Zindagi Wins Episode 16, 3rd May 2015, Aaliya brings Malvika & Ishaan close with a surprise retro-style party, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Aaliya dreams a romantic sequence with Ishaan and also his love confession in a serene environment while she is awake. She realizes its a dream but speaks of knowing someone out there for her. She talks about how romantic dialogues in films gives hope to a girl like her and she is waiting for her prince charming and also with an ending – happily forever. She is happy with Ishaan choosing Malvika.  She then pours out her feelings by saying on having a brain injury so that atleast she can stop thinking about him for a minute.

Soon, she gets a call from Ishaan, who talks on Malvika being still upse. He thanks her and knows of not handling his GF Malvika, so now needs her help. Aaliya replies of being always there and ends the call. Veer comes and she reminds that he was eaves-dropping her. He speaks of being always there. She declines his invitation of going to the hospital together. But soon, she accepted his help and he points out that at first she didn’t wanted to take his help but then agreed. He tried to suggests she flipflops on thing. She replies on needing time.

Ishaan is seen at the hospital and overhears Malvika’s conversation with KD. Malvika is affected with Dr. Sinha’s involvement in the kidney racket and is told by KD that Veer going to be the new chief doctor. Malvika doesn’t wish to see Veer’s appointment but KD thinks of late she is affected and unable to take care of her. Ishaan comes there and interrupts their dialogue. He informs KD on first consulting senior doctors to take optinions but KD informs him on taking decisions which is Dr. Veer to be the new chief doctor. Ishaan reluctanly agrees – agree to disagree. Ishaan suggests KD to not involve in personal cases of others, speaking in context of Malvika. KD informs Veer to be the new standard chief until they find replacement for Dr. Sinha. Malvika is upset with that decision and leaves. Ishaan goes to pacify Malvika since she is upset with him as he didnt inform or involve in kidnapping racket but in vain.

Later on, Aaliya comes to meet Ishaan and speaks of an idea – to arrange an awesome party for Malvika. Moments later, they learn of a girl patient Nidhi’s being brought there at lifebeat after facing wild attack in the forest. Nidhi’s friends brought her there. Veer attends Nidhi and asks malvika to assist him in the elective surgery. Malvika was having other work but is compelled to listen to him. Next, during surgery, Veer asks Malvika to go and collect the blood. Aaliya steps in and wants to do that task and faces Malvika’s ire. Veer speaks of the protocol of OT which suggests you should be prepared to do anything. Veer then speaks of taking a decision to amputate Nidhi’s thumb.

Post the surgery, Aaliya meets Ishaan at the cafeteria. He is upset with Veer’s way of working and showers care to Aaliya by asking her to eat food. Veer later meets Nidhi and informs that she was brought from the forest by her friends. Aaliya is also there and speaks to Nidhi on her fast recovery. Veer cuts Aaliya’s encouragement and informs Nidhi that the recovery time is 3 to 4 months. He also reveals that her thumb is amputated and couldn’t save it. Nidhi cries and speaks of wanting to be a surgeon. Ishaan arrives there and tries to support her. Veer steps in and talks about teh solution – toe will replace the thumb, so that she can lead a normal life. Veer soon gets annoyed with Aaliya since she asks him to allow Ishaan to handle Nidhi’s case. He leaves, but soon meets Aaliya outside the room and speaks of saying the truth since by using the toe they are giving Nidhi a second chance.

Aaliya reminds that Nidhi is just 16 yrs and talks on the possibilities of her facing bully, taunts. Veer replies Ishaan will see to it and its not his work. Ishaan comes there and informs that Aaliya did research and work on finger re-attachment, and reminds Veer on not letting her speak. Ishaan also reminds Veer on not listening to patients, and informs that he has already convinced Nidhi for thumb replacement surgery. Soon after, Aaliya meets Malvika and apologizes for giving her problem in the OT. Malvika speaks of not believing her, and thinks she is still hiding something. After that talk, Nidhi’s surgery is about to happen. In OT, Veer informs on two surgical teams to be led by Malvika and himself. Aaliya comes with Nidhi’s parents consent form and tries to give him, but he at first doesn’t take it and then makes a taunt that she has become Dr. Ishaan’s assistant. Aaliya leaves from there and meets Sahil.

Aaliya shares with him on the reason behind arranging the party: she cannot see Ishaan upset because of whom she is also upset. Sahil speaks on her love for Ishaan which is not known to him, and soon finds Ishaan there, who asks what she just said. Veer at this end thanks Malvika after surgery and also gives the credit to her dad Dr. Bedi as she carries his genes. Malvika feels bit uncomfortable. Aaliya has organized the party with the theme of 70’s retro style. Malvika comes home and hears Ishaan’s words of not able to pluck stars since he is not an astronaut. He speaks of doing things the one she likes. He comes forward for the love confession and apologizes to her. He goes down on his knees to confess love with I love you. He reminds of unknowingly affecting her. He speaks of not breaking her trust and now wants to bring the smile back which went into coma for the last 2 days. On that note, Malvika gets emotional and hugs him, and gets teary eyed.

Soon after, she gets a suprise with Aaliya, KD and Sahil wishing her. Her best friend Neena also comes there. Malvika gets happy with the surprise party. KD suggests that the lifebeat’s lifebeats are back since Malvika’s smile is returned, and even Dr. Veer agreed to come for the party. Veer marks his entry henceforth. Ishaan plays the guitar and asks Malvika for a dance but Aaliya thinks she is being invited. Aaliya gets teary eyed while Ishaan and Malvika groove together and dance on 70’s dance style. Veer notices Aaliya having tears but still trying to have smile. Veer asks her for dance and even she agreeing he takes her for the dance. For the finishing move, Veer looks at her, but she looks uncomfortable. Ishaan notices Aaliya on not being happy. She goes to a corner and speaks to herself of being happy since Ishaan and Malvika have sorted out their differences.

Soon, she imagines Ishaan asking her how she danced with Veer and in angry mode. He also speaks of not liking someone else dance or touched her. She comes out of that dream to find Veer in front of her. She asks him to take permission first from her before pushing her into dance. He boasts of himself and suggests she danced without wanting to dance and asks about her good friend Ishaan. She warns him on not liking it and soon Ishaan comes there and takes her along. Ishaan speaks to malvika on rescuing Aaliya from Veer. She makes a taunt that he likes to attend others by leaving from her. He brings smile on her face by sending emoticons, apology via we chat messages. Next comes the dance on the floor with paper, KD takes Neena as his partner. Veer takes Aaliya since the duo were left alone.

Aaliya and malvika look at each other during their paper dance with respective partners. For the final step when paper is fully folded, Ishaan carries Malvika in his arms. Veer doesn’t replicate the same and instead evicts himself after deciding to not carry Aaliya, and makes a taunt on being dead if he had lifted her. After the dance, KD makes an announcement that Dr. Bedi going to be the new chief. Malvika gets surprised to hear her dad’s assignment at lifebeat. Aaliya gets happy to hear it. Later, Veer offers his help to drop Aaliya, and Ishaan also says the same. Aaliya agrees to take Veer’s help since they stay in the same home, so she is fine. Malvika asks Ishaan to not interfere in Aaliya life, but he replies that Veer is interfering in Aaliya’s life which he doesn’t like.

Aaliya is seen with Veer in his jeep and he speaks of offering lift otherwise she would have come between Malvika and Ishaan. Aaliya asks him about losing his chief position and suggests how one feels pain to loose something. She speaks to herself of being too far though close from Ishaan. However, she is glad since her inspiration, Dr. Bedi will be joining the lifebeat hospital. Aaliya asks Veer whether he thinks on not fitting well. Veer replies that a good doctor stands out instead of pits himself in. Aaliya opens-up and speaks on knowing he came there for some other reason. She asks whether she is right, and falls asleep before listening to his reply. As she slept, after reaching home, he takes her in his arms to drop in her room. He finds the army medal on her bed and reminsices her asking him about his reason. He speaks of coming there only for her.

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    nice episode. aliya n veer pair s nice. waiting for nxt episode

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