Samaira & Radhika’s Manmarzian on Friendship to be tested

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Arjun has already swayed Samaira with his charm and she has developed feelings of love for him. Next thing on his agenda is the break-up of Samaira and Radhika’s friendship, and also to validate Radhika’s belief on trust, and thus she becomes his immediate target. He framed her to show she covertly works for Bird Song’s competitor Samudra for big money, and Bonnie is his partner in crime to trap Radhika. Arjun shows a different persona to what he actually is to Radhika and Samaira. For now its the turn of Radhika to prove herself innocent infront of Piyali and to not let the one [Arjun] succeed with the ploy as it could pave the way for her exit from Bird Song. Will Radhika manage to succeed in proving her innocence & integrity ?

Coming to Neil, Samaira couldn’t come to terms with Neil’s love confession for her since she always thought of him as his best friend/buddy. It has to be seen how Neil copes with his realization that Samaira loves Arjun, and what will be his next step in the love triangle ? Next in the upcoming track is the ‘Maybelline pitch competition’, where Radhika and Samaira’s friendship going to be tested. Radhika wants to do her best and win since she wants to prove her worth and justify that she deserves to work in the Ad agency. At the same time, she doesn’t want her friendship to face any problem because of the contest and is aware of the past differences and issues with Samaira.

On the other hand, Samaira is scared and knows she is very different than Radhika and doesn’t want to see differences cropping in their friendship. She too wants to win Maybelline pitch and hopes it is not going to affect their friendship. The contest gives another opportunity to create some bitterness in Radhika-Samaira’s friendship. What about Arjun’s next move after knowing Samaira has already fallen for him ? How will he get influenced with Radhika’s belief-driven stance at work ?

Radhika’s friendship equation with Samaira
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Samaira’s talk on friendship with Radhika
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  1. Rhea Avatar

    Ugh! Hope they dont ruin Samaira’s character
    Only watch this show for Sam &d her chemistry with Arjun

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