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high fiver

Kumkum Bhagya:

There is a confusion over Abhi and Pragya’s baby news. Everyone thinks that Pragya is pregnant and are happy. This confusion is increasing day by day and the celebrations at home adds more confusion and misunderstandings. Some Eunuchs come and celebrate the good news with everyone with their dancing and blessings. Abhi is surprised to see the celebrations, but keeps quiet seeing Dadi happily enjoying and dancing. Pragya is surprised and is at loss of words. Dadi is very happy to become grand mum again of Abhi and Pragya’s baby and is on cloud nine. Later Abhi and Pragya gets romantic and have an eye lock, but as usual they keep their feelings limited to their heart and doesn’t show any affection towards each other.


Everyone plan Gopi’s Grah Pravesh after her marriage with Ahem. Gopi gets emotional as she enters the house, kicking the kalash. She reminiscences her marriage with Ahem and the happy moments with family members. she gets teary eyed after her grah pravesh and hugs the family members. She is happy too to enter the house after many years of separation. Baa, Hetal, Paridhi and others are happy with her grah pravesh. Vidya gets teary eyed and hugs her mum while Meera is not happy with Gopi’s entry at home. Kokila hugs Urmila and gets teary eyed, as she plans to go back to Modi Mansion. Urmila is troubling Kokila again, so the latter tied her to chair and gives electric shock. Gopi informs her family that she wants to get her mother in law Kokila’s grah pravesh done, like Kokila did her grah pravesh years ago, when she got married to Ahem for the first time. Everyone agree to Gopi’s idea and plans a grand grah pravesh for Kokila.

Balika Vadhu:

Akhiraj goes to Pushkar’s house and apologizes to his parents for Kamli’s mistake. Pushkar’s family forgives Akhiraj finally and accepts Kamli again for Pushkar. Akhiraj is happy and thinks to lower his burden with this marriage, as he thinks Kamli is a curse and burden on him. Kamli gets upset knowing about her marriage plans. She resists, but Akhiraj orders her to marry and settle down with childish mad man Pushkar. Disa advises Kamli to get married and go from the house for the living, as her real happiness died with Gopal. Kamli gets married against her wish unhappily. Nimboli hugs her and cries. She couldn’t go against her hardcore father, and marries Pushkar. Kamli’s journey would be interesting to watch as she goes through many emotional sacrifices.


Laksh will get workers strike resolved after bribing the union leader. Durga Prasad is against giving bribe as it is against his values. Laksh asks Durga Prasad to have trust on him. He exposes the union leader’s greed infront of all the workers and they get back to work after apologizing to Durga Prasad. Meanwhile, Swara’s heart melts for Laksh, seeing his intensity for his love for her. Although Ragini haven’t forgiven Swara, but she will soon forgive her on Shekhar’s insistence. Shekhar will explain to Ragini that Swara didn’t do anything intentionally to hurt her. Later Laksh plans a surprise for Swara, and dances with her in the party romantically after cutting the cake, under the moon light decorations. Sanskaar is keeping an eye on them and gets jealous seeing them together enjoying. Laksh is about to kiss Swara, just then his phone rings. It is Sanskaar at the other end and warns Laksh that he will ruin Ragini’s life. Laksh is shocked and doesn’t know about the mysterious caller.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki has started impressing Dhruv in the office. Sakshi and Vivek get jealous when Dhruv praises Thapki. They start troubling Thapki and make the staff humiliate her for her stammering problem. Thapki does not get low and takes it as part of her new journey. She goes to give coffee to Dhruv, and Sakshi thinks Dhruv will be firing Thapki today. Thapki impresses Dhurv by her knowledge and presence of mind. She starts strengthening her roots in the office and shows her talent to prepare news scripts better than Vivek. Sakshi gets angry seeing Thapki’s efficiency. Krishnakant hides about his selling his shop to repay loans. He does not let Thapki know this and asks her to focus on her new life and new dreams.



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