Lakshya whips himself for Ragini’s condition in Swaragini

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Recently, Ragini had met with an accident after Parvati dadi revealed to her that Lakshya doesn’t love her and moreover didn’t intend to marry her in the near future. She further adds that Lakshya loves Swara instead. She blames Sharmistha and Shobha for ruining Ragini’s life. She blames Swara for snatching and trapping Ragini’s fiance Lakshya. Swara cries and tries to explain that she rejected Lakshya’s marriage proposal, but no one trusts her. Swara declares that she hates Lakshya. Later, when Lakshya comes home to apologize to Ragini, Shekhar drags him to hospital and suffocates him aftrer showing Ragini’s serious condition. However Sharmistha rescues Lakshya from Shekhar’s anger.

The doctors inform Shekhar that Ragini shall gain consciousness else she will slip into coma. Shekhar and everyone get shocked. Lakshya feels bad and decides to do penance as he holds himself responsible about Ragini’s condition. He repents on his declaration to marry Ragini infront of society people for Sanskar, and compelling her indirectly to love and dream about him. He goes to the temple and asks God to show the way for his repentance of sins. He sees a man beating himself with an iron strap and doing penance. Lakshya decides to bear the same punishment, and starts whipping himself for Ragini.

His friend Omi gets shocked and informs Swara that Laksh is whipping himself for Ragini’s condition. Swara doesn’t show any sympathy and refuses to come there. She adds that Ragini’s life is far more important to her than Lakshya’s life. Lakshya injures himself and starts bleeding profusely. His father Durga Prasad is going from there and finds Laksh beating himself. Lakshya falls down unconscious after rigorous whipping. Durga Prasad gets shocked and shouts Lakshya. He immediately takes him to hospital. Will Ragini gains consciousness? Will Durga Prasad forgives Lakshya and taking him back to home, and what about Sanskar’s next move ? Keep reading to know about Lakshya, Ragini and Swara entangling relations.






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