Zindagi Wins Episode 15 & 16, 2nd-3rd May 2015, Aaliya puts effort to unravel the kidney racket, Bindass TV – Promo

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Ishaan and Malvika have given a second chance to their relationship and love while Aaliya gets heart broken. Aaliya was about to confess her love to Ishaan but decides to not do so. She also thinks of never going to confess her love to Ishaan. Amidst this, Dr. Veer marked his entry at Lifebeat hospital and also in Aaliya’s life. With kidney trafficking racket coming to forefront with Datta coming back to lifebeat hospital with stomach pain and Dr. Mukherjee seems to be involved in it. Soon after, Aaliya learns  from Ishaan that Dr. Mukherjee is dead and gets shocked.

Aaliya comes to lifebeat hospital and finds Dr. Mukherjee dead in an office room. KD alongwith Ishaan are also there. KD thinks it as a case of suicide but Aaliya cannot believe such reasoning since the items at the table are spread over which suggests there was some fight and murder. Aaliya begins to investigate since for her finding the truth is important as it is her duty. She tries to find clues so that she can give a proof to Ishaan. She also tells Ishaan that the murder and trafficking things came to knowledge after the arrival of Dr. Veer and she thinks it as a pattern.

Next, Aaliya goes to search for some files at the hospital while Ishaan is taking a nap. Veer comes to know that she is on investigation trail and threatens her to stay away otherwise she might face dangers. He highlights by saying that she can get a plaster on her hand if she carries on with her activities. Nevertheless, she is unstoppable and continues with her investigation. Meanwhile, Veer tackles some persons involved in the racket and overpowers them. Later, he finds Ishaan at some place and gets surprised. Aaliya in her quest to unravel the racket lands herself in a problem and unable to convince the police about her intentions, and gets arrested by police. Who will bail out Aaliya from police – Ishaan or Veer ? How Aaliya going to uncover the mastermind – a doctor behind the kidney trafficking racket ? Stay tuned to Zindagi Wins this Saturday & Sunday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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