Zindagi Wins Episode 19, 16th May 2015, Aaliya chooses Veer over Ishaan because of a compromise on her love, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Aaliya chooses Veer over Ishaan

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Malvika had asked Ishaan to choose between friendship and love. Ishaan then went to realize his love for Aaliya. He adds there is a reason behind every smile and his smile has the reason of seeing smile on someone’s face. He sends a SMS asking Aaliya for an urgent meet-up. Aaliya tries to not inform Sarika about her dilemma but instead talks about malvika’s proposal to Ishaan on chosing either friend or love. She reveals that Ishaan chose Malvika and downplays Sarika’s words that he loves her. Meanwhile, Veer hesitantly says I love you and does practice and even doesn’t stop in asking Sahil on how to impress girls. Sahil speaks first talk about jokes, and calls himself as Veer’s brother-in law since he thinks the girl to be is Sarika. Soon, he learns if its not Sarika so it should be Aaliya, and gets worried since Ishaan and Aaliya should be a couple. Veer informs him of proposing to her tomorrow.

On another front, Malvika comes to Ishaan’s home after jogging and wants to complete the incomplete talk from yesterday. She starts clearing the mess and suggests on someone needing to clear the mess. Ishaan starts speaking in broken words about giving space. Malvika speaks of understanding they need time and asks him to take his time since she even needs one. She reminds Ishaan about her childhood when she used to wait for her dad who used to either not come or come very late. She used to feel pain but next morning have a fresh start to school with some smile on her face. She experienced the same yesterday with Ishaan’s words and expected him to see her but in vain. She asks him to not be worried and in the meantime he can process his feelings and then they can talk and leaves.

Meanwhile, Aaliya prays that she should stay away from Ishaan but that doesn’t come true as he comes there. She tries to go away and gets nervous. Ishaan holds her hand tightly and takes her away. Mariyam at her end gets a shock on finding Veer to carry flowers and lost in himself. Ishaan reminds Aaliya that they were going to meet at the cafeteria yesterday. She shouts and reiterates on being his friend who has put efforts in his patchup with his ex-GF. She asks him to not trouble her and continue to shout while carrying nervousness. She reminds him on Malvika’s proposal to choose between love & friendship. She also opens-up on overhearing his conversation with Malvika. She asks him to move on and be happy. He asks whether she can live without talking with him. She calls the support arising from their friendship is enough for her to move ahead.

She starts to get teary eyed and suggests he has already taken his decision and also informs him of waiting for an hour at the cafe. He then realizes that she actually came last night. Sooner then, she gets teary eyed and tells him good luck and also he can move on. He stops her and wants to listen from her telling him that he can choose her instead of Malvika. Aaliya gets surprised to see him asking her to choose. He opens-up on choosing her earlier than Malvika. He is only ‘himself (me)’ after she came in his life and also she is very important to him. He wants to clear the misunderstanding and wants one chance. Moreover, this time he is not going to leave her hand and wants to give a promise and holds her. Soon after, he confesses his love to her with – Love you Aaliya message. Aaliya excuses herself soon after and in somewhat shock and leaves. She meets Veer outside the room who learns she was with Ishaan a short while back.

Aaliya then goes to meet a patient Sammy who looks worried on getting septic and shares her concerns. Sammy wants to see a senior doctor and soon Veer comes there and says she is cute. Veer attends Sammy and soon asks Aaliya to meet him in his room. Veer is seen nervous and calls himself as new Dr. Veer. She wants to leave so he decides to not wait longer and says upfront on his liking for her. Meanwhile, Malvika feels happy as she thinks Ishaan has chosen her and going to tell her in a special way but actually misunderstands Mariyam. She goes on to attend KD who has been admitted there. Veer at his end confesses his love to Aaliya while presenting red flowers. Aaliya is in shock with his love expression. Malvika informs KD that he is having hernia, which he knows well and wants the surgery from his hand. He wants his condition to be top-secret and speaks of trusting her. He adds that the trust is essential in every relationship even in doctor & patient. She finds Ishaan arriving there who is also called by KD. Malvika thinks since Ishaan is not speaking with her normally so gets a doubt – whether he might be thinking again about break-up.

Veer at his end speaks of getting affected since she always wanted someone to offer his hand, to be with her so she can share happiness and talk. She thought that day would be the best. She says sorry to Veer and informs him of not being ready for a relationship at this time. Veer asks whether there is something between her & Ishaan. She speaks of not wanting to get distracted from the goal because of relationship. She holds his hand and speaks of being lucky since the one who knows her dad well she also know him well. She thanks him and apologizes. Ishaan leaves KD after seeing him and also a promise to not disclose his medical condition. KD informs Malvika that it is sure Ishaan has tried to avoid her since they couldn’t have an eye contact while talking with him. She needs to asks whether he is hiding something or he might be cheating. He speaks of being sure that there is something going on with ishaan and offers his help to Malvika.

Aaliya reminsces Ishaan’s love confession, Veer’s proposal and his words about the possibility of Ishaan in her life. Later on, Aaliya meets Sammy and asks her to eat green veggies. Veer steps in and asks Aaliya to not give health suggestions and she needs to move on to next trauma case. Veer speaks rudely with Aaliya and even suggests of transferring her to Psychiatric department. Soon, Aaliya vents out her frustration at him and suggests he can’t be mature. On another front, Dr. Bedi – Malvika’s dad comes to meet her in the cafeteria and she talks on how he is most suitable to help her. She makes a taunt by asking him – What was his experience before or after cheating her mom, and soon leaves. Aaliya marks her entry just then there and overhears Malvika and her dad’s conversation, and also Malvika’s displeasure in the end. Aaliya gets signature from Dr. Bedi. He laments on not being a good person or father in Malvika’s heart.

Aaliya reminds his effort in saving her dad as the most precious thing and would be very glad if she can help him in any way. He replies on not finding possible way right now and leaves. Aaliya speaks to herself on the current situation with Dr. Bedi having a problem on not reaching out to his daughter. On the other hand, Malvika will have a problem due to her. Malvika at her end continue to talk with KD and speaks of not knowing what is truth or wrong. KD speaks of knowing facts and she needs to take her life decisions based on the facts. Meanwhile, Veer hands over his resignation to Dr. Bedi. Ishaan overhears Sahil speaking to his sister Sarika on how Aaliya declined Veer’s proposal since she likes someone else. Veer reminisces Aaliya’s words after his proposal, recent dinner date he shared with her.

Aaliya recollects Ishaan and Veer’s proposal and looks at Malvika. She reminisces the words she gave to Dr. Bedi on wanting to help him. She finds Veer in the lifebeat lobby. Ishaan also comes there. Aaliya informs Veer of liking him, which makes Ishaan shocked while Malvika gets happy and gets a smile. Aaliya speaks to herself on the one bringing smile on our face and the one that give us happiness may not be the same. Ishaan thinks the reason for his smile has gone away from him forever…

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  1. Natasha Avatar

    Omg,why aaliya choosed dr veer instead of ishaan?
    Aaliya n ishaan luks great together!
    Malvika n veer should b paired as both are mature!
    Reason for watching this epi for aaliya n ishaans bonding has gone forever! 🙁
    feeling sad!!

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