Ragini goes in emotional turmoil with Nishi’s barrenness in IKNMP



Neil and Ragini have been separated again, because of Aarav and she holds Neil responsible for Aarav getting jailed for Shilpa’s murder. Nishi had lied about her pregnancy with her in-laws. However, Ragini tells the truth to Jignesh’s family that Nishi is not pregnant, but will soon be. She had a tiff with her husband over his family’s narrow minded, old thinking. Jignesh couldn’t bear his family’s insult and blames Ragini for growing tension in his family. Later they visit the gynaecologist about planning a baby. The Gynaec informs them that Nishi is pregnant. This brings stability and happiness in Nishi and Jignesh’s married life and they hug each other happily forgetting their recent tussle. But this happy news is going to be short-lived.

Aman takes Ragini to the same gynaec doctor to consult about Nishi’s case. The doctor opens-up on how Nishi could never bear a child in her life and the report earlier given to her was of another patient.  This comes as a shocker to Ragini and she goes through a lot of emotional turmoil. She doesn’t know how to break the sad news to Nishi and Jigesh. She gets worried thinking about Jignesh’s parents reaction as their hope pinned on Jignesh and Nishi for the grand child. Ragini decides to tell the truth to Nishi irrespective of the outcome as she can’t let her daughter stay in oblivion. Nishi and Jignesh will be shocked with the shattering news. Jignesh’s family start behaving indifferently with Nishi, and its consequences might effect Nishi and Jignesh’s marital life.


While Neil and Ragini separation story is a reality but it has to be seen whether similar fate holds for Nishi and Jignesh. Neil knew of Nishi’s pregnancy from Aagam but have decided to only focus on his children: Aagam, Suhani in US. With Nishi’s marriage situation in turbulent time and now the news of her not able to bear child. Will Nishi decide to contact her dad Neil and seek help for saving her marriage?


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