Nikhil to stop Anmol’s marriage with Sushant in Muh Boli Shaadi



Neelam proves to Ratan Singh that Anmol still have feelings for Nikhil. Ratan Singh gets shocked and decides to protect his prestige by getting Anmol married to his business partner’s son Sushant. He fixes her marriage with Sushant without Anmol’s knowledge. However Anmol gets to know about it through the jeweller, who had delivered mangalsutra at their house. Anmol questions Ratan Singh about her sudden marriage and rebels his decision strongly. Ratan Singh asks her to leave and ruin his respect. He emotionally blackmails her to agree for marriage. Anmol agrees sadly.


Nidhi drops a letter in Nikhil’s scooter before he leaves to write his exam. Nikhil reads the letter about Anmol’s marriage, during exam breaks and rushes home to stop Anmol and Sushant’s marriage. Neelam waits for Inspector Sushil to reveal Anmol’s marriage secret with Nikhil to Ratan Singh. Anmol waits for Nikhil and sadly sits on the mandap to marry Sushant. Nikhil will come to the marriage, but will be stopped by the guards. He feels helpless as he gave the promise to Anmol to hide the marriage. Ratan Singh will get to know about Sushant’s father being bankrupt and will think about stopping the marriage. Will Anmol and Sushant’s marry? Will Nikhil manage to stop Anmol’s marriage. Keep reading.


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