Zindagi Wins Episode 17, 9th May 2015, Ishaan & Veer engage in fight because of the concern for Aaliya, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Veer carried Aaliya to her room after she had slept during their return to home. Veer wakes her up by reminding on the emergency and they need to go to hospital. Soon, Aaliya is seen with Veer going in his jeep and after some distance encounters a police checkup. Veer shows his army personnel ID to the policeman, who recognizes him as an army man. Veer calls himself an ex-army man and gets a go-ahead. Veer starts to talk on wanting to say something to her since otherwise she will never come to know of it but decides to speak at some other time. Soon after, they reach the accident spot and Veer first comes to the help of the injured victim and finds the case of rash driving causing the accident. The young driver who is also injured comes from an influential family and his father Mr. Shah asks Veer to first help his son. Veer replies on helping the poor injured victim first and doesn’t entertain his words.

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Aaliya pacifies the matter which is related to drink and drive and soon they rush the injured to hospital. Meanwhile, Ishaan and malvika are seen together in her home and wakes up early morning after hearing the bell. Ishaan thinks some milk vendor came too early but gets a surprise to find Malvika’s dad Dr. Bedi at the doorstep. Malvika gets agitated to see him and asks why he came theree. She doesn’t regard herself as his daughter and makes it clear to him. Ishaan tries to intervene but Dr. Bedi who finds him with malvika is in no mood to see him interfering in the matter. Next morning, Ishaan meets Aaliya at lifebeat and and she speaks nervously on being busy. Ishaan in his usual self shares on staying at Malvika’s place last night and also talks on the surprise on finding Dr. Bedi arriving there in early morning hours. Aaliya gets more uncomfortable and speaks on having emergency to leave him.

Next, Dr. Bedi is seen speaking to doctors & staff in a meeting and reminds that for a doctor every life is precious and we need to put efforts to save them. He also admits on medical science have grown much. On that note, Aaliya reminisces Dr. Bedi giving her assurance during her childhood. After a while, Aaliya gets glad to know that Dr. Bedi still knows her and he reminds on getting to know of her after receiving thank you note during her graduation. Meanwhile, Ishaan meets a patient Kunal who came there in hurry and is a runaway to be groom since he ran away from the sangeet ceremony. Kunal speaks of not having fear of marriage and commitment. And then suggests on love and care as different things and reminds Ishaan that he might have also love someone. Ishaan tries to listen to him patiently and soon finds Kunal’s good friend Kanika there. Kanika starts arguing with Kunal on how he left his sangeet since his fiancee and people are waiting.

On other front, Dr. Bedi speaks on doing surgery of the poor victim and informs Veer about KD thinking which regards hospital as a business and not a charitable trust. Aaliya also add that KD is also interested in media and wants a good name for lifebeat. She suggests if justice is being served by punishing the guilty of rash driving – Mr. Shah’s son then the lifebeat going to get more acceptance from media. Later, Dr. Bedi asks Veer to reveal the truth to Aaliya early than late. Veer thanks Dr. Bedi for saving his life but his wounds are not going to heal until Aaliya would forgive him once she knows the truth. Dr. Bedi also takes the opportunity to ask Veer on what kind of person is Dr. Ishaan. Kanika continues to insist Kunal to go to his pre-wedding functions. Kunal asks her why she looks nervous and wants 5 mins to talk. At the same time, Malvika comes there asking Ishaan for 5 mins and goes on to hug him.

Next, Aaliya and Veer are worried on the missing file in the operation theatre and the file has some evidence against Mr. Shah’s son who committed that accident after getting drunk. Veer infroms Mr. Shah’s son in OT that he will get punishment and goes on to threaten him in performing surgery straightway without anaesthesia. Aaliya steps in and Veer takes back his words. Malvika at her end opens-up to Ishaan on how his dad never came to her school functions and she thought his duty of a doctor is the reason. She wished that no one should have a dad who is a doctor. But she was wrong and later realized that actually her dad cheated on her mum. She thus hates him and cries by saying that he used her mom like a tissue paper. For the same reason, her mom died because of depression. After performing surgery Veer continues to be angry with Mr. Shah’s son and even wants to cut his legs. Aaliya thanks him since he understood her in OT and controlled his anger.

Veer speaks to himself on wanting to understand her. He suggests its a small matter which should have been told before and wants to tell her but stops as Aaliya receives a call and gets busy. Veer reminisces on how Aaliya’s dad Col. Akhter didn’t listen to him. Veer’s stubborn nature of serving the patient at battlefield has led to Aaliya’s dad also accompanying him while engaging in fight. They got hit by a grenade attack and while he was injured but Aaliya’s dad went missing. Veer blames himself for Aaliya’s dad disappearance. Meanwhile, Ishaan gets puzzled to not connect with Aaliya on phone since she is not receiving his phone. He notices that Kanika showing similar behavior that of Aaliya. Malvika at her end informs Dr. Bedi that they can’t stay in the same house. Aaliya comes there and learns Malvika’s strong words. Ishaan asks Kunal whether the solution to his problems is Kanika. He also utters Aaliya in place of Kanika for which gets corrected by Kunal.

Ishaan asks Kunal to decide whom he will choose between his fiancee and Kanika. Ishaan reminsices some of Aaliya’s moments while Kunal excuses from there and leaves with Kanika. Ishaan goes on to see Malvika with Dr. Bedi. Ishaan informs Dr. Bedi on taking care of Malvika. Dr. Bedi passes a taunt at Ishaan by asking him though he comes out of Malvika’s room even in the middle of night, and only talks about care. Meanwhile, Aaliya asks Veer for his help since they need to present themselves as responsible citizen as well. Veer agrees to put Mr Shah’s son liable to meet his punishment. He goes to provoke him who starts speaking of drinking full bottle on the accident day and even drank half a bottle. week before. Aaliya records a video with Mr Shah’s son confession on his drink and drive. She then asks Sahil to spread the video message on social networks.

Veer at his end recieves a call from the army headquarters and the officer asks him to not reveal the truth to Aaliya about her dad not coming back. Veer gets emotional and wants to fulfill Aaliya’s dream since its her dream to see her dad coming back. He prepares to inform Aaliya the same day all the truth. Aaliya attends a call from Sarika and agrees on avoiding Ishaan until now. Some moments later, she finds Ishaan around her. He asks whether she is angry and wants to find the truth and asks why she is ignoring him since yesterday. She gives reasons of being busy and he asks why she is giving exuses. He reminds that she has time for video upload and gets more upset after she told him to not make issues. Aaliya first told him of going home and then about follow-up and Ishaan notices the difference.

He doesn’t let her go and holds her hands tighly and this is noticed by Veer from a distance. Veer steps in and asks Aaliya to meet the patient awaiting her. Ishaan asks Veer to not interfere in his personal matter. But Veer suggests to Ishaan that a patient’s life is more important than his personal matter. Ishaan confonts Veer more and soon punches him hard. In no time, Veer retaliates and throws a hard punch at Ishaan resulting in his fall.  Ishaan tries to hit back at Veer but is stopped by Dr. Bedi. Both are informed of disciplinary meeting next morning, and they should be prepared for valid explanation. Aaliya is worried with Ishaan having received a tight punch from Veer and finds him getting first aid from Malvika. Later, in the night at her home, she reminisces moments with Ishaan and also his recent moment with Malvika. Veer comes to apologize her since his anger went out of his hands.

Ishaan at his end asks Malvika to talk more on his fight and related questions later. Aaliya asks Veer to not interfere in her life and makes it clear. Aaliya finds a medal there after he left. She starts to think on the possibility of Veer looking like an army man. And instances such as his punch looks a well-trained one. She quickly searches for clue in her dad’s army pics and soon discovers Veer in a group photo. She is confident to believe that Veer knows her as Col. Akhter’s daughter. Veer comes there and she receives an answer from Veer about him knowing her dad..

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