Nisha and Kabir to confess love, Viraj to hinder in Nisha Aur…

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Kabir is out of jail by Nisha’s efforts. While Kabir and Nisha have realized their mutual feelings, they still have to confess love to each other. The duo meets up at home and wants to talk and spend time together, but their newly found love becomes a tongue tier. They have some awkwardness realizing their friendship has turned in love. The cousins come to their help and try to bring them closer by any way possible. They ask Nisha to admit her love to Kabir.

Viraj gets to know this and find this disgusting that Nisha wants to keep her fake marriage. He senses that Nisha loves Kabir and still tries to become hurdle between them, hoping Nisha will be back to him. Sumit rages in the jail and calls up Dolly to meet him. He plans to use Dolly to get bail and trouble the Gangwals. Will Dolly fall in Sumit’s plan again or will she live him to get rotten in the jail forever? Keep reading.






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