Rudra to tackle Shivanand’s evil side in MahaKumbh

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Dansh and Dakshak make a deal with Rudra that he will be freeing Bhairavi if he gets the third book for the Naags, which is placed under the Kalash that could be lifted by Garuda head. Rudra agrees and Dansh brings Bhairavi in unconscious state. Rudra heads with the Naags and goes inside the tunnel being helpless to unite the Garudas. He lifts the kalash and gets the third book of Amrit’s secrets. Bhairavi gets conscious and disappears from Naags clutches and reaches Rudra. She hits the ground by her stick and everything falls apart.

Dansh doubts Shivanand for cheating with Naags, and Shivanand asks Dansh to keep his trust on him. Rudra and Bhairavi leave with the third book. Rudra is angered on how Shivanand has stood against him. Bhairavi pacifies him and tells him that this is part of fate in the Mahakumbh, and destined to happen. She asks him to control Shivanand. Rudra goes to Shivanand and Tiwari asks Shivanand to step back as he will be fighting with Rudra. The other Garudas fight with Rudra. Rudra defeats all the Garudas to tackle Shivanand’s poison. Will Rudra unite the Garudas and make them focus towards their aim to protect the Amrit? Keep reading.



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