Althunia proposes Razia; Enemies hatch new plans in Razia Sultan

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After killing Razia’s family mercilessly, Yaldos, Turkan and Rukn Uddin laugh at their win. Yaldos appreciates Turkan’s idea and plans to marry Razia soon. Turkan asks him to marry Razia and romance with her, while she (Turkan) will rule on Delhi Sultanant. Yaldos says he will soon marry Razia for sure. Rukn Uddin eyes Iltutmish’s throne and Turkan promises to make him king of the sultanant. She is afraid of Razia though, and thinks she may ruin her plans. Yaldos declares Rukn Uddin as the King and laugh. Razia goes in shock seeing her family dead, but is informed about Iltutmish out of danger. She rushes to his rest room hurriedly and is informed by the Hakim saheb that Iltutmish is fine, but his body is paralysed and he is unable to speak.

Razia is in shock, but somehow holds herself up with strength. Turkan sees Razia lighting the fire light and tells Iltutmish is alive. Yaldos comes to know that Iltutmish being alive and in paralytic condition. He plans to attack Iltutmish again and give him death. Fatima asks Althunia not to leave Razia in this testing time. She asks him to make Razia cry. While Razia is mourning over her family’s death, Malik Althunia proposes her with roses. Razia is shocked at his proposal. Althunia insists her to take the roses to make her cry so that she comes out of shock. Razia looks on clueless. Keep reading.





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