Titu to participate in Kavi Sammelan in Tu Mera Hero


tu mera23

Gulgule entertains the people at Chetan’s home and the people ask him to take the comic level higher. Gulgule realizes the times have changed and old jokes will not let him in the Kavi Sammelan. He realizes the other young poets who are doing well then him. He thinks to take Titu’s help, having encountered his humor and being impressed with him. He meets Titu and tells him that his comic sense is really great and he can explain any tough thing with his easy, sweet and humorous lines. He hires Titu with a job to be his assistant and also offer a decent amount. Titu does not accept it initially and recalls Panchi in lockup.


Panchi tells Titu that she will accept her bail and sign on the papers only if Titu bails her by his hard earned money. Govind thinks Panchi did foolishness to get in jail to make Titu work. He asks Titu to open his eyes and see Panchi’ efforts to reform him. Titu agrees to Gulgule’s offers and becomes a part of the Kavi Sammelan, just to free Panchi off jail. This brings a new start in lazy Titu’s life, as his hidden talent makes him earn name and fame. Will Panchi succeed in making Titu hardworking? Keep reading.



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