Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 4 Episode 3 starring Charu Mehra & Harssh Rajput, 1st May 2015 on Zing TV – Written

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Harssh Rajput andCharu Mehra in PTKK

Smriti Kalra and Parth Samthaan, the hosts of PTKK 4 starts the show. She asks Parth on his love. Parth wonders and clarifies he will fall in love in future. Today’s story is about two college students – Tia & Raghav.

The story starts with Raghav seen at the canteen with friends and later attends an inter-college music event at his college. He finds Tia there and soon tried to speak with her. As noise was much, both go out and gets introduced to each other. They are from different colleges, and he speaks of playing guitar and shares about his economics studies while learns she is a fashion design student. He asks her for lunch and she readily agrees with him. They go out at eat Dosa at the roadside stall and he informs her of many people coming there as couple. He suggests she can think it as date or just meeting over dosa. He is interrupted by his friend Jignesh but sends him away.

Soon, both go to her home where he asks about her parents. He learns that her parents are divorced some ten yrs ago, and her mom lives away in Mumbai while she lives with her dad, who currently went on an assignment abroad. She didn’t shift to hostel as she prefers her own space and privacy. He eats the pasta she prepared and speaks that it feels that she even doesn’t know how to make tea. She talks about looks can be deceptive. He gets call from his dad and she learns he spoke a lie with his dad. He talks about his dad keeping much hope and wants him to only focus on study, and not to keep friends. Next day, Raghav is seen studying a the library and receives a message from her asking him to meet [Suhane Khwab.. Hum Bi Bune…Ishq mein.. Tere Bina song plays].

They go on to eat Dosa together another time. After a while, both start to miss each other and exchange messages. Raghav some other time comes to her home after missing her a lot, in early morning hours. He thinks its not normal and agrees with her, and have fallen in love. He also speaks – If you really wish from heart then it will come to you. And soon goes on to confess love with I love you message. Both confess love to each other and she showers a hug to him on that note. Soon after, they share intimate moments. Next morning, she asks him to stay back and even makes a suggestion asking him to shift. He asks whether she is referring to live-in relationship. She speaks of them being couple but he opens-up on their parents, society and others. She speaks about her dad would being fine with her having BF.

She thinks his parents would not mind to know of his GF. Next day, she reiterates again on phone about the possibility of spending quality time together and convinces him to shift and removes his hesitation. He agrees to shift but upon one condition – she will always smile.

Hosts: Parth says the girls are smart. They speak on Raghav-Tia’s friendsip to be genuine which got translated into love. Parth suggests that love makes one selfish, and thus they can’t stay away from each other, and also made Raghav agree with Tia and took the step.

Raghav shifts to her home and they are sharing quiet candid & romantic moments. He learns that she wants to join designer course in Italy after graduation as her dad is on assignment there. He motivates her to go in future since things will be fine, and in the meantime he will work with his dad. Next morning, he asks her to not make him wake-up early on weekends for which she agrees but she takes him onboard for house cleaning. While cleaning, he speaks on getting trapped in love and soon gets a call from his mom. She asks when he is coming to see her, and also speaks with his dad. He ends the conversation with his dad in hurry and speaks a lie of going to class.

He then informs Tia that his dad will not understand them. Moreover, his dad will never accept him living wih his GF. She speaks of loving him and her intentions are not to distract him. She speaks of understanding what he feels and asks him to focus on study for her and his dad. He patiently listens and speaks of needing some time so that he can gather strength to inform his dad and on that note both hug each other. Next morning, he prepares the breakfast and she compliments him on cooking. She speaks of realizing that he is the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, Jignesh meets Raghav’s parents at college and they ask him about their son.  He hesitanty opens-up to reveal Raghav’s whereabouts. He also calls Raghav to inform the same and is sorry.

Soon, Raghav finds his dad at the doorstep. His dad scolds him and asks whether he didn’t have second thoughts before deciding to move in with a girl. He goes on to demean Tia for living with a boy, without marriage and speaks on culture. He informs Raghav there will be no college from now and instead he will support him in business. Additionally, informs Raghav to marry Mr. Saxena’s daughter and this is final word. [Mohabbat Yeh… Ho Jaye to.. song plays]. Tia gets dejected after Raghav being taken away by his dad and cries. Later on, she receives call from Raghav, who speaks of sometimes living for other’s happiness. She asks what about their happiness. He speaks of his dad orthodox nature and apologizes to her for his dad’s harsh words.

He also speaks of not leaving his dad since he cannot hurt him. She starts to cry and he then speaks of needing time to fix things. Raghav cries and gets support from his mom, who suggests he doesn’t love Tia otherwise he wouldn’t have been back at home. She asks him to think about Tia, who not only loves him but also keeps trust. She asks whether he will break Tia’s trust. She reminds him to do according to his happiness and doesn’t worry about his dad since she will see him. Raghav calls Tia and says sorry. He speaks of not taking stand earlier due to his fear of his dad but his mom make him realize on his wrong. He proposes marriage to her on phone. She begins to cry with his proposal and he assures her of speaking with his dad and asks her to get ready for marriage.

Hosts: Smriti asks why Raghav is going against his parents. Parth says about love and also points out that Raghav got timely support from his mom. While Tia has given Raghav unconditional love but he also heard and realize a girl’s perspective thanks to his mom who understood it well.

Later on, Raghav tries to sneak out of his home but fails since he is caught by his dad. He speaks to his dad on not going to break the trust of Tia. His dad threatens that if he goes then he will consider him as dead. Raghav speaks that he is not breaking their relationship since father-son relationship is written by God. Nevertheless, he decides to not leave his home for that night. Next morning, Tia waits for Raghav at college with Jignesh. He meets his dad in morning and informs him of leaving as he had given a promise and also there is matter of trust.  He informs his dad of going to build a new relationship and leaves from his home. Meanwhile, Tia awaits for Raghav at college and lost in her thoughts and reminisces on his words and their love.

Some moments later, she finds him there and gets glad. She shares her fear of thinking he might not come. He speaks of realizing his mistake and propose to her again for marriage and gets a yes answer from her [PTKK title song plays]. Both hug each other on that emotional and happy note.

Signing Off, Hosts: Parth talks about happy ending. He talks about how Raghav returned to Tia after leaving his dad. Smriti talks about the generation gap. He points out Raghav’s mom on her support and thinking which in turn realize him to accept his love for Tia.

Info On Cast:

* Raghav is portrayed by actor Harssh Rajput
– Harsh was born on January 5, 1988 in Gujarat. Debut with TV series Star Plus’s Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan [2006-2009]. Portrayed the role of Pundir.
– Worked in the role of Agni in Imagine TV’s Dharam Veer (2008). Portrayed the role of Ishaan in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq.
– Portrayed the role of Bittu – a mentally challenged boy in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK). Also, in PTKK 3, Episode 4 aired on 12th December 2014. Twitter page of Harssh

* Tia is portrayed by actress Charu Mehra
– Charu portrays the role of Purvi in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

Actor Harssh Rajput as Raghav

PTKK 4 - Harssh Rajput and Charu Mehra

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