Love and revenge slowly catching up in Tere Sheher Mein

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Sneha decides to take Rudra and Kaushalya to Mumbai to meet Hari. Amaya tells her that she will accompany her, to take care of her health and also she does not have any job in Banaras to stay back. Sneha asks Amaya to be at home and take care of her sisters. Rudra plans to hurt Sneha in Mumbai for breaking her self confidence, using Rishi’s scam matter. The girls decide to attend Dubey family function and choose the Indian dresses. Amaya’s dress gets torn and she has no option than to wear Uma’s dress.

Amaya, Rachita and Jaz dress up in Indian wear and Jaz gets a makeover in Indian attire and without the specs, looking very traditional and beautiful. Amaya wears the dress gifted by Mantu to Uma. Mantu gets tensed seeing Uma and tries to make Uma not see Amaya. Uma spots her wearing her dress and creates a scene there. Rachita meets Rama and does not know his feelings for her. Mantu and Amaya, Rachita and Rama are slowly heading from friendship to a new feeling. Keep reading.






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