Zindagi Wins Episode 23, 6th June 2015, Aaliya’s Life Wins with full recovery, big decision from her heart awaits: Ishaan or Veer, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Aaliya is getting treatment at Lifebeat following her accident where she battles for her life. She thinks there during life’s final moments of our life, things that come in front of us – people, favorite places and things and she too wants to experience the same for the last time. She misses her dad and is on the same OT table where she had saved many lives. Ishaan comes to Dr. Bedi and speaks of Aaliya’s blood group has matched. Just then, Veer comes while he is surrounded by police who confronts him and tries to stop. Malvika informs in the corridor there that Aaliya is no more. The story moves back by 4 hours. Aaliya is brought to lifebeat and Veer is distraught and even threatens KD. Malvika learns about Aaliya’s accident and Dr. Bedi informs Aaliya’s carelessness because of her mind was somewhere else. Malvika suggests the Karma has hit back at Aaliya and reminds on Aaliya breaking her trust. She speaks of hating Aaliya since she has taken her boyfriend. Ishaan comes there and malvika confronts him and suggests whatever happened to Aaliya is right. KD also comes there and informs Dr. Bedi on Aaliya’s abdominal injury.

Dr. Bedi informs Mariyam on controlling Aaliya’s internal bleeding. KD asks his staff to resume their duties and meets the police. Veer attends the army inquiry and they call him as the traitor since all the evidences point on his guilt. Veer is being asked to say something on his defense. He replies all the accusations are false and he will prove himself innocent. Veer is told to visit the army headquarters in Delhi for further inquiry. Veer requests Rathore for a day since he wants to speak with Aaliya first. He goes to the restroom and takes the gun from a officer to take his colleague Rathore hostage and is doing such thing because of his love for Aaliya. He throws away the gun and the mobile phone after getting out while closing them. Dr. Bedi at his end learns that Aaliya’s blood group is rare and wonders from where they will bring the blood. Aaliya comes into consciousness and she asks him about the blood transfer requirement and also her chances. Dr. Bedi assures about having bright chances for her life. She requests him on wanting Malvika to perform the surgery and he replies on not able to heed to her request. Dr. Bedi agrees to let her speak with Ishaan.

Sooner then, Ishaan comes there and he speaks of finding the places where aaliya’s blood group could be found. Dr. bedi also speaks of contacting his friends in Europe so as to arrange the blood. Aaliya speaks to Ishaan on wanting Malvika to perform her surgery and she even wants to talk to her. Ishaan gives her comfort bringing some smiles. Aaliya knows of Malvika’s hatred towards her, and she also knows how much Malvika loves her dad. So, she thinks Malvika will not do any wrong. Meanwhile, Veer gets a satellite phone from someone. Dr. Bedi at his end asks Malvika to prove herself on being a good surgeon by doing Aaliya’s surgery and suggests it is Aaliya’s wish. Malvika instead thinks Aaliya’s wish is ridiculous. Ishaan speaks to Malvika that Aaliya trusts her and asks her to do the surgery. Dr. Bedi speaks of not allowing her vacation (holiday) after she opens up on taking a holiday in place of doing the surgery. He asks her to go ahead with the surgey and speaks of understanding her pain, and suggests she needs to understand patient’s pain without seeing who is the patient. Malvika understands her dad on that note.

Sahil meets Aaliya and gives her assurance on her blood to be found and happier times henceforth. Malvika comes and speaks to Aaliya on not in a condition to do the surgery. Aaliya asks Malvika to think from heart. Malvika counters and asks Aaliya whether she thought from mind or heart when she kissed Ishaan. Soon, she apologizes after realizing her mistake in saying so at that time. Aaliya asks Malvika for forgiveness and she ponders on her words. Meanwhile, Ishaan and Sarika are contacting blood banks. Malvika and Dr. Bedi are in OT and Aaliya has been given the Anaesthesia. Malvika speaks of life saving shots until the blood arrives. Dr. Bedi speaks of adverse effects coming from life saving shots. He informs on how she is breaking the ethics but she talks on how Aaliya has broken the ethics many times in order to save patient’s life. Later, Veer contacts Ishaan and speaks of helping him to arrange the blood for Aaliya and gives the lead of Anisha (Ishaan’s former patient) whose blood group matches with that of Aaliya. Ishaan and Veer meet Anisha and informs her on the need of her blood for Aaaliya and gets the blood arranged.

Veer is caught by the police and army officer at lifebeat while Ishaan informs Dr. Bedi on the successful blood match and blood arrangement. Malvika informs Dr. Bedi that Aaliya is no more, which shocks all. Veer shouts and wants to speak with Aaliya since she can’t die. He can save her and begs Ishaan and asks him to trust for once. Ishaan asks the police to leave Veer for 5 mins but in vain. Dr. Bedi comes in and takes Veer inside. Veer, Ishaan and Malvika look at each other. Veer makes Aaliya hear her dad’s voice via satellite phone, and she gets awakened. Aaliya’s dad Major Akhter speaks on satellite phone on how Veer used secret service agency for bailing him out from neighbouring country where he is locked up, and expects in 3 months he will be back to India. Aaliya’s pulse becomes stable sooner then and malvika thinks the surgery can be started. Malvika takes her dad’s support in the operation. Later, KD reveals to Malvika on the letter Aaliya wrote before her surgery. In that letter, Aaliya wrote if something bad happens to her then she wants to start a scholarship programme with Malvika Bedi’s name and her 1 lakh+ savings, a small amount to support it.

Malvika gets tears in her eyes and Dr. Bedi informs her that Aaliya like friends are found by fortunate ones. Next morning, Malvika comes to greet Aaliya with flowers and Mariyam informs Aaliya on how Malvika stayed overnight to look after her. Malvika calls Aaliya amazing since before the operation she wanted to give as well. Moreover, she carries smile all the time. Malvika thanks her for making her come close to her dad while she had been staying far from her dad. Malvika admits her mistake on not understanding her. Aaliya speaks both of have done mistakes and also suggests if friends don’t fight and misunderstands then who else. She adds that doctor’s life is boring while in friends’ lives there is some action. Malvika asks Aaliya to call her a friend with full right. She further adds that all are friends and calls Ishaan. Ishaan comes and showers a hug to Aaliya and suggests Mariyam is right since many things have changed from overnight. He also credits Veer as the one who has done the most work and even arranged a call with her dad via satellite phone. He speaks of Veer doing anything for her and calls him macho dude, who can also cry infront of Dr. Bedi.

Ishaan asks Aaliya to choose Veer and he will not feel bad since they can be friends forever. Malvika gets teary eyed to hear Ishaan’s words while Aaliya nods her head in approval. He speaks of contacting her soon via phone. Malvika then informs Aaliya on Ishaan’s backpacking trip covering all parts in India. Ishaan replies to Aaliya on wanting to be alone for couple of months and goes by assuring he will contact her. Aaliya asks Malvika about Veer and soon she finds him outside in the corridor. Aaliya calls Veer as Khadoos and asks where is he going while sitting on the wheel chair. Aaliya makes some fun taunts at Veer and asks him to not run and also no one will become a hero in that way. She admits her mistake on suspecting him and apologizes to him by holding her ear. She asks him to not go and he speaks true love is all about letting go. He kisses her forehead sooner then and she pleads him to not go. He promises that his belongings will not be spread over in her home, which makes his firm decision on leaving, and leaves from there.

Aaliya in her room with Malvika speaks of Veer leaving her home and also Ishaan leaving her for his backpacking trip. Aaliya wonders why both are leaving at the same time. She speaks of Veer who always wanted to become a hero and now he is leaving by suggesting pain is of hers. She speaks of thinking two times now to call Ishaan and have enjoyed much with him. She speaks of feeling safe with Veer and pampered. Malvika recollects on how she said once to Ishaan to choose between friendship or love. She asks Aaliya to think from her heart since she also faces the same situation, to whom she loves, such decision hinges on friendship vs. love: Veer or Ishaan. Aaliya gets into thinking and ponders to listen to her heart in making such important decision of her life.

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5 responses to “Zindagi Wins Episode 23, 6th June 2015, Aaliya’s Life Wins with full recovery, big decision from her heart awaits: Ishaan or Veer, Bindass TV – Written Update”

  1. pallavi Avatar

    ishan k sath aaliya ko jana chaiye not veer

  2. Natasha Avatar

    Ishaan n aaliya r d best

  3. sam Avatar

    Ishaan aaliya hi best jodi hai kyonki aaliya ka saccha pyaar voh hi hai and moreover veer ne usse jhut bola tha or jhut to jhut hi hota hai chahe pyaar mein bola ho ya nafrat mein .trust todne ki ek hi saja ho skti hai unpe kabhi poora vishvas mat karo. Aur pyaar mein vishvas ka na hona usse khatam kar deta hai . Isliye verr doesn’t deserve aaliya . But ishaan does love her whole heartedly and their chemistry is so cute and romantic. Aalishaan rocks!!!!!!!

  4. sanju Avatar

    ishaan n aaliya r d best couple. they r my favourite. aaliya has to choose ishaan.

  5. NAVANEETHA Avatar

    I think alia have to choose veer. I like ishaan and alia. But voh kahate hai na hame usse choose karna hai joh hamse pyaar karti hai.Veer loves alia. In case of ishaan voh pahele kissiko chahta dha and break up then phirse second chance and ab doosari ladki.I think he is not stable aur ek unstable insaan se acha toh one way love hi hai.

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