Sooraj gets chosen as Kabaddi team’s captain in Diya Aur…



Sooraj gets on cloud nine that he has been chosen in the Rajputana team and informs Sandhya. He tells her that he is elected as the team captain and asks her to inform his family. It will be revealed later that Mahendra is a traitor and has been fooling Aditi and Sooraj. When Mahendra sees Sooraj in the ground, he sees his passion and determination. He encourages Sooraj and on the other hand, he has hidden motives keeping his loyalty to Abhay. Prem and Avinash conspire against Sooraj and want to get him disqualified. Aditi tells Sooraj that the team can’t take part in Mahasangram and asks the players to return home. This twist makes the team sad.

Back at home, Sandhya faces troubles by Chander as he threatens her about her family members and what dangers they can face. Sandhya does not tell anything to Sooraj and wants to solve the land case herself. Bhabho shows trust in Sandhya after hearing her argument with Chander. She asks Sandhya not to let anything go against Sooraj’s dream and is proud of Sooraj who earned captain place in the team. Sooraj tells Aditi that he will not go back and stay till the team gets a chance to showcase their skills. What will happen next? Keep reading.



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