Zindagi Wins 9th Episode 11th April 2015, Aaliya’s Moral Dilemma, on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Aaliya is told at home by Sarika that her brother Dr. Sahil is ready to go to Life Beat hospital. Sahil is then seen attending the interview with Dr. Sinha who informs him of passing the technicals. Dr. Sinha wants to ask a question on personal front and asks why he decided to become a doctor. Sahil speaks of wanting to be a superhero in childhood but then learnt that doctors are real superheroes. He informs to Dr. Sahil to start his internship and Aaliya is called there to assist him. Dr. Sinha remembers on seeing Sahil before but Aaliya manages to evade it. She knows well on how Sahil acted cool and also wear trendy clothes when he came last time and wanted to meet Dr. Sinha upfront. Ishaan at his end is seen at the cafeteria and gets intercepted with Malvika and it was just coincidence. He meets Malvika and she speaks of feeling good to come at the brunch party at his home. He asks her to come anytime in candid way. Malvika talks about her thinking that after their break-up she thought he has moved on with Aaliya. Ishaan replies that Aaliya is only a special friend.

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Aaliya comes there at the cafeteria and signals Ishaan to listen to his heart and open-up more to Malvika. Ishaan then goes to Malvika and holds her hand and asks whether they can give a chance to their relationship. Before they can talk further, message is received by them about trauma case. There is a bomb blast in the city at three places and injured patients are brought to Life Beat hospital. The media reports from the hospital. Aaliya instructs Sahil to take the patients to emergency. Aaliya gets worried and the police constables comes with an inspector who has bullet injuries and got attacked by a terrorist. KD is also supervising the situation and informs Malvika and Sinha about Zayed – the terrorist being brought there for treatment. Aaliya attends the inspector patient and soon Malvika comes to the surgical room where he is being treated. He wants to say something but soon he breathes his last. Aaliya tries to revive him with shocks but in vain. Dr. Sinha at his end speaks that Zayed is critical and the police wants him to be alive as he has all the info regarding blasts.

The police wants to meet a Psychiatrist and soon meets Ishaan to know the info from Zayed using psychological means. Meanwhile, Mavika informs Aaliya to manage herself emotionally and reminds that inspector is dead. She then asks Aaliya to come with her as Zayed is also getting treatment. Aaliya doesn’t want to come and speaks of humanity and also about her medical studies. Malvika informs Aaliya that a doctor’s duty is to save patient’s live be it an inspector and a terrorist. She asks Aaliya to not get into emotions and if she can’t handle then she can leave. Aaliya leaves and Ishaan finds her leaving. There is an old man who is also injured with smal injury and comes to the hospital. He speaks of missing his wife who is beautiful, 4 feet tall, and the one wearing Gujarati saree. Mariyam speaks of knowing similar lady and takes the old man there. At Sahil’s end, he is not happy since the blast happened on the first day of his internship and shares it with Aaliya. The police constables come and asks Aaliya about the inspector.

She informs that the inspector has died and says sorry. The constables get teary eyed and want the terrorist to be alive so to take their revenge. The old man is unable to recognize his wife and Sahil is puzzled. Meanwhile, Ishaan finds Malvika nervous and she speaks about her job being to save the terrorist and opens-up on not wanting to do such a thing but has constraints. Ishaan goes to Aaliya and she informs him about how inspector has breathed his last. Aaliya speaks of 25 people died which includes 5 kids. Ishaan speaks of finding other bombs which they will get from Zayed. He also reminds the inspector has shot at Zayed’s leg instead of chest since he too wanted to get that info. She opens-up about being a soldier’s daughter and he suggests her to keep duty first before emotions and reminds it is her turn today.  The inspector’s wife looks at his body and pays homage with a salute and cries. She speaks of not feeling bad since her husband has given life for the country which was the purpose of his life.

Aaliya goes to her flashback of childhood when she greeted her father who was leaving on his army duty. She cries reminscing those moments. Ishaan is seen at the operation theatre where Zayed is taken and Malvika is glad with his presence. Soon after, Aaliya comes there and provides help to Malvika. Ishaan speaks to Zayed of not giving Anaesthesia during his treatment so to give him pain and informs him about people who died in the blast and their severe health condition. Zayed wants a cigarette and Ishaan then shares about a boy who was half burnt. Ishaan tells Zayed to disclose the locations of other bombs and tells him to revive the person dead within him and do something good for humanity atleast now. Aaliya speaks of cutting his leg with surgical knife and Malvika thinks Aaliya will do it.

Zayed speaks of not getting affected with their scare. Ishaan reminds him that he is alive unlike other people who lost their live. Meanwhile, Mariyam comes to Sahil and informs that old man has Alzheimer disease and thus forgets things as brain cells are dead. Ishaan comes out of surgical room and meets the police and asks them why Zayed has shot the inspector. He is puzzled with it and the police inspector speaks of checking some specific area. Ishaan comes back to operation room and asks Zayed why he shot at the inspector. He replies on not going to speak and talks on knowing his body will not get septic as shot in the leg. Ishaan asks Zayed about his family who soon gets into unconcscious state. Ishaan understood that Zayed got emotional about his family. Ishaan thinks the deceased inspector might know something about Zayed’s family. Sahil at his end meets the old man’s son who came there to take his father back. Sahil suggests to the son to not leave his dad alone since he has Alzheimer’s disease.

Aaliya gets a chit – PCO receipt from Mariyam and it is recovered when Inspector Gaikwad’s dead body was taken to post-mortem. Aaliya gives it to the inspector who calls the PCO and talks to Akram. Akram turns out to be Zayed’s brother and he was told his brother to stay away from CST market. Ishaan and police understands the bombs are placed near that location. Ishaan comes back and informs Zayed that Akram and his mother are being taken to Lala Market. Ishaan reminds him that people will know about his sacrifice in killing his own family in the blast. Zayed gets into panic mode and wants to speak with his brother Akram to clear his doubts. Aaliya calls the number and Akram speaks in shaky voice. Zayed asks Ishaan to evict his family from there. He opens-up and gives the location of bombs to them. Next, Ishaan informs Zayed that his brother and mom are fine, and he can have a Biryani before getting hanged. Aaliya gives him a tight slap and leaves.

Later, the media in news inform that the bomb locations are traced and Ishaan, Aaliya and Malvika are then complimented for their work. Moreover, the bomb squad has defused them. Ishaan hugs Malvika on that note. Malvika compliments Aaliya and Aaliya speaks of keeping in mind about duty first before emotions. Malvika asks Aaliya to not be sorry since she listens to her heart and thus no need to give justification. Aaliya thanks Malvika and gets happy to see her support. Mariyam  is seen giving water to Sahil who looks tired. She suggests to him that becoming doctor is not an easy thing and asks him to start doing things again. Aaliaya speaks to herself that there is no 100 % success in doctor’s profession but she wants to try and give 100 % in both personal and professional life.

Meanwhile, Malvika looks at her past photos with Ishaan and smiles with happiness. Aaliya watches Malvika smiling from outside the room and takes a pic on her mobile. Soon, Malvika receives a message and gets into angry mode. Aaliya goes to meet Ishaan and asks whether he received her message and he replies no. Malvika comes there and Aaliya learns on sending the message mistakenly to Malvika instead of him and gets worried. Malvika speaks to Ishaan & Aaliya on what message she received from her – ‘Aaliya saying to Ishaan that Malvika has drifted and swayed to become emotional in her relationship [Malvika ka emotion button On Hogaya in hindi]’. Malvika gets angry and thinks of getting trapped in a Aaliya-Ishaan’s plan. She speaks that her decision to dump a manipulative BF was right which is directed at Ishaan. Ishaan and Aaliya gets distraught on that note.

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