Akhiraj kills Gopal and boasts about honor killing in Balika Vadhu

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Akhiraj catches Kamli and Gopal in the temple and brings them to his village. He decides to kill them infront of villagers, so that no other girl thinks about eloping like Kamli. Kundan beats Gopal mercilessly, Kamli begs infront of her father to leave Gopal. She apologizes for running with Gopal and hurting his ego. Someone informs Gopal’s parents that Akhiraj has caught Gopal and Kamli, and brought them to punish. They reach the place and sees Gopal tied up and beaten ruthlessly. Gopal begs Akhiraj to give Kamli and promises to keep her happy all their life. He speaks about his selfless, true love for Kamli and tells that love is not a sin.

Akhiraj asks Gopal to run with Kamli before he changes his mind and kills them. Kamli and Gopal get happy and start running happily. Everyone is happy with his decision. Harki gets happy for her daughter and is relieved. Kundan is surprised though with Akhiraj’s sudden change of heart. Mangla and Nimboli take a sigh of relief. Akhiraj let them go as he has other plans. Just then Akhiraj throws the sword and kills Gopal. Kamli goes in shock with his death and weeps. She tries to commit suicide, but Mangla rescues her. Akhiraj declares that he can’t compromise with his ego and honor. The villagers gets happy while his family mourns over Gopal’s death. It is said that true love always win, but Akhiraj’s ego kills Kamli’s happiness. Will Kamli die with Gopal? Will Akhiraj kill Kamli too for his honor? Keep reading






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