Zindagi Wins Episode 21, 23rd May 2015, Aaliya face Malvika’s ire due to Ishaan’s determined love, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Ishaan showers a kiss to Aaliya once she suggests they don’t need to talk with each other. After the kiss, she speaks of cheating. He says both of them have accepted the feelings for the first time leading to the kiss. He wants to say the truth to Malvika and will not want to stay with lie. Aaliya asks him to not tell Malvika. He speaks of sharing all the truth to Malvika, and the more early she accepts it would be better for her. Aaliya is in shock. Meanwhile, Malvika is at lifebeat and learns that her dad Dr. Bedi is in OT still from Mariyam and suggests on waiting for him due to love and also they are going to eat her dad’s favorite pastry. She then finds Ishaan’s missed calls, and also receives a text from veer asking her to come to the trauma center. Veer attends a child patient Khush who has an injured knee and has been brought by kids. Malvika also comes there and thinks it as ligament tear. Malvika speaks of consent form and learns Khush’s parents are in Singapore.

Veer asks the kids to reveal the truth otherwise he will call their parents. Aaliya follows Ishaan to the lifebeat and suggests he is doing a big mistake but he doesn’t listen. Ishaan asks about Malvika at the reception and learns she is attending surgery. Veer informs the kids to practice football under some supervision and also during day instead of night. Veer finds Aaliya and Ishaan in the reception area. Ishaan makes a taunt at Aaliya suggesting she is the best in hiding things. Ishaan finds Veer engrossed and takes his phone to find message on an enquiry. Veer leaves after getting bit upset. Ishaan is puzzled why Veer behaved in very odd manner when he took his phone and wants to figure it out what Veer is hiding. Ishaan calls Mr. Mehta and asks info about Dr. Veer by giving excuse of KD. He finds Dr. Veer having army connection and knows he is hiding something from Aaliya.

Later, Veer meets Aaliya and remarks that Ishaan has shown immature behavior earlier. Aaliya meets the kids but Khush’s sister Rhea has some strong words for Veer. Aaliya informs her that Khush’s injury is serious and therefore needs her help. Rhea then pulls the leg of Veer and calls him Khadoos and uncle while praising Aaliya. Aaliya talks on some wounds are so deep that we don’t understand, and also talks about Ishaan’s behavior. At Ishaan’s end, he finds Veer knowing Aaliya’s dad and recollects Aaliya informing him about Veer telling her explictly to not touch his luggage. Ishaan thinks something amiss – mr. mehta’s accommodation mail, which suggests Veer opted to stay at Aaliya’s home though he has accommodation. Meanwhile, Aaliya informs Veer on trusting him. KD comes there and confronts Veer on doing the surgery without the parent consent form. Veer speaks of saying a lie for the truth and goes on to perform the surgery. Aaliya goes to Rhea and gets the contact details of her Dadi (grand mom).

Next, she gets a call from Ishaan and he informs Veer was part of her dad’s army regiment. Malvika at her end learns that knee reconstruction surgery is needed for Khush and gets confirmation that the injury is because of the accident. Aaliya comes to inform that Khush’s dadi has been reached. Later, Aaliya speaks to Khush’s parents and informs about the kid’s injury. Aaliya talks about best trauma surgeon and also Rhea. Khush’s parents speak of coming by next flight from Singapore. Rhea speaks to other kids that friends are the ones who conceal mistakes of one other. Aaliya and Ishaan share eyelock on that note. Later, she meets Veer at cafeteria and he speaks of some rest and two important things. They soon meet Dr. Bedi and Malvika, who comes with a cake.  Veer leaves after receiving Ishaan’s message for meetup. Aaliya credits the truth for Malvika and Dr. bedi reunion.

Malvika speaks of trusting her and offers Aaliya the cake. Aaliya holds the medal and reminisces sensous dance moments with Ishaan last night, and also making request to Dr. Bedi in her childhood. Veer comes to see Ishaan who speaks of doing his profiling. Veer asks profiling at early morning hours ? Ishaan asks why he left the army, and then asks more questions whether he knows Major Akhtar and Aaliya to be Akhtar’s daughter. Ishaan thinks there should be some reason behind Veer’s entry in Aaliya’s life. Veer gets upset and says Ishaan’s ego is hurt since Aaliya is now with him. Veer further adds of not having time and Ishaan suggests to Veer that he has good defense mechanism since he has brought his present to hide his past. Ishaan says just by instigating him he cannot escape. He reminds Veer on being a psychiatrist, and knows to read people, and asks him to think carefully.

Ishaan wonders why Veer wants to come close to Aaliya if he doesn’t know Major. Akhtar well. Ishaan goes to meet Aaliya outside lifebeat premise but she is upset with him. He suggests Veer is hiding something and there is some connection with her dad. She speaks of Veer knowing her dad well and also Veer is not selfish unlike him. Ishaan speaks of not loving Malvika and loves her. He speaks of being selfish but also have care, and wants to tell Malvika that he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t know when friendship translated to love, and asks her about the passionate kiss. He speaks of only loving her. But Aaliya looks not interested and leaves with a goodbye message. As she turns she finds Malvika hearing her and the conversation. Malvika goes ahead to slap Aaliya and Ishaan asks Malvika to not create a scene. Malvika says a girl who proposes in front of everyone, and suggests Aaliya has gifted her the dad and in return wants Ishaan. She asks Aaliya why she is so cheap.

Dr. Bedi asks Ishaan to leave and says he is using two people like toys and doesn’t let him speak, and consoles his daughter. Aaliya walks aimlessly on the road post receiving the slap. She reminisces moments with Ishaan, and also asking him to move on with Malvika. She gets teary eyed and again reminisces Ishaan’s words, his kiss, and malvika’s words on trust, and the recent slap. She feels her self-respect has been hurt. Meanwhile, Malvika is told by Dr. Bedi that Ishaan has done the cheat and not Aaliya. Dr. Bedi suggests if Aaliya is removed then her career going to damage. Malvika says that Ishaan doesn’t love her, and even her dad, and cries. He a20sks by giving pain to Aaliya whether she will get anything. She says Ishaan is only for her.

Dr. Bedi says that Ishaan doesn’t deserve her, and asks her to keep personal issues away from hospital. Aaliya comes home and Sahil informs that whatever happened even Veer is aware of it. At Ishaan’s end, he is jogging in the park next morning and recollects on his love confession, and also his kiss, Malvika’s slap. Ishaan thinks himself as the reason of all problems. Veer informs Aaliya that she has reminded him earlier on not ready for relationship. He admits his mistake but suggests of another opportunity, a second chance, and has forgiven her mistake. He felt very bad but feels more bad to see her crying. Aaliya hugs her and she also reminds on forgiving him if that mistake doesn’t take someone’s life. Veer gets uncomfortable to hear Aaliya’s words.

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