Arjun’s premeditated entry in Birdsong leads to his interplay with Samaira & Radhika’s Manmarzian

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Arjun has made entry into Samaira’s life and made impact by bringing initial twists & turns in her life. For instance, her decision to return to BirdSong since it is her own family business and her dad’s contribution is also there. Arjun has cast his impression on her with his offbeat persona and charm. Arjun’s words that she is important as a person much more than her work resonated with her, and his other phrases on life – Life is a game, Fire needs to be lit by becoming a spark, also connected with her. However, Samaira doesn’t know much more about Arjun’s personality and his intentions.

Arjun plans to enter Birdsong with a purpose and is determined to achieve what he set out for and even not worried to take risks. It is evident that Arjun’s past with Birdsong going to reflect in his present and future. Samaira has a good friend in Neil and she is ready to pour her heart out infront of him. He knows her well and also the pain that she feels. But of late, Samaira after her meetup with Arjun starts to reminisce about him. She is going to meet Arjun, and eventually he will be joining Birdsong in a top post of business operations head. Arjun has many shades – mysterious, deceptive, secretive but at the same time charming. What more she is going to learn from Arjun ?

Coming to current track, Samaira is upset with Radhika after she said sorry to her. Radhika has started her work at Birdsong and in her first days she became a victim of Samaira’s prank. She was told to make an Ad proposal for BPL underwears, and goes on to put diligent efforts but soon realizes about the prank. Radhika feels dejected but her determination is to soar high and fufill her dreams for which she came to Mumbai from Rishikesh. For now, she has the support of Piyali, who understands her situation and Samaira’s bullying nature. Radhika herself doesn’t believe in Tit for Tat behavior and moved on after the prank. Samaira had vowed earlier to create more troubles for Radhika and started with a prank, and thus the question is whether she is going to realize her mistake or not. What about Arjun’s entry at Birdsong and his story, and its effect on Radhika & Samaira’s Manmarzian ?


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