Emotional Atyachaar 5 1st May 2015 Episode 6, Cheater Not Too Far As It Seems, with Pravesh Rana on Bindass TV – Promo

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Pravesh Rana - Emotional Atyachaar

The story is about Dhvanil and Shirin. Shirin is Dhvanil’s girlfriend and they didn’t have problems in their relationship until he encounted a problem at hand. He found that in semi-conscious state, Shirin is asking someone to leave her otherwise her BF Dhvanil will come and catch him straightaway. Dhvanil gets a doubt that she might be cheating on him and shares his suspicion with a friend, a girl. She thinks the cheater would be find at Shirin’s home. He decides to agree with her and makes a plan to take help of Shirin’s maid. He refuses to accept that Shirin has affair with either Jim or Chitram.

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The maid comes to give info to Dhvanil on what she overheard from Shirin,  the note – Sav Din Ek less kaam over which is also written in a book. He finds the note to  be intriguing and cryptic and wants to ascertain its connection with the cheating. He is then advised by his friend to enact a fake hotel murder so to get clues leading to the conclusion, thereby the cheat and cheater will be exposed. He puts his plan into actions and succeeds in getting to know of Shirin’s affair but feels much hurt. This particular episode tagline is – Meri girlfriend ka boyfriend mere hi ghar mein. Stay tuned to Emotional Atyachaar this Friday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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