Mona is portrayed by actress Aaradhya
– Aaradhya portrayed the role of Deeksha in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 56 aired on 8th August 2014, and worked opposite actor Rohan Shah [currently playing role of Agam in IKNMP].
– Follow the tag Aaradhya actress to read articles written on episodes where she had worked.

* Vidyut is portrayed by actor Sagar Shetty
– Sagar portrayed the role of Chirag, love interest of Shakti in Channel V’s show Friends: Conditions Apply.


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