Gumrah Season 5 26th April 2015 Episode 6 – Kalyani’s Life lost due to lack of Trust, Communication, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] – Written Update

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Gumrah - Kalyani's story - Jasmine Avasia

Karan Patel (the host) speaks that long distance relationships are delicate since the distance can either increase love or diminish it further. The story is about two young people – Siddharth and Kalyani.  The story  starts on 21st June 2012 @ 12:30 PM in Jaipur. Siddharth Sood, age 21 comes to meet Kalyani at her home and looks happy but instead he meets Snehal Mehta, 21 yrs, the appt mate of Kalyani. He learns Kalyani is not at home and Snehal even informs Kalyani didn’t came back home last night.

Karan (the host) speaks that Kalyani Singhania, 21 yrs was doing hotel management course, and in a long distance relationship with Siddharth since three years and even their families were fine. He then raises the question of one-sided love ?

Vivek Paswan, 21 yrs is seen making a dish at the hotel management college where Kalyani has been a student.  Here, a young guy Jairaj is bullied. Snehal comes there and inquires about Kalyani. Siddharth informs them on Kalyani being missing since last 14 hours. Soon, the police comes there to begin inquiry. Karan (the host) speaks about Purbi Desai, the officer from police assigned to solve the crime case.

Purbi learns that Kalyani was attacked in the campus since the police finds a blood-stained handkerchief nearby in the garbage dump. Snehal recollects Kalyani speaking about Sid going to kill her and informs Purbi. Sid is interrogated and informs Purbi on his relationship with kalyani was going on smoothly since last three years. He presents the video where Kalyani is shown expressing her love and affection to him. However, Snehal’s presents another story and informs Kalyani was angry with Sid and she thought he was cheating on her. Sid rejects those charges on cheating and Purbi asks about his response to Kalyani. The flashback scene [FB] shows Kalyani warning him on finding another guy if he continues to spend time on social networks and go on with candid conversations and pics with girls.

On that note, he first informs the girl to be his classmate and then threatens her. Purbhi shows him another footage the one he was seen fighting with Kalyani at a restaurant. He reminds that the footage is one week before his scheduled engagement. In flashback scene, he calls Kalyani to learn she is drunk. She is seen at a party scene and has drunk much and replies angrily to him and makes it clear on not needing his permission. She also tells him to not call her again as it is over between them. But he continues to maintain relationship and even prepares for their engagement and inform the same to her. He lives in Delhi and came to Jaipur to meet her in convincing about engagement. They meet at a restaurant where he speaks of coming to solve problems. Moreover, he suggests nothing will be affected with their engagement.

When she asks about needs, he asks whether she slept with someone. She reminds him on talking of emotional needs, companionship and gets angry with him to think and ask such questions. She later informs him of taking a break for some considerable time. After a while, he hasn’t seen her again and he learnt about her disappearance. Kalyani’s parents come to the police station where Sid is interrogated, and her mom starts beating him. She opens-up on learning from Kalyani that she is not interested to marry Sid as he put accusations. But at that time, she compelled Kalyani to agree for the marriage and wanted her to resolve the problems as engagement will happen soon. Next, Sid’s parents came there with lawyer and secure his release. Snehal goes to meet Snehal asking for help.

Karan (the host) speaks that trust and communication are the essential elements in a long distance relationship of love. He further adds that according to studies around 40 % of such relationships lands in break-up.

Purbhi figures out the Kalyani is murdered since 24 hours has passed since she went missing. She wants to find out Kalyani’s body. Purbi meets Kalyani’s colleagues and interrogates them. She meets the guy Jairaj who is bullied and he shares his story of having a Dhaba run by his dad. She asks him about Kalyani. He speaks of being friend with her. The FB scene shows Kalyani apologizing to him after speaking in angry mode earlier. She offered friendship and he acceped it to become friends.  Purbi asks about Kalyani and Vivek’s relationship. He reminds on seeing the fight between Vivek and Kalyani some three months ago at their college. The FB scene shows Vivek threatening her since he wants placement job.

Purbi then interrogates Vivek. Purbi informs his assistant to keep an eye on all there. Snehal discloses to Purbi that Kalyani might have relationsip with some other person. The FB shows Kalyani speaking about true love but then suggest of not liking Sid in comparison to someone else. Sid speaks that Kalyani had 2 phones and reminds that Vivek was also seen at the restaurant when he met her. Purbhi checks the CCTV records and finds that at 11:55 pm it was dark. She learns that there was 4th person and wonders how Kalyani left at 12:05 am out from the building. Purbi wants to trace kalyani’s phones next. Karan (the host) speaks about mobile phones having IMEI number and it is important since police can trace you.

Later, in the night Purbi gets to know the answer about Kalyani. She informs Kalyani’s parents that she didn’t went out that night. Purbi shows the Kalyani’s dead body in a freezer in store room and forensic team will take it out for further clues.  She speaks the one who was having an affair with kalyani since 1 year is the killer. Jairaj was running and he is brought. He opens up on his crime and the FB scene shows Jairaj giving support to Kalyani. He shared drink at the party scene at that time when she got call from Sid. He spoke to her on making her much happy than Sid. She developed a relationship  with him [Bheeg loo song plays] and even provided him a phone so they talk and  informs that their relationship is a secret.

Kalyani comes in the night from the restaurant and meets Jairaj and informs him of going to marry Sid since she doesn’t want to go against family and society. Thus, she wants to end the relationship with him. He replies they are couple and she reminds him on not being a couple and suggests they belong to different class. She makes a taunt that he doesn’t have the status of Sid and also at his family Dhaba. She demeans him further by calling down market and mere lab assistant. He slaps her and then stabs her multiiple times in fit of rage leading to her death. During confession to police, he speaks of receiving taunts from her and due to his madness killed her.

After murder, he found Vivek working so he decided to keep her body in the store room. He swiched off the power and then use her thumb to show she left the place. Purbi reminds of catching him after finding blood marks at the entry/exit point, and he also used the phone which Kalyani gave him. She arrests Jairaj for the murder.

Signing off: Karan speaks that love is a delicate emotion. Jairaj was upset not because of other’s taunts but because of the insults meted out at him by Kalyani. He also mentions, a relationship that is casual for you, might be serious for the other person. He signs off by saying we should not give anyone fake hopes in love..

Some Info on Cast:
* Kalyani is portrayed by actress & model Jasmine Avasia
– Jasmine is also dancer. Worked in MTV’s Splitsvilla 5, Life Ok’s Tumhari Paakhi and recently in Sony TV’s Bhawar.
– Portrayed the role of Soha in MTV India’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. Worked recently in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Emotional Atyachaar Season 5, and also in Zing TV’s PTKK.  Follow the tag Jasmine Avasia actress to read articles on episodes with her.
– Jasmine’s Twitter page.

* Kalyani’s BF is portrayed by actor Karan Singhmar
– Worked in Bindass’ Love by Chance in the role of Veer, in Episode 34 aired on 17th January 2015.
– Follow the tag – Karan Singhmar actor to read episode articles with him.

Karan’s Message:
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