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Sandhya gets informed by Ved that some goons have attacked the temple and robbing the lord’s jewelry and taking cash from charity box. She asks him to leave from the temple and inform Bhabho. Sandhya catches a man and takes his knife, asking all the goons to surrender to her. The goons fight with her and she succeeds to get the jewelry and cash from her. They get weapons and try to harm her. Bhabho is shocked knowing the matter and rushes to the temple as Sandhya is alone there. Sandhya beats all the goons alone and risks her life to save the temple’s assets. Bhabho feels proud of her. She later tells Sandhya that some people have snatched Sooraj’s land by cheat. Sandhya makes a plan with Meenakshi to get the land back.


Raman gets locked in the cupboard and he plans to surprise Ishita. Raman tells Ishita to come along and he will explain how Raman he got locked inside. Simmi pushes her and locks her along with him in the cupboard. Raman and Ishita spend some romantic time inside the cupboard. He apologizes to her for making her wait so long and she shouts out to him that she loves him. She says I love you Raman and he asks her to repeat it. Simmi gets glad hearing it standing outside and tells the family that Raman and Ishita are on right track now. The Bhalla family tries to hear their romance and her sweet confession. Simmi supports Raman in his plan and is happy to do something for Ishita.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Sneha gets happy to see how Amaya is adjusting with her life in Banaras and not complaining as before. Amaya helps Jaz get the admission, and does not know Mantu is behind the admission. The girls tell Sneha not to keep haveli mortgaged to Sharma, and suggests to find some other money lender. Rudra scares Sneha and says Hari’s bail should happen now. Sneha decides to do the deal with Sharma. Rachita and Amaya think to take help from Rama and Mantu. On the other hand, Pushpa gets worried for Sneha knowing she was seen at the bank with the bad guy Rudra. She goes to bank in loan department to find out Sneha’s problem. Amaya cooks khichdi by following the recipe and takes her sisters’ help. Sneha likes it as Amaya made it by her love. They spend some good time together in the haveli, thinking they have to vacate it soon. Will Pushpa be able to help Sneha?


Kokila brings out the truth of Gopi serving the 10 years jail sentence. She clears out how Gopi has killed Radha to save little Rashi. Ahem realizes his mistake and apologizes to Kokila holding her feet. He tells her that he did wrong to hide everything from his daughters. He regrets to hate Gopi till now. Meera and Vidya are also shocked by this revelation and forgive Gopi. They try to bond with her and make a fresh start. Mansi gets irked seeing everyone bonding with Gopi. Gopi challenges Mansi to win Ahem. Kokila asks Ahem to apologize to Gopi and accept her again in his life. Ahem gets thinking about the happy family picture completion and Mansi’s place in his life.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ranvir tries to convince Shikhar of not marrying Ishani. He tells him that Ishani has deceived him and she will cheat him too. He says Ishani is marrying him just for his money, and will cheat his love once she gets his property. While Shikhar does not believe Ranvir, Ishani gets her anger out on Ranvir. She asks him not to interfere in her life. She says she can marry Shikhar for his money and Shikhar is fine with it, then why is Ranvir bothering them so much, as if his property is at stake. She makes Ranvir jealous by bonding well with Shikhar. Shikhar does not understand why is Ranvir doing this and shows his belief in Ishani. He gets mesmerized seeing Ishani in the marriage functions. The families meet in the tilak rasam and she looks gorgeous. Shikhar compliments her. Ishani looks very happy to get in a new relation and wants to show some attitude to Ranvir. Ritika comes there to create some new issue.

Piya Rangrezz:

Bhanvri always insults Shraddha and this time she calls her dad at home. She taunts Shradda in her bad language and hurts her feelings. She says she will make her life hell and break her from Sher. Shraddha’s dad gets worried for her. Bhanvri realizes Shraddha loves her family a lot and uses her weakness to trouble her. Shraddha gets emotional seeing her dad’s worried face. Shraddha asks her dad to leave. Bhanvri asks Shraddha to pack her bag and get out of her house. Her dad pleads to Bhanvri to let Shraddha stay in her house.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi brings Tanu and Pragya to the hospital to prove that Tanu is not pregnant with his child. Pragya asks Tanu not to worry as everything will be fine. She worries for Tanu’s baby as Tanu is being in stress. Abhi clears out to her that Tanu is lying about him. This shocks Pragya and Abhi tries to solve the misunderstanding, and have Pragya’s trust on him. The doctor gets mistaken about Tanu and thinks Pragya has come for the test. Tanu’s plans again and it will be seen how Abhi succeeds and fails Tanu’s trap.


Suhani has kept auction of some items of Birla Family to arrange revenue to pay the bank loan. She has done the fake auction to unite all the brothers. She brings them close at the hour of need. Suhani wants to make all the men work in office and thinks maybe she will succeed in making them responsible. Dadi feels bad seeing the things getting auctioned and how her family is sacrificing. Suhani makes them realize the need of unity over the luxuries in life.


Ananya and Kabir have different perceptions over a matter and start arguing. Ananya does not cover a scoop and this gives a chance to Kabir to shout on her. She says it happens when a reporter can miss anything and he can’t scold her like this infront of everyone. Kabir knows she is very smart and capable to sit on his chair and post someday too. He worries and gives her news coverage to finish in deadlines. He asks her to do her best else she will lose her job. In the upcoming track, Ananya will be linked to Kabir romantically.

Jamai Raja:

Sid gets Shiv back in DD’s home and wants to unite him and DD, knowing their strong love in their past. Roshni gets annoyed with DD after this big shocking revelation and still acts defensive of DD. Roshni gets against Shiv knowing the entire story from DD and Nani. Nani is against DD and Shiv’s love and union. She tells DD that once she has opposed Roshni’s love and did not accept Sid, and now she will not accept Shiv. Sid tells DD that he will unite her with Shiv and tries to help her. He says love does not end with ageing and he will never let DD’s love end.


Arjun takes revenge from Tejaswini and burns her room, seeing her sleeping. He gets shocked seeing Bhagya instead of Tejaswini. Bhagya sees the fire around her and screams. Arjun gets worried as he can’t punish anyone innocent. He saves Bhagya with Chakor’s help and flees from the haveli. Tejaswini gets happy with Chakor that she has once again saved Bhagya. Arjun tells Chakor that he can’t forgive Tejaswini for Kangan’s state and agrees to leave Aazaadgunj on Kangan’s insistence. Bhaiya ji gets angry on Chakor, but bears her on Ishwar’s saying. Ishwar acts friendly with Bhaiya ji and supports him, by some motive. He gets glad to see Bhaiya ji’s mum Baa fine and out of coma. Baa hears Bhaiya ji planning to kill Chakor and acts to save Chakor. She acts like she lost her memory and tries to fail Bhaiya ji’s plan.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dabbu/Debjani comes to know about Aseem’s proposal coming for her. She gets in dilemma thinking about Aseem and Dylan. She finds Aseem a humble man and better in virtues than Dylan, and still starts liking Dylan. She recalls how Dylan has taken care of her in the riots and even gets to know about Dylan believing in her talent. She tells Mamta that she is not sure of marriage at this time. LN supports Dabbu and gives her time to take her career ahead. Aseem wants to marry Dabbu for the property share he will get from LN. Aseem tells Vicky that he will not let any guy come in Dabbu’s life and she will marry just him. Aseem takes every credit to himself for all the good things Dylan does and slowly things start unfolding in Dabbu’s eyes. She starts seeing Dylan’s hidden goodness and starts falling in love with him.


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