Emotional Atyachaar 5 1st May 2015 Episode 6, Cheater Not Too Far As It Seems, with Pravesh Rana on Bindass TV – Written Update


Pravesh Rana - Emotional Atyachaar

Pravesh Rana (the host) speaks on how maintaining a good relationship is a tough job since you need to focus and manage your partner’s mental and emotional needs. Even after providing them you come to learn the partner is cheating then your life becomes miserable. In that scenario only friends can help you. Pravesh seaks on how you get a doubt on your partner after he/she says something which compels you to take note. Today’s story is of Dhwanil and how he emerge out after going through cheating.

Shirin and Dhwanil are seen together and he carries her to the bed since she is drunk and couldn’t walk. She tells him to leave since Dhvanil will come and catch them red-handed.


Studio: Dhwanil comes on the show and speaks of living in mumbai as he is pursuing MBA studies and comes from Ahmedabad. He used to live with Meenakshi, Chitro, Jim and Shirin. Moreover, got befriended with Shirin thanks to meenakshi. He was having Love at first sight feeling with Shirin. He proposed to her and they begin their relationship henceforth. She used to expect expensive gifts from him though he used to gift her often. Shirin used to drink a lot. He reminds the night when she drunk much and said something to him which puzzled him to the core.

Shirin is seen in an inebriated state during night and Dhwanil takes her to the room since she can’t walk. She thanks him for gifts and then suggests to him to leave since Dhwanil will come and catch them red-handed. Dhwanil gets a surprise shock and wonders on why she said such a thing. Next morning, he finds an expensive pendant with Shirin and asks her. She replies it is imitation jewellery which she possess it since many years. She  speaks to him about the goa trip since he has promised her for the anniversary. He speaks of having office trip and suggests they will go next month for which she agrees. He hesitates to ask her on what she said last night and soon decides to not ask.

He has a friend in Minakshi with whom he shares his doubts. She thinks that whoever Shirin was referring to should be from home. She thinks either Jim or Chitro be the one with whom Shirin could have an affair. She also advices him to talk with Lakshmi, the maid to utilize spying. He reminds to Minakshi about how she got cheated by 5 BF’s. She admits the last BF cheated her to find a maid, but she still asks him to investigate the matter.

Studio: Minakshi come there and is from Ambala, Punjab.  Minakshi admits on having 5 BF’s and and her affair didn’t go on well. She speaks about Jim who is a photograper, and comes with a new girl every week while Chitro is a blogger and doesn’t have interest in girls.

Jim takes Shirin’s pic and is awe of her pics and poses and thinks no editing is needed. Sooner then, Chitro comes and brings pizzas and drinks. Some moments later,  Mr. mehta – the appt landlord arrives there. Mehta speaks on not receiving the rent. Chitro offers him drinks but Mehta speaks of only interested in appt rent. Shirin steps in and informs Mehta on paying the rent amount by tomorrow. Mehta leaves with Shirin’s words. Chitro speaks of bringing pizzas since he got good views on his blog and received good money for the same.

Studio: Minakshi speaks on having doubt on Chitro as he is giving parties and spending money.

Dhwanil asks the maid, Lakshmi for some work but initially she thinks he is indirectly flirting with her and wants to come close. He clarifies on contacting her to get some info. She starts speaking of Jim’s GF’s. He informs her on wanting to know about Shirin when he is not around – with whom she talks, and so forth. Later, Dhwanil gets shocked to see Preetika – Jim’s GF coming out with him from the room.

Studio: Dhwanil finds Preetika’s slippers leaving footprints on the floor and he gets an idea.

Dhwanil applies the idea to check where does Shirin goes in the night when he is fast asleep. He paints her slippers and sleeps. He gets a dream on finding her with Chitro. He wakes up next morning and finds Shirin sleeping beside him. He finds the footprints and tries to know its end but Lakshmi didn’t allow him further. She informs him on having some news. She informs hearing Shirin speaking with someone on phone at 2 PM. Dhwanil is surprised to know she didn’t go to office. Lakshmi tells Dhwanil about Shirin’s dialogue – Sau Din Ek Less, Kaam over.

Studio: Minakshi suggests that Shirin’s dialogue looked like in 99 days she is planning a hotel murder.

Dhwanil decodes the sentence with some thinking as –  Saw the necklace, come over. Minakshi suggets Dhwanil to check Shirin’s phone to know with whom she is in contact and sending messages. Later on, Dhwanil finds Shirin getting ready and applying body lotion. In order to know the lock code of the phone, he sends a message. She sees it on her phone and leaves behind the lotion marks on the phone cover. She kisses him and thinks he is in a romantic mood to send messages while sitting just close to her. She offers him a hug and leaves. He unlocks the phone thanks to lotion’s impression and finds Chitro’s messages.

Studio: Minakshi speaks on getting doubts on Chitro since he was arranging party and having money. They want to know whether Chitro comes home early while they hide on the terrace.

Dhwanil was leaving to his office and stops since his dad arrives there. His dad finds a girl’s body wear and scolds him for living with girl and sharing appt. Soon, Jim comes there and informs Dhwanil’s dad about his sister staying with them and it is her dress. Dhwanil’s dad finds alcohol bottle there . Jim again puts the blame on his sister.

Studio: Dhwanil notice the drink found in his room is only taken by Chitro and Jim. Secondly, Jim has office at that time so how come he is there and thus gets confused between Jim and Chitro.

Later on, Lakshmi informs Dhwanil of new message she got – Special Gift, Tum Maro, Ek Thi. Dhwanil and Minakshi find the same note in Shirin’s book. Dhwanil decodes it again and speaks – Its tomorrow, and wonders what is Ek thi. He then gets the full text – Special gift, tomorrow @ 3. He wonders for whom ? Shirin, Dhwanil and all are watching EA 5. Shirin sends a message to Chitro and both smiles looking at each other. Dhwanil notices them exchanging messages, and signals Minakshi. Dhwanil asks Shirin to whom was she sending messages and she replies no one. Chitro leaves and soon Shirin leaves.

Dhwanil goes to find Shirin with Chitro in the kitchen and learns they were preparing cake for Jim’s birthday and giving suprise. She asks where is his phone since she sent him messages. They celebreate Jim’s birthday by cutting the cake. Jim shares with them of going to Goa with a girl where he will get a special gift. Jim thinks Chitro’s special guest is coming tomorrow. Shirin informs Dhwanil on her wish to see her mom in Pune, and he gives the approval.

Studio: Minakshi and Dhwanil speak on hiding behind the curtains after Jim, Chitro and Shirin left. He also postponed his flight ticket since he wanted to know what is going to happen @ 3pm.

Chitro comes into the appt and both Dhwanil and Minakshi follows him and overhears his conversation with a girl. They think the girl to be Shirin and soon finds him chatting with a girl on a dating website. He informs on paying a dollar for 5 mins and they interrupted his talk. Dhwanil informs him on Shirin’s cheating and soon they hide under the bed after hearing someone coming. Shirin comes inside and changes her dress to a gown. Dhwanil, Minakshi and Chitro catch Shirin red-handed with Mehta – the landlord.

Dhwanil pushes Mehta and then shouts at Shirin on her cheating and asks what wrong he did. He admits on not giving expensive gifts and diamond pendant. Shirin replies on expecting a lot and also reminds him that he cannot afford even a Goa trip. He speaks of not being poor and instead saving money for the engagement ring. She talks on deserving better in her life. Minkashi steps in and slaps Shirin and laments on why she introduced her to Dhwanil. She informs Shirin on her wrong. Dhwanil asks Shirin to find new accommodation and speaks of going on office trip for a month. He also informed her that she only valued money. The story ends on that note.

Studio: Dhwanil cries after feeling much hurt since Shirin only valued money. Pravesh tells him to move on and live life with positivity. Minakshi motivates him by speaking on finding another girl for him. Pravesh showers his wishes and thanks them for coming on his show.

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