Zindagi Wins Episode 22, 30th May 2015, Aaliya meets an accident after learning her dad might not be alive, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Sarika and Aaliya talk at their home. Sarika asks Aaliya whether told Veer about her kiss with Ishaan. She speaks of feeling happy for Aaliya but also surprised since Veer has forgived her.  Aaliya says that Veer has given her a second chance and thus she too wants to give a chance. She learnt that he cares for her and has provided her support. Moreover, he was close to her dad as well. Aaliya reiterates about the truth that Veer has forgiven her. Sarika asks Aaliya whether she can forget Ishaan and her own love. Aaliya doesn’t have any answer and soon goes to open the door to find Ishaan at the doorstep. Ishaan enters her home and finds Veer confronting him. Ishaan suggests to Veer that he is afraid. Aaliya stops Veer as he was about to retaliate and punch Ishaan. She promises Veer to not hurt as she has trust. Soon after, she takes Ishaan to the terrace and talks about their togetherness having ended. He says that it is false that she doesn’t love him.

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She says their friendship became a joke. He asks whether she is keeping quiet because of Malvika. She then says their friendship got insulted. He suggests what Malvika did was wrong. But she says he should go and say sorry to Malvika as he broke her trust. She compliments Veer since he has a big heart. Ishaan talks about Veer hiding something from her. She asks him to not trouble or doubt Veer. Ishaan speaks of loving her and therefore can leave if she says so but when it comes to Veer he has not given the right to anyone on what he will do with him. On that note, Ishaan leaves from there and comes to malvika’s home. At Malvika’s home,  she tells him to move out with his belongings. Malvika speaks of having strength to say the truth and calls Ishaan as a frightened fellow [Darpok]. She asks when he wanted to say the truth. She gets upset and also teary eyed and asks Ishaan to go out after taking his belongings. Ishaan apologizes to Malvika and speaks of coming to hospital to say the full truth. He looks at Malvika before leaving but she acts rude and shuts the door on his face.

Next morning, Malvika hears staff boys speaking of her slap at Aaliya. Ishaan at his end finds Dr. Bedi and tries to escapes his eyes. The nurse talks about Ishaan & Aaliya matter and how Dr. Bedi haven’t fired them. Aaliya meets Veer and apologizes to him since everyone are talking about her relationship. Veer suggests they will successfully solve the case together and offers assurance. She compliments him after hearing his words. Next, Veer receives a message from Rathore who asks him to tell the full truth to Aaliya before she knows it from other person. He replies on informing her the same day. Ishaan follows Veer for brief time and soon finds Aaliya. She shares eyelock with Ishaan and runs away to evade him. A patient Piyush comes to lifebeat with his mom and Aaliya examines of the need of cardiac evaluation and Malvika also attends him. Malvika speaks of handling her and makes indirect taunts at Aaliya. His mom accompanies him. Malvika asks Piyush to say the truth on his health condition since it is going to come out one day. Aaliya comes and agrees with her.

Malvika continues to make taunt at Aaliya and wonders why Aaliya is same like before and there is no change. She learns Piyush got swelling in his heart. Aaliya at her end finds Ishaan and asks him to counsel Piyush who is is going to have an open heart surgery. Aaliya thinks Piyush got injured after falling during his jogging session. Ishaan counsels Piyush and also provides support to Aaliya after finds her crying. Meanwhile, Veer receives Major Rathore’s call and speaks of not having option. Aaliya learns that Piyush used to take ‘steroids’ to look good and got severe heart ailment as a consequence. She further adds on why Piyush didn’t disclose his problem to others since his intentions were to not hurt others because of him. Dr. Bedi compliments Aaliya and soon after Piyush’s surgery is planned with Veer being one of the surgeon. Dr. Bedi stops Aaliya in his office and asks whether she is ok. She replies no one is ok. Veer in his call with Rathore is told to say the truth. Veer gets worried and gets a question on whether Aaliya going to trust him if he says it all.

Malvika, Aaliya and Veer perform the surgery while Ishaan gets the army headquarters phone no. Ishaan asks an army officer and wants to know about Veer and Major. Akhter but in vain. Aaliya in OT learns about the the clot in coronary artery in heart. Malvika asks Aaliya about her observation. Aaliya speaks of having 1 % success if they do incision and no blood loss problem. Malvika twists the same observation and says to Aaliya that she is wrong and speaks of 99 % failure possibility.  Aaliya speaks of not giving up even if there is little chance. Veer steps in and wants to do the surgery and Malvika asks him to not have false hopes. Aaliya further adds on not running from the situation. Malvika gets to know of another emergency case and leaves while Veer and Aaliya perform Piyush’s surgery. Meanwhile, Major. Rathore is seen at lifebeat and Ishaan finds him. Both begin to talk at the cafeteria, and Rathore speaks of not able to stop Veer from leaving army since coming and leaving army is one’s prerogative. Ishaan compliments Veer and asks Rathore about Major. Akhter.

Aaliya at her end thanks Veer for the surgery as it is successful and there was no blood rupture in coronary artery and with his belief had a successful surgery to the condition that has 1 % success. Veer talks about a day when he got support from someone to help a patient and tries to open-up on Major Akhter. He is also worried on his acceptance of defeat then. Meanwhile, Rathore asks Ishaan to keep info on patients more rather than on Veer. Ishaan says he will do what he thinks should be doing and asks Rathore to do his work. Ishaan learns Rathore is tensed from inside and this indicates something big going to happen. Aaliya tells Piyush’s mom Parul that he needs much care still. Parul thanks Aaliya for the second chance in saving her son. Aaliya says veer should be thanked instead as he went on with his gut feeling to perform the surgery and took that chance. Ishaan comes and takes Aaliya with him. Meanwhile, Rathore is seen with Veer in the parking lot, and informs Veer that his purpose to arrive at lifebeat was to ask Aaliya for forgiveness.

Veer then opens-up on loving Aaliya and indicates it as the reason in delaying on speaking the truth. Rathore suggests to Veer that he is acting selfish. Veer speaks of losing Aaliya and hopes that Major Akhter is fine. He further adds on taking care of Aaliya if something bad had happened to Akhter. Aaliya and Ishaan hear the conversation, and she cries on how Veer didn’t share about her dad even when he used to stay with her at her home. She speaks of the medal being her last hope. She asks Rathore uncle whether her dad is going to come back. Veer steps in and speaks that major Akhter is alive and nothing happened to him. Ishaan confronts Veer and speaks of knowing he is hiding something from her while Aaliya is unable to trust Veer again as he ‘lied’ to her. Veer wants to speak with her but Ishaan asks him to stay away. Sooner then, Ishaan gets a surprise to not find Aaliya with him and finds her running aimlessly on the road. Ishaan runs and shouts behind her and soon after she meets with a car accident and falls down on the road. Ishaan is shattered to see Aaliya lying injured on the road. Will Aaliya recover from her injury with immediate treatment ?

Additional Note: Zindagi Wins has turned weekly from last week onwards and only telecasts on Saturday as it is going to end in another two weeks from now. It is going to be replaced by Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq ka from 20th June onwards.

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