Ishani & RV find themselves at a pivotal crossroads after her truth on being alive comes to the fore


Ishani and RV

There is big turn in Ishani, RV and Shikhar’s life with her truth of being alive coming out in open to RV. RV meets an accident after running to get hold of Nirupa since he kept believe that she is the one involved in the murder of Falguni. The twist comes when he identifies Nirupa as Ishani. He gets treated at the hospital after going into critical condition with moments shared with Ishani providing him support in recovery. Later on, he meets Ishani face to face there, and asks why she hid herself after freed from the jail and has more questions. Ishani was bounded by circumstances; her decision to stay away for his happiness; and recent pressure from Amba.


Ishani doesn’t want to say more since truth is bitter and it roots back first to her sacrificial decision on accepting the Chirag’s murder charge, and recently her investigation on her mum Falguni’s murder. She suspects that someone close to RV is behind Falguni’s murder. Moreover, Ishani reminisces on what Baa said to her that she needs to marry Shikhar. Shikar at his end knew that Nirupa is Falguni’s daughter but didn’t know that Nirupa is actually Ishani – RV’s wife. Shikhar loves Nirupa [Ishani] much, and the truth about her gives him a shock.

Shikhar finds RV hugging Ishani [nirupa] at the hospital, and also RV looks at him. RV was earlier Love Guru for Shikhar on his love for Nirupa. But now, both RV and Shikhar are in a fix. All three are at the crossroads after landing in that peculiar circumstance. Both RV and Ishani love each other, and she even didn’t reciprocated to Shikhar’s feelings before. With Ritika’s responsibility playing out in RV’s mind, what will be his decision. Amidst all this, with Falguni’s murder investigation plot thickens would pave the way for new revelation presumably on Ritika’s role in the murder. The big question that arises, how RV copes with this situation and the future ahead, and whether he is ready to embrace Ishani or not. Shikhar not only loves Ishani but also supported her as a good friend. What will he do in this situation ?

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