Zindagi Wins Episode 18, 10th May 2015, Ishaan realizes Love for his best friend Aaliya, and carries some worry, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Ishaan realizes love for Aaliya

Aaliya finds herself stuck in a lift and speaks about the need of trust in friendship while the pain as the foundation in love. Ishaan and Veer come to help her and offer their hand to her. She asks between love and friendship, which one to choose. The story goes back by 8 hrs. Veer informs Aaliya on knowing her dad. She reaffirms to him on knowing her dad is alive and learns that he knows her dad from long time. She feels happy and thinks her dad will also be found soon, and asks whether her dad spoke about her. Veer recollects Aaliya’s dad words informing him that she also wants to become a doctor like him and also her believe that even enemy has a heart. Aaliya asks Veer whether he was with her dad during the time when he went missing. Before he replies, he gets a call from the officer Rathore from army headquarters. Veer speaks of not informing Aaliya the full truth and excuses himself to end the call. Next morning, Aaliya finds Ishaan arriving at office and tries to ask him how is feeling now but he doesn’t listen to her.

Finally, she succeeds in stopping him inside hospital. He makes a taunt asking her to follow Veer’s footsteps instead. He asks why she is avoiding her if she is worried about him. She opens-up that malvika might not like if they talk to each other. Ishaan asks her whether Malvika said something and she replies no but it is understood. She speaks to Ishaan on him needing some space. Ishaan opens-up and calls her as the best friend the one who brings smile on his face. He gets more relaxed and talks how her uninterrupted talking nature with no pause button makes his day, and  when she doesn’t speak he feels low. He asks her to be in talking mode always and asks her to not ignore him. He brings smile on her face by trying to punch her if she ignores him again. Both smiles and he takes a leave as he needs to attend disciplinary meeting..

Aaliya speaks to herself on choosing friendship since there is only patchup unlike love where there can be a breakup. KD is seen speaking to Ishaan and Veer on their fight that can give a bad image to the hospital. He asks them to focus on their work. Dr. Bedi is also there and gives a warning to both but also one chance as both are senior doctors. Malvika overhears the meeting conversation and notes on how Ishaan spoke there on fighting for Aaliya. Meanwhile, Aaliya finds a young guy Dheeraj who is seen having hand injury and insists him for treatment and succeeds. Malvika goes on to confront Ishaan and asks why he lied to her. She speaks that he didn’t tell her on the reason behind the fight is Aaliya. Dheeraj’s dad comes to see him and asks where he was wandering on the pretext of going to bathroom.

His dad leaves and Aaliya asks Dheeraj to reveal why he was running away.  She finds him scared. Dheeraj introduces himself as engineering student and has been ragged and also speaks of another student Ravi who faced ragging as well and now in critical condition. He is now scared with senior students and also the dean wants to know the answer. Aaliya asks him to wait as she knows someone who can help him and even takes a promise from him. Ishaan informs Malvika that Aaliya is a friend. She speaks of not knowing his friendship with Aaliya. She clarifies to himself on not wanting to face deceit and thinks he is not understanding the complications. Ishaan asks what she wants ? She asks him to choose between friendship & love, or her or Aaliya ? Aaliya overhears their conversation and cries. Malvika asks him the one who is most important to him and knows he will choose accordingly.

Veer comes out to find Aaliya who controls her tears and emotions and asks him to see a patient Dheeraj. Meanwhile, Veer couldn’t comprehend on how to inform Aaliya about her dad. He thinks she is different than the one he envisioned and thus wants a new beginning. Aaliya comes to get a shock on not finding Dheeraj. Ishaan understands Dheeraj’s dilemma and confusion but suggests the need to choose right. Dheeraj is seen at the terrace and contemplating jumping from there, and gets more worried after receiving messages. Ishaan & Aaliya traces Dheeraj on the top floor and before they run to stop him he has already harmed himself. Dheeraj is then seen being taken to immediate surgery with Veer and Malvika following his stretcher. Ishaan & Aaliya come there and he informs Malvika on meeting the patient Dheeraj because Aaliya had called him for counselling. Veer chooses Aaliya over Malvika for immediate surgery of Dheeraj and take the stretcher in the lift for going to OT.

Malvika confronts Ishaan by pointing he can fight for Aaliya but what about her. Veer and Aaliya find themselves stuck in the lift and Ishaan attends his call. Veer asks him to hurry up since the patient has less time. Aaliya gets breathing problems and Veer asks her to think she is in OT. Veer calms her down a bit by asking her to assist him in helping the patient. Veer starts the surgery there in the lift and gets support from Ishaan and other doctors. Sooner then, the patient Dheeraj and Veer get out from the lift while Aaliya is still inside as Dheeraj needs to be taken to OT.  Aaliya gets uncomfortable more inside the lift and both Ishaan and Veer offer their hands to her. Malvika comes there and Ishaan takes back his hands once she calls him. This makes it possible for Veer to help Aaliya before the lift falling down due to its failure. Aaliya is rescued but Ishaan feels like a loser since he stayed away from her when she needed the most.

Malvika at her end tries to control her feelings. Veer informs Aaliya that she is brave. Aaliya replies of not having option than to brave. She thanks him for giving strength and also the medal  (of her dad) is everything for her. Later on, Ishaan meets Dheeraj and asks what is the use of study if it makes him weak and afraid. Dheeraj realizes his big mistake and apologizes. Ishaan asks him for a promise on saying the truth to the dean and police for which he readily agrees. Next, Aaliya waits for Ishaan at the canteen since he told her to be there at 6. She recollects Malvika’s words to Ishaan asking him to choose either her or Aaliya. Ishaan meets Malvika and opens-up on leaving Aaliya’s hands because he was afraid that she would get doubts. She asks about Veer’s presence to help Aaliya. Ishaan then asks what if she was there in place of Aaliya and will she be ok if only Veer was around her.

Malvika asks him to figure out who is more important and reminds him again of her dad for whom there was someone more important than her mom. She also suggests on agreeing to whatever decision he takes. But will not agree if her feelings get hurt another time. Ishaan comes to the canteen for Aaliya and doesn’t find her there. Later, he comes to Aaliya’s home and learns from Sarika that Aaliya didnt’ came home and actually went out to her fav restaurant with Dr. Veer. Aaliya is seen with Veer at the restaurant and he speaks of celebrating their team work in saving Dheeraj’s life. She speaks of her dad will be proud once she shares with him on how she saved the patient. She is very thankful on meeting Veer, and he speaks of wanting to know the real Aaliya. She thinks he speaks with confusion. On that note, he asks her to smile with her eyes instead of showing teeth.

Ishaan is seen driving to the restaurant where Aaliya has gone and asks to himself on why he is feeling bad to know Aaliya has gone out with Veer. He points out that the one coming in between him and Aaliya needs to stay away, and that person could be Veer or someone else. Meanwhile, Veer asks her for one chance so they can have a new start while forgetting the past. He wants to meet the strong Aaliya the one who was waiting for her dad in her childhood during the time of his surgery. Veer speaks Major. Akhter always used to speak about her and vows to not let her strength and hope to go away. She thanks him for those assuring words. Ishaan reaches the restaurant and finds them having dinner and also how Veer showers care to her. Ishaan gets upset and goes out of the restaurant and reminisces his past moments with Aaliya, her moments with Veer, rain dance with Aaliya and malvika’s words. He punches hard at the lamp post and shouts that Aaliya is more important to him than anyone.

Moreover, she is very special though he doesn’t know how he got such feelings for her . He gets an illusion and finds Aaliya lying on his jeep while having endearing eyes for him. He speaks of knowing that friendship and love are difficult. Aslo, if you are in love with your best friend then its more difficult. Ishaan then confesses his love for Aaliya..

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