Zindagi Wins Episode 15, 2nd May 2015, The Trio – Aaliya, Ishaan & Veer solve the kidney racket, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Aaliya solves Kidney racket

Aaliya speaks of her duty, responsibility which dictate that her patient’s health is of prime importance. Aaliya is seen with Sahil and Ishaan at the lifebeat hospital and comes there after she learnt of Dr. Mukherjee’s death. She comes to Mukherjee’s room and calls it as murder but KD suggests the case is of suicide. Aaliya speaks of Dr. Mukherjee’s involvement in the kidney racket case and had also seen him with Dr. Veer outside. She also points the blade found there has blood, and declines to accept the suicide note. KD manages to send her away, and she finds Dr. Sinha arriving there. Meanwhile, Sahil is in file storage room looking for file evidence. Aaliya speaks to Ishaan on being sure about Dr. Veer’s involvement since from the time he came there such events are taking place.

Sahil comes to inform that files are missing, which makes Aaliya and Ishaan to think on the killer or the mastermind been alert and keeping eye on them. Ishaan speaks of the need to have evidence to prove the guilty. Soon, he recieves call from Malvika who asks him about Mukherjee’s death. Later, Aaliya & Sahil come back home in the night and finds their home very clean. Sarika speaks of cleaning alongwith Veer, and even she had already cooked the food, and is happy.

Veer comes there and Aaliya gets in argument on house cleaning and suggests on why she should put efforts since the maid comes for 15 days in a month. But Veer takes upper hand, pulls her leg and leaves. Next morning, Aaliya comes to the hospital and tells Ishaan that Dr. Mukherjee can’t do suicide. She speaks of not able to sleep last night for a minute. On that note, he shares on having concern for her more than the case. Aaliya finds Dr. Sinha and feels bad for him as Mukherjee was his dear friend. Soon after, Ishaan agrees to come with Aaliya at the poly clininc since they will get evidence there. Ishaan gives her support by holding her hands and warmth. As they were just speaking, Malvika marks her entry in salwar kameez suit instead of her regular dress.

Aaliya is surprised and soon excuses herself from Ishaan-Malvika. Malvika brings Idli Sambar, which she has prepared to become his perfect GF. Ishaan is glad to see it but speaks of eating later as he needs to see patients. Malvika speaks of understanding him. As per the plan, Sahil and Aaliya are waiting for Ishaan to go to poly clinic and in the meantime finds Veer arriving at the hospital. Next, Veer comes inside lifebeat and calls Malvika as residence doctor but after Mariyam’s clarification of her being a full doctor, he takes his words back. Veer needs a doctor for emergency case – trauma, and asks Mariyam to inform him once she finds available doctor.

Aaliya, Ishaan and Sahil reach the poly clinic to find the storage room being burnt and there is chaos with people running out and even stopped by a man. Ishaan speaks of a plan is needed since files are burnt and to accomplish they need a fake and rich kidney patient.  Aaliya speaks of a fictitious name – Meera Desai for the rich girl, and they will plant spy cams to gather evidence at lifebeat. She tells Sahil to make sure Veer doesn’t know of their plan. Aaliya’s friend Sarika will be acting as Meera, the patient. Aaliya goes on to convince Sarika in taking part in the plan. Next step is the spy cams, Aaliya and Sahil plant them at lifebeat while Sarika arrives there as a patient. Aaliya keeps Sarika away from Veer’s eyes, and also takes help of her uncle. She suggests her uncle to make some noise on urgent kidney so that the person (or persons) involved will come to him. He talks with Mariyam on his situation – need of urgent kidney.

A ward boy comes and takes Aaliya’s uncle away on the pretext of arranging kidney in quick time. Sahil keeps a watch on the ward boy & uncle, and was about to get attacked by a goon but Ishaan saves him. The wardboy and goon escape and this led to Ishaan thinking to call police. Aaliya suggests that as per the ward boy’s initial words the one involved in the racket will be coming to poly clinic. Ishaan calms her down and even takes a promise she will listen and get his approval before doing anything. Moreover, tells Sahil to go home and no more investigation. He wants to talk with police and also one of his friends has joined nearby police station.

Aaliya changes her get-up and wears a hoodie and eye shades to keep a tab on the ward boy but instead lands herself in a trouble with the wardboy putting accusation on her of involvement in kidney scam. Aaliya is arrested and taken away by a police lady, and her appeals on being a dutiful doctor has fallen on deaf ears. Later on, Aaliya gets a bail and also gets surprised to see Veer securing her release. Aaliya thanks him but not with fervor and even will not say sorry. She is then stopped by Veer, who asks her to come with him to the poly clinic to solve the case, or he will drag her there, the choice is her’s. He will not let her go to Ishaan, and also reminds on how he wasted his time of securing her release, and the same time he would have given for his patient.

She gets into Veer’s car to find the ward boy being tied down and also injured. The ward boy reveals that Meera Desai (Sarika) is being shifted to poly clinic for kidney removal as part of the scam. He made her arrest for the same reason. He doesn’t know the the mastermind involved but gives a hint of that person wearing blue shoes always. Soon, Aaliya arrives at the poly clinic to find Ishaan and Sahil in their get-ups. Sahil wears the get-up of a lady. Ishaan holds Aaliya and puts the eye shade on her for matching each other’s persona. Aaliya goes to the OT where Sarika is going to be brought but finds a man and woman, the ones acting as doctors coming forward to get hold of her. They are part of the scam and Aaliya soon gets saved thanks to Veer. The lady, part of the racket is made to eat sweets to make her asleep. Ishaan & Aaliya are next seen in OT with Sarika as the patient, in surgeon’s clothes and face mask.

They find a doctor arriving in OT, and soon Aaliya discovers him to be Dr. Sinha. He speaks of coming there for emergency kidney operation as he was being informed. Ishaan speaks of kidney racket and Mukherjee’s murder are interconnected. Aaliya asks Sarika to leave to home as her participation is not needed anymore. Some moments later, Aaliya figures out that Dr. Sinha is the culprit after reminiscing of the ward boy’s words – blue shoes; follow-up patients being sent to poly clinic; he was on-duty doctor during Mukherjee’s murder time. Aaliya speaks on how the ward boy has been caught by Veer and informs Dr. Sinha that his blue shoes has brought his downfall, and he couldn’t give a deceit. Dr. Sinha opens-up by reminding all files are burnt so they cannot get the evidence against him. Ishaan is in shock with Dr. Sinha’s role of being the mastermind. Dr. Sinha speaks of loving money and suggests they could also make money but instead preferred righteous path.

Sinha calls himself not only the richest doctor in town but also the busiest, and knows everyone in lifebeat is going to trust him. He warns them of police coming to arrest them on the charge of mukherjee’s murder and role in kidney racket. He suggests Ishaan is a fool like Aaliya but is mistaken since Ishaan has done his preparations.  Ishaan speaks of recording the OT conversation, and shows him the video cam. Aaliya speaks of remembering the oath of her medical duty and haven’t forgotten it. Dr. Sinha tries to move away but is stopped by Veer, who asks him to surrender to cops as he doesn’t have any choice. Later on, at lifebeat, KD thanks Aaliya for her efforts. Ishaan holds Aaliya’s hands and she looks at him earnestly on that note. Malvika observes them in that pose and excuses herself from the meeting. Ishaan goes to meet Malvika soon after, and speaks of only following Aaliya’s plan. She asks him why he didn’t share about his efforts  with her.

Meanwhile, Aaliya meets Veer, who suggests everyone is hiding something, right ? Veer speaks that medical service is a noble profession, and her trust shouldn’t go away after finding one bad person. She agrees with him and speaks no profession is bad and only some people are bad. She makes a remark on hating people who keep secrets and he hits back at her. She replies on not wanting to share her secrets with him. He threatens by twisting her hands to not touch his belongings otherwise she might need to wear plaster on her hands. Ishaan at his end finds himself in a fix when Malvika asks whether he trusts her more, or Aaliya. Ishaan seems to be at loss of words with Malvika’s googly. Aaliya also comes to find Ishaan in that particular situation with Malvika, and gets worried.

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