Zindagi Wins Episode 20, 17th May 2015, Ishaan is determined to win Aaliya’s acceptance for his love, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Aaliya Ishaan

Veer speaks to Aaliya on being far from love, friendship, relationship since he didn’t got training from the army. But on serious note, she has changed him. Both are seen at the park for morning jog and she asks him on eating Wada Pau and soon the same is echoed by Sahil and Sarika. Malvika is seen coming to Ishaan’s home and wakes him up and made her entry there with spare key. She opens-up on doubting his friendship and promises to not fight with him for any friend and says sorry. She speaks of missing him and comes to kiss but he stops her with an excuse of getting freshen up. Later in night, Sarika speaks to Aaliya about a colleague Abhay who has been tested HiV positive and faces discrimination and unfair treatment. At Ishaan’s end, he wants to say something but Malvika suggests its not the right time and they can just enjoy the moment. She talks on knowing to act immaturely and didn’t guessed Aaliya’s liking for Veer that connects from her decision to work under him. Sarika speaks to Aaliya on wanting to see Ishaan help Abhay.

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Malvika apologizes to Ishaan on creating the mess and wanted to sort it out. He suggests there is nothing to sort and then she comes about the idea of double date with: Veer & Aaliya, and herself & Ishaan. While Aaliya suggests to Sarika on Malvika needing Ishaan more now. On other hand, Malvika wants a fresh start with everyone and smiles. Ishaan speaks to himself on having no start since things are ending. Next morning, Aaliya finds herself needing Sarika to help put her dress from the back but Veer comes forward to help her. Sahil is seen with Ishaan and speaks of feeling surprised and shocked with Aaliya’s decision to choose Veer since she always used to say Ishaan’s name. Next, Ishaan reminisces listening to Sahil earlier who was telling someone that Aaliya doesn’t like veer but someone else. Ishaan quickly figures out Aaliya likes him and he now wants to put efforts so she accept her feelings.

Soon, Ishaan finds Aaliya around and he asks for her hand and she excuses herself after finding Veer approaching. Malvika also comes there and offers friendship to Aaliya and says good doctors can be good friends too. They all become four friends and Malvika talks about going to dinner to celebrate friendship. Veer insists Aaliya to say yes and she agrees while declining Ishaan’s signal suggesting her to say no. Later on, Aaliya attends Abhay – Sarika’s colleague who gets admitted in the hospital by Sarika. Ishaan comes there and speaks of suicide patient needing psychiatric help first. In the lift, Aaliya speaks of how Abhay got fired from his office job. He suggests on Abhay’s actions are done without thinking. Meanwhile, the army officer Rathore informs Veer on finding confidential items and investigation of the team. Ishaan reminds Aaliya on their friendship and what matters is ‘Us’ since they solved kidney racket, terrorist case, etc. But Aaliya sticks to stay away from him by speaking of not having the feeling or do not want to feel.

Ishaan also talks about trust but Aaliya shrugs him off. Veer informs Rathore on talking with Aaliya at an opportune time. Ishaan & Aaliya find Dr. Bedi around them hearing some part of their conversation and they take him along. Malvika asks Dr. Bedi to not intervene and reminds him of cheating her mom. Dr. Bedi speaks of not cheating anyone but she doesn’t listen and says I hate you.  After a while, Aaliya learns that Dr. Bedi didn’t cheat Malvika’s mom and actually it was other way round. Aaliya goes ahead to inform Malvika that she misunderstands her dad. Aaliya reveals the cheating wasn’t done by him but by instead by her mom. Dr. Bedi comes there to validate Aaliya’s words and speaks on his decision to forgive his wife. But it was not possible for her to forget so she took away her life. He speaks of working hard to get the best for Malvika and never ignored her. He just stayed away to do something for her. Malvika cries and soon have an emotional re-union with her dad and apologizes.

Ishaan comes to Abhay’s office place and asks the team to not outcast HIV infected patient. He suggests the question for Abhay’s colleagues  – If your colleague gets fired without any valid reason so do you remain quiet. Sarika and other members go on to hand over their resignation after finding the boss suggesting of not compelling Abhay. Ishaan & Aaliya finally resolved Abhay’s case. Later on, Ishaan asks Aaliya what is she doing with Veer. He speaks the truth is favored by heart and asks why she is running away. Just then, Veer and Malvika comes and she thanks Aaliya. Malvika says it not easy to face her dad who is the truth. Dr. Bedi comes there and says she is his truth, which is most important to him. He speaks on having hope that in her life there is no place for lie, and hints at Ishaan. Ishaan looks at Aaliya on that note.

Malvika thanks Aaliya and both exchange gratitude for each other with Aaliya speaking of owing a lot since Dr. Bedi saved her dad once. All four are at the double-date restaurant. Malvika talks on knowing she would do something big for Aaliya someday. She further adds on teaching Aaliya on how to think from mind instead of heart. Aaliya excuses herself and goes to the restroom and speaks of the truth coming out in front of her once she opens the eyes. She does the same and finds Ishaan in-front of her. He takes her away and speaks of not loving Malvika. He goes on to ask whether his touch doesn’t affect her. He asks whether her day gets complete after seeing him. Moreover, he speaks of the opportune time to say the truth but she pushes him away. She evades Malvika who comes to ask if she is fine.

Nonetheless, Ishaan wants to prove that she doesn’t love Veer and going to prove it. Next, Aaliya at the dinner table gets a bracelet from Veer and he suggests it suits her the most since she listens from her heart. Due to an emergency, Veer and Malvika leave from there to lifebeat. So, now Ishaan and Aaliya remain together there. She reminds Ishaan on his uncivilized behavior, which she didn’t like. He asks until how long she will run away from her feelings. He has love for her and she also loves him and its more than friendship and she just needs to accept. Ishaan pulls Aaliya close to him and go on to share some sensuous dance moments with her. Ishaan also kisses Aaliya and then she leaves from there and takes an auto. He follows her in his SUV and succeeds in stopping her. She asks him to be with malvika as she will be with Veer. He listens to her on not talking anymore and goes ahead to shower a intense kiss…

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6 responses to “Zindagi Wins Episode 20, 17th May 2015, Ishaan is determined to win Aaliya’s acceptance for his love, Bindass TV – Written Update”

  1. Natasha Avatar


  2. hruthika Avatar

    Ishan not suit for aliya veer is best

    1. Natasha Avatar

      Veer does over acting!
      U can clearly see in the episode that despite living in same house he greets aaliya 2-3 times!
      Ishaan deserves aaliya!
      Both r made for each other!
      Those having a problem accept the truth that ishaan n aaliya rocks!

  3. sanjuktakumar Avatar

    Ishaan n Aaliya is the best couple.

  4. dolly saxena Avatar
    dolly saxena

    I love this sereal

  5. simran Avatar

    I love this serial very much…
    what aliya is doing is completely wrong. ..
    she is hurting veer heart also ..
    if she likes ishaan then she doesn’t have any right to hurt veer ….
    what she thinks is completely different. ..and unacceptable. ..

    But what I think veer is good for Dr. aliya ..not ishaan .

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